What to eat? Top reasons to display new Double-Sided Menu Holders!

140521_vintagehome_porch60006-800x534Needless to say, many significant changes have taken place over the last year.  Several great ones occurred in the restaurant industry in 2016 with big forecasts for the year ahead…and beyond.  Sales last year exceeded $782 billion, according to statistics compiled by the National Restaurant Association.  More than a million restaurant locations are now open in the U.S., employing 14.4 million people…or roughly 10% of the total American workforce.  Another 1.7 million jobs are anticipated by the year 2026!600px_style-bd_insert

If you’re in the restaurant/bar/food service industry, you know how much hard work goes into carving a niche for your own share of the pie, pardon the pun.  Every detail counts, including your Menu Holders…and that’s where Plastic Products Mfg Style BD Menu Holders earn a place at your table.

Style BD is an ideal enhancement for your décor.  Even better, it’s a vital tool for those all-important cross-promotions and upsells.  This vertical Table Tent Menu Holder really spotlights your menu and tells your customers what your establishment is all about.  Since Style BD is a Double-Sided Menu Holder, you can more effectively use space for inserts that reach eyes on both sides of the table.  Get your message across with inserts 4” x 6”, easily placed between the uprights.  Promote a special entrée, appetizers, and wine selections and help your servers build bigger guest checks while you build profits and satisfied repeat customers with every table you turn.600px_style-bd

Customization is also available.  Need different sizes for your inserts?  Plastic Products Mfg’s acrylic capabilities make sizing easy to accommodate.  Want to impress your name and logo on patrons?  Consider custom imprinting on the sloped base and take advantage of that space for increased brand recognition.  With aesthetic appeal and acrylic strength, Style BD Menu Holders deliver in functionality and good looks.  They give you plenty of space for menu storage and double-sided insert holders give you twice the display options for your tastiest food and drink specials.  Plus, it also makes a nice addition to bar tops and counter tops.

In the highly competitive restaurant/bar/food service industry, you need every edge you can get in point-of-purchase sales.  Style BD Table Tent Menu Holders give you a perfect showcase to get your message out there.  Take a closer look and make 2017 your breakthrough year!  And bon apetit!

New year, new morning in America, new Glass Partition Name Plate Holders to show Who’s Who!

village-family_origIt’s early yet, but it looks like 2017 is shaping up to be a rather exciting year!  A lot of new names and faces will come into prominence as government, businesses, and organizations alike attempt to mold and define their images, identities, and missions.  That’s why demand is high for Style PNHG Glass Partition Name Plate Holders, the ideally transparent way to display name and title inserts over glass partitions and wall dividers in any type of office venue!

Ready or not, changes are coming and with them, many details that can’t be overlooked.  Office managers, coordinators, and planners in all capacities and titles are in acquisition mode for 2017 supplies.  Many have taken notice of Plastic Products Mfg’s newest Name Plate Holder lines, especially Style PNHG.  It’s designed to fit perfectly over glass partitions and wall dividers with easy installation and only gravity required to hold it in place.  Plus, inserts get an amazing spotlight in this dynamic single-sided Partition Name Plate Holder!600px_style-pnhg

These Partition Name Plate Holders give you a clear acrylic alternative and modern look for a new year, new attitude, and new décor.  They’re constructed with Plastic Products Mfg’s legendary toughness to maintain its high visual acuity standards under any circumstances.  In professional office environments, Style PNHG represents the look of the future in Name Plate Holders.

With so many variables still in play, economic forecasts are all over the board and it’s hard to say which are most likely to become real.  The annual CIT Voice of the Middle Market survey is a prime example.  Results released at the end of this past November show a majority of American small and middle market businesses feeling positive and “bullish on 2017.”  Still, many have concerns about areas like data security, healthcare, and “uncertainty in our tax policies.”  The good news?  Several of those same business leaders are “planning geographic expansion, extending product lines, adding new markets and new-but-related businesses to their portfolios.”600px_pnhg2_insert

Are you ready to tackle the challenges of 2017 with that same spirit and optimism?  When considering the possibilities, don’t neglect those smaller details and everything you need to grow the right way.  That includes Style PNHG Partition Name Plate Holders.  Remember, measurements of “depth” are equal to the width of your cubicle and partition walls…and if you don’t find the exact specs you’re looking for online, just ask.  Custom sizes are available by request on minimum orders.

All the best for a rosy New Year!