Acrylic Sign Holders and Display Stands Make for a Prospering Business.

Pix2Happening now, Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) has announced that current sale specials will run through June 30th, significant price reductions on Style A Sign Holders, Style B Display Stands, and Style C 8-1/2” x 11” Sign Display Holders.  Each style also features Plastic Products Mfg’s proprietary thicker material at a sturdy .098.

Popular Style A Sign Holders and Table Tents benefit greatly from the tougher thickness while delivering an eye-catching slanted angle to the base.  Ideal for showcasing everything from furniture and electronics to hospitality/rental car upgrades and bar/restaurant specials, June specials and thicker material make A085110ST an investment with added value.

Thicker gauge material is also a strong attribute in Style B Display Stands.  It’s an attractive showpiece that’s exceptionally functional and user-friendly with top and side loading capability.  The display stands atop a triangular base, well-anchored by the .098 thickness.  Refer to B085110ST for June’s special pricing.

Style C is geared for high-visibility, high-profile areas with heavy foot traffic.  This 8-1/2” x 11” Sign Display Holder is a vertical bottom loader with double-sided viewing.  Thicker material on this particular style (C085110ST) makes it especially durable, long-lasting, and an effective addition to POP campaigns.

Your sign holders and table tents are an important part of your branding and marketing effort. They need to compliment your promotional materials not detract them. A great sign holder provides a clean and professional image for your company and helps communicate your message directly to the people that matters most; your customers. Online ordering is available now on Plastic Products Mfg’s website and questions / customization requests are welcome.  Special sale offers end June 30th!


“I Love Lucy” and its place in 2016 Vintage Furniture Trends

13.-WEstport-Living-roomWidely considered one of the most recognized and influential sitcoms in TV history, I Love Lucy first hit the airwaves in 1951…and after six years and 181 episodes, ranked as television’s most watched show through four seasons.  Today, new generations are still laughing and loving Lucy in syndication, estimated at 40 million Americans and in dozens of languages around the world.

In an episode that aired June 1, 1953 entitled “Lucy Wants New Furniture,” Lucy buys new furniture behind Ricky’s back and calls him “Senor Tightwad.”  Of course, zaniness ensues, Ricky finds out what Lucy’s up to, and keeps the furniture at his club until she can pay for it from her “allowance.”  We won’t play spoiler in case you get a chance to see it soon.

Some of those furniture styles Lucy had her eye on then are back in vogue now.  According to Furniture/Today and Apartment Therapy’s 2016 Home Decorating Survey, 57% of responding consumers said they prefer vintage home furnishings.  Of course, they have to see it first and not just through Lucy’s eyes.

According to, 2016’s hottest design trends include hanging pendant lamps, pedestals, and vintage desks.  And now it’s the millennials and new empty-nesters making up a growing furniture consumer market with an eye to the retro.  With retailers jumping on board, what’s old is chic again…and it shows in effective new marketing displays across the country with acrylic Sign Holder and Poster Holders.  What better way to spotlight the new wave in “Mid-Century Classics” as a design for modern living?

By the way, I Love Lucy fans voted for their favorite all-time episode during a 60th anniversary celebration in 2005.  The winner?  “Lucy Does a TV Commercial” from May 5, 1952.  Lucy’s hired to promote a new patent medicine as the “Vitameatavegamin Girl” in live TV commercials.  Little did she know that this new “formula” was loaded with alcohol, getting her tipsier and tipsier with each take and every sample.  It’s considered by many to be one of television’s classic moments in comedy.

If you’re in the furniture industry, think vintage…it’s all the rage.  Be sure you have the right Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays ready to show your stuff.  And try to catch some old Lucy episodes for even more inspiration.  Otherwise, you just might “have some ‘splainin’ to do.”  You knew it was coming!

How to make Loyalty Rewards Programs even better in a New Economy

rewardsFor businesses and customers alike, Loyalty Rewards programs are a real win-win.  Businesses build revenue, repeat purchases, and a happy, healthy customer base.  Customers get real, tangible savings from businesses they prefer…and those extra incentives really are rewarding!

Offering a Loyalty/Rewards Program for your operation can be a beneficial, measurable way to maintain and nurture ongoing customer relationships.  You can use it to attract new customers and build your brand.  The question is: how do you get the word out and make it noticeable in today’s advertising bombardment?  TV, social media, a zillion apps, even NBA uniforms… consumer eyes are flooded with more advertising than the brain can absorb.

Here’s a solution.  You can draw attention and make it more of an interactive experience with Acrylic Tablet Holders.  Each one can serve as a functional Point-of-Purchase (POP) centerpiece ideal for countertops, slat-wall displays, and desktops.  Tablet Holders deliver a modern, attractive look in free standing floor units, or customized for kiosks.  The common denominator?  Each option brings customers closer to your most up-to-date offers and those valuable rewards…like a magnet! Tablet Display 3

SpotOn is a prime example…a straightforward digital marketing company that develops winning Loyalty Rewards Programs that get results.  SpotOn’s forward thinking includes Acrylic Tablet Holders from Plastic Products Mfg (PPM).  It’s one approach they use to, in their own words, “empower conversations for some of our smartest merchants.”  SpotOn has an impressive list of clients to back it up: Anytime Fitness, Chick-Fil-A, ExxonMobil, and Planet Smoothie…each with its own devoted clientele who definitely responds to Rewards and POP Tablet Stands.

So where do you want to take your Rewards Program?  It can be something as simple as a BOGO offer, buy 5 and get a 6th free, or a $5 discount off the next purchase.  Don’t forget Gift Card offers…they’ve become a real profit booster in recent years. Why not use gift card display? You can push gift card promotions by using a combination Sign Holder with Gift Card Holder to attract attention. And in today’s connected world of business, Acrylic Tablet Stands and a SpotOn approach can’t hurt either!