The Finer Details and Benefits of Digital Printing

Digital Printing Machine
Digital Printing Machine

Printing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. And with the latest in Digital Printing capabilities, a whole new world of printable space is now open! Think of plastic as your blank canvas. Vivid detail and exact precision in text and graphic reproduction can be applied in multiple colors with a crisp, clean finish. Getting the desired results? That can depend largely on who’s doing the printing.

Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) has perfected the art of Digital Printing on optically pure acrylic and plastics. It’s a value-added service that complements traditional silk-screening capabilities, and a brilliant way to enhance customized Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and Sign/Brochure Holder Combos. Accentuated by polished edges and/or attractive Standoff options, possibilities for increased brand recognition are greater than ever for insurance and pharmaceutical companies, just to name a couple of examples. Names like Pfizer and Bayer lend a familiar look to displays that really catch the eye.

Digital Printing can be done on a wide variety of plastic materials. The process itself is performed on flat CNC milled plastics without screen tooling. Images adhere to plastics better this way in crisper, finer detail. Plus, full color Digital Printing is easily accomplished without multiple screens. The results are stunning and the technology involved makes the process easier and more cost-effective in the long run. Digital Printing runs on POP and Literature Displays are also ideal for speedy turnaround. It’s state-of-the-art laser imaging at its best.

Marketing avenues with Digital Printing are limited only by imagination. It gives a more polished image in high visibility areas, like bank teller windows. Or how about the resurgent new wave in modern AND retro bowling alleys? As popularity grows in these unique entertainment centers, each table presents a powerful exposure opportunity for customers eager to spend money and have a good time. Tabletop Sign Holders with impeccable Digital Printing can really help drive home sales.

Accentuating logos and name brand recognition is also important and a strong attribute of Digital Printing. It’s big in a broad cross-section of medical interests. Of course, we mentioned pharmaceuticals above. Busy hospitals are jumping on board. Specialists like dentists and optometrists are also choosing Digital Printing for their Brochure Holders to help lock-in patient focus during visits. Think of it as a combination of function and aesthetic appeal.

Feeling inspired about personalizing your acrylic displays? Contact your PPM representative and explore your options in Digital Printing. It really is much more than meets the eye!


Summer Kick-Off & Successful Seasonal Promotions with POP Displays

Beach VacationThis is the time of year when businesses can build profits and organizations of all types build awareness in ways not typically done in Spring, Fall, and Winter. Seizing Summer opportunities can pay huge dividends with tremendous profit potential, but that window of opportunity comes and goes fast. Don’t delay or you’ll miss the boat…especially if you’re in travel-related industries like hospitality, rental cars, AAA, and agencies promoting trips to a tropical paradise. Give yourself an edge and showcase your latest Summer specials in the finest styles of POP Displays from Plastic Products Mfg (PPM). Then add to the visual allure and consider custom imprinting and branded Brochure Holders.


Customized Sign Holders not only help grab customer attention to your print promotions and inspire an immediate call-to-action. The additional link to brand awareness also creates an image that lasts with customers and prospects who may be “window shopping.” For instance, a young couple doing their homework on insurance companies. Give them a little something extra to remember your name. You know the Farmer’s Insurance jingle, right? This forward thinking company takes the same visual approach with custom imprinted Brochure Holders from PPM.

Of course, if you’re running seasonal specials for Summer, chances are your competition is, too. Summer only lasts so long and we’re in full gear now, so it’s crucial to stand out. Advertising posters get a polished, professional look in PPM Poster Holders. New thicknesses in 1/8 and 3/32 material gives you a bonus for your Poster Holder investment in a design priced as low as many other’s thinner models. These versatile Poster Displays can be wall mounted and ceiling mounted for a broader reach to more potential buyers. And once again, custom screen printing and silk-screening options can really help with brand awareness and business identification.

Also busier this time of year more than any other season? Real Estate. Home sales are always higher in Summer as buyers and sellers look for the company that will help expedite a deal. While they explore and weigh the benefits, here’s another prime example of connecting with potential clients through visual association with the company name and logo imprinted on the Brochure Holder.

Multi-Pocket Brochure Holder
Multi-Pocket Brochure Holder

Whether you’re spotlighting a stunning sandy beach resort, new insurance promotion, or travel rewards points, make your POP Displays and Sign Holders especially memorable this Summer. PPM can customize your displays using a simple e-file for your convenience. It’s a cost-effective way to add punch to your summer promotions and a PPM Customer Service Specialist can help make it happen for you today. The potential return could be hotter than July!