Building Better Mousetraps…and Name Plate Sign Holders!

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Familiar with the old saying “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door?”  Don’t worry if you’re not…Ralph Waldo Emerson said it in the 1880s, or so legend has it.  Of course, the more modern application of the phrase is best put by Wikipedia: “a metaphor about the power of innovation.”  Build a needed product better, never stop trying to improve it, and the world will beat a path to your door to get it.

That’s exactly what Plastic Products Mfg achieved in the latest Style NPS Name Plate Sign Holder with Standoffs.  First, it’s constructed with nearly indestructible acrylic that’s super-tough yet maintains extremely high visual acuity characteristics.  Secondly, the addition of Standoffs delivers added stability and, better yet, a stylish metallic look.  Function and good looks go hand in hand with this most unique Acrylic Name Plate Holder.  Build a better mousetrap…600px_style-nps_insert

The movie Joy got a brief mention in our last blog but it bears revisiting briefly on the subject of “better mousetraps.”  Jennifer Lawrence portrays Joy Mangano, the real-life self-made millionaire whose better mousetrap was the Miracle Mop, a patented design mop that wrings itself.  Mangano created an overnight success with it and the world did beat a path to her innovation via QVC and the Home Shopping Network.  It’s a prime example of how this old saying actually succeeds in action!

As a Desktop Name Plate Holder or Countertop Name Plate Holder, consider the benefits that come with Plastic Products Mfg latest design.  You can feel confident in their durability and eye-appealing display in any busy office setting, bank or credit union, hotel, government building…anywhere really.  The Standoffs really set them apart, and inserts are easy to load.  Simply put, Style NPS Name Plate Sign Holders with Standoffs are the best new way to go, like the better mousetrap and the Miracle Mop.

Manufactured with industry-leading flexible, sturdy acrylic, custom sizing is another distinct advantage with Style NPS.  As always, a Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialist will be glad to help with dimensions and a quote.  Just say N-P-S and we’ll know exactly what you’re looking for!

Avoiding Hang-Ups with Partition Name Plate Hangers!

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Consider the hanger.  No doubt, the first thing you probably thought of is the clothes hanger.  Maybe your thought process went even more specifically to the wire hanger, found by the millions in closets worldwide.  And who can forget the wire hanger in 1981’s Mommie Dearest?

Joy Mangano of HSN fame and played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Joy, even developed a line of “Huggable” Hangers and Hooks.  There’s the oh-so-tender yet underrated Hanger Steak.  If you change the “e” to an “a,” hangar becomes a shelter for airplanes.  The point is, no matter how you spell it, hangers are more essential than you might have imagined!

That’s especially true with Plastic Products Mfg’s newest line of Cubicle Name Plate Hangers.  They provide great visibility with a top view perched atop partition and cubicle walls.  Enter Style PNHH Clear Acrylic Name Plate Hangers, the ideal anchor for double-sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders. pnhh-image

It’s the secure “clip” you need for stable placement.  Constructed of super-tough premium thickness acrylic, stability is something you’ll never have to worry about.  The clean, clear look of acrylic also makes this Name Plate Hanger a fine enhancement from an aesthetic standpoint.

Style PNHH Name Plate Hangers come in a dozen standard dimensions, but another beautiful attribute of acrylic is the fact that any size can be customized.  Just keep in mind when measuring that the “depth” of this type of clip will always be the same as the width of your cubicle or partition wall.  pnhh_metalplate

Want added security in the attachment?  Magnetic strips or Velcro are available by request at only a slightly additional charge.  Keep in mind that Style PNHH Clear Acrylic Name Plate Hangers do come with double-sided tape already, making it fast and easy to attach name plates on one or both sides.  If you’d like to consult a Customer Service Specialist about your options, Plastic Products Mfg is always glad to help.  As always, you can expect fair pricing that never leaves you, pardon the pun, hanging!



Top Marketing Ideas: With Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders, if you show it, they will come!

cf03c468afcb6f97d6cad170519f1f94Capturing customer attention these days takes more creativity and ingenuity than ever.  Take the unconventional and sometimes brash, bold, in-your-face guerilla marketing approach.  It’s a technique originally made popular with high energy, impromptu events in public places…typically pulled off to be memorable like a stunt and without much need for a budget.  Today’s broader approach to guerilla marketing relies more on visuals than cheap stunts, like hand straps in public transportation artistically designed to look like wristwatches or oven mitts, and public benches designed to look like candy.

But you don’t need to go crazy-guerilla to get your point across.  The folks at Forbes offer what they consider “unusual” marketing ideas that rely more on innovation and directly engaging customers.  Forbes even suggests ways to include both customers and advertisers in the campaign itself…creative possibilities that are ideally showcased in new Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders from Plastic Products Mfg.600px_style-pnh_lg_-vert-psh

Forbes cited a Brazilian promotion by Orca Chevrolet.  The Rescue Drive Campaign basically rescued stranded motorists and offered a test drive so they could make it to their destination without waiting for rescue elsewhere.  And to spark a recycling program, a Beer Turnstile Campaign let Brazil’s train riders pay with empty beer cans of a certain brand following Carnivale.  This is called “being a hero to your community.”  If you’re trying to get the word out about a charitable event or fundraiser, you can also give it the Top View advantage from high above with Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders.

Premium thickness clear acrylic makes Cubicle Sign Holders super tough and resilient while providing visual acuity that draws the eye and accentuates your most recent promotions.  Details count, and that’s where your graphics, colors, text, and distinctive fonts really stand out.  It’s the prefect equation: your brilliant promotional literature in top quality Acrylic Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders. brunch-cshh

As for the suggestion to engage customers, one example given by Forbes was used by the Karl Lagerfeld Store in Amsterdam in 2013.  The store’s dressing rooms offered customers a chance to share their new looks with social media and e-mail contacts via i-Pads and wall-mounted touch screens.  Customers could even create their own “lookbooks” with Instagram-style filters.  It’s one more way to generate excitement among clientele and a feeling of inclusion with your brand.  This type of interactive media isn’t for every business or professional facility…few, in fact.  But you can still speak directly to customers with incentives and a one-on-one call to action.  Showing options like hospitality, banking, or rental upgrades with a Top View Sign Holder can also be a very effective invitation at the point-of-purchase.  Make your message irresistible.  You have at least one entire language and a world of color at your disposal, and you can zero right into that customer directly.

The esthetic appeal and functionality of Plastic Products Mfg’s new Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders are blended in the design.  The “hook” that holds it securely on cubicle and partition walls also holds your signage perfectly in place.  Installation is simple, so relocating and changing displays can be handled effortlessly.600px_style-pnh_lg_-vert-psh_insert-copy

The flexible attributes of acrylic also make custom sizing requests a breeze.  Style CSHH Clear Acrylic Tiered Sign Holders are already available in 10 standard sizes, but custom dimensions are easily accommodated on minimum orders.  By the way, when you’re looking at depth varieties, remember that the measurement is equivalent to the width of your cubicle/partition wall.

Elevate your signage and promotional literature to a new level…literally!  With Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders, you’ll be heads above the crowd with a message that can’t be missed!