The Next Generation in Space Flight and Desk Nameplates with Business Card Holders

10904393_10155516746255131_8027909397065944223_oIs your operation set to blast off in 2017?  Be ready to showcase your personnel with Plastic Products Mfg’s latest in dynamic Desk Nameplates: Style AB2 with a Business Card Holder.  It’s a new take on a traditional display, designed for a modern flair in office environments and public/professional capacities.

This next generation in office accessories provides dual-functionality.  Style AB2 delivers with one side offering space for custom inserts or a business card, with a Business Card Holder on the other to invite interaction with customers and prospects.

Crystal clear acrylic catches the eye from desktops and countertops, giving your message and personalized name/title information a sharper, professional image.  Two metal standoffs complement and accentuate that look.  Custom sizing can also be geared to accommodate your print materials, and Style AB2 Nameplates and Business Card Holders are extremely user-friendly, right out of the box.600px_style-ab2

The new look is kind of reminiscent of another also taking place in California.  On a slightly larger scale, SpaceX successfully launched a rocket from Vandenberg AFB (and nailed the landing).  Once a fairly frequent occurrence with the Mercury, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs, soaring to space is again building interest and momentum.  Part of the mission in January involved the release of 10 communication satellites into low orbit…and you can be sure that SpaceX and Tesla founder Elon Musk has the next mission cuing up.

A little south of Vandenberg, Plastic Products Mfg is channeling that same spirit in bold acrylic.  If SpaceX is the new face of travel to the stars, the new face of desktop nameplates for 2017 office décor is Style AB2.  A Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialist can help you with dimensions and a quote.  Take your own stellar approach and get noticed in a whole new light.

How to show your guests around with Style NPWS Wall Mount Name Plate Holders with Standoffs

wordpress-navigation-widgetIt’s only natural.  When people walk into an unfamiliar building, the eyes automatically start scanning the area for visual cues and guidance to navigate.  GPS may have brought visitors to your door from down the street or halfway around the world, but what happens after they walk through that door?  This is where Name Plate Holders serve a vital function, especially Style NPWS Wall Mount Name Plate Holders with Standoffs from Plastic Products Mfg.600px-style-npws_insert-2

This new style blends form and function with stunning style to show guests, visitors, and customers the way.  Standard acrylic is available 8-1/2” wide x 2” high, though any size can be customized.  You can have that look enhanced with a classy glass green edge that especially captures attention.  Name inserts, room numbers, office and hospitality signage, labels, and other pertinent info are all perfectly conveyed in this Wall Mount Name Plate Holder.  Beveled edges give it a sleek, polished finish and the metal Standoffs add a modern flair and added structural stability.

It’s a look that’s gaining widespread popularity from medical facilities to universities.  Designed to complement interior décor, Style NPWS Name Plate Holders mount easily to doors and walls, showcasing office signage and department/name inserts with the clarity of acrylic.  The added metallic look from the standoffs also helps catch the eye while simultaneously serving as a bond and anchor between the acrylic sheets and the location where it’s mounted.  Tough and attractive!

Thinking about modernizing, updating, or retrofitting?  A select handful of operations specialize solely on creative new looks in corporate interior design that range from a modern take on a traditional look to near-artistic masterpieces.  Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, and schools are all looking at ways to stand out and better utilize space.600px-style-npws-2

The universal appeal of Style NPWS Wall Mount Name Plate Holders with Standoffs delivers the ideal accent.  Again, don’t forget glass green options that make acrylic Name Plate Holders really pop!  Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialists can help with dimensions and a quote, especially cost-effective in bulk orders.  They can show you the way just like a certain Name Plate Holder will for your visitors!

The Tiered Look: From Ancient Rome to the 49ers to 3-Tier Name Plate Holders!


Rome Colosseum

Getting to the top tier means you’ve reached the highest of heights.  In social and political terms, it’s the top rank, class, or position.  In a classic tiered stadium design, it means you either have the best view in the house…or you’re stuck in the nosebleeds.  So who came up with this tiered design in the first place?

The ancient Greeks first developed the stadium concept, likely around 600 BC.  Makes sense since they gave us the first Olympiad.  But according to Sports Illustrated, it was the Romans who gave stadiums “a monumental shift” in 80 AD with the Colosseum in Rome.  With 50,000 seats and 80 entrances, the Romans developed the first tiered seating with prime seats awarded according to social status for the often grisly events.

Bloody gladiator battles may be a thing of the past, but the ancient Colosseum’s design is still alive and well today.  Even the NFL’s newest venue, the 49ers Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, was modeled after a Roman Amphitheater, according to stadium architect Tim Cahill in an interview with

The tier concept that provides a better view for watching sports also provides optimal viewing when being looked AT rather than FROM.  Plastic Products Mfg has taken this concept to new heights in the latest Style NPH3 3-Tier Name Plate Holder.  Its eye-catching design features three tiers in a slant back configuration.  When strategically placed as a Desktop or Countertop Name Plate Holder, Style NPH3 easily reaches eye level and commands attention!style-am3-1

That makes the 3-Tier Name Plate Holder a preferred choice in areas busy with foot traffic.  Visual aids, signage, and directional guidance in office buildings and business centers?  Tier Name Plate Holders show visitors the way to go effectively.  Financial institutions, banks, and hospitality environments are also turning increasingly to the innovative yet practical look of Style NPH3.

This unique Acrylic Name Plate Holder is more than a pretty face.  Side loading capability makes it user-friendly for your staff.  Inserts are fast and easy to replace and showcase them in crystal clear acrylic with exceptionally high visual acuity.

Another clear advantage with acrylic is the flexibility factor.  Need a custom size?  Plastic Products Mfg can work with you on special dimensions, prototypes, and a custom-tailored quote.  At any size, acrylic also delivers strength.  Hard knocks are bound to happen in those heavily foot trafficked areas and sturdy Acrylic Name Plate Holders can take the punishment!

Here’s one final piece of amazing proof that the tiered design can deliver extraordinary results.  At Rome’s Circus Maximus, 250,000 spectators could fit comfortably in a stone structure…only three stories high!  On a smaller scale, you can put the “terraced,” tiered look to work as visual guidance for your customers, visitors, and guests.  It gets the job done cost-effectively, adding a look that’s more than meets the eye!