Back to Basics with Poster Holders!

Basic CalculationsSometimes it’s how the picture, signage, and information is framed that really grabs the eye.  Maybe it’s happened to you at someone’s house, or in a gallery or museum.  It’s also possible to capture the same effect in retail, hospitality, and office signage displays.  And why stop there?  Eating establishments, municipal offices, schools and universities, big box stores, corporate facilities, trade shows…one integral way to draw attention to your display depends on how you show it off to the public!

Enter the many versatile styles of Plastic Products Mfg Poster Holders, now available exclusively with lower prices on all styles!  Need something simple that’s easily wall mounted for merchandising?  Style W Wall Mount Poster Holders give your promotions and essential literature a crystal clear acrylic showcase.  They’re also user-friendly, loading from the side and top.  And did we mention reduced pricing?

Poster Holders for Multi-Tasking Profit Makers!
Style WP Poster Holder with Pocket


Want to add a classy and/or elegant touch that really stands out?  Glass Green Photo Frames deliver an attractive look that enhances your décor.  Style W2 GG is cleverly designed to keep the mounting hardware hidden while your display is at the forefront.  Glass Green Photo Frames can also be used in both horizontal and vertical positions to give you added options, all-in-one.

Want a Poster Holder that reaches new heights, standing far above the crowd to reach more eyes and keep them focused?  Look to the rooftop for Style WC Ceiling Mount Poster Displays.  These Poster Holders are especially effective in retail operations in a wide variety of standard size options as well as custom sizing alternatives.

Back on the floor at the point-of-purchase, Flush Top Photo Frames really get the job done.  Already economical before our price reductions, Style WF can be an essential part of any ad campaign.  It’s all about location…place these Photo Frames strategically and boost impulse sales with your latest POP promotions.Poster-Holder-Banner

Going for a more traditional look in your promotions, not to mention decor?  Classic Black Border Photo Frames provide an eye-catching contrast with clear acrylic bordered by the black frame and a rear keyhole for easy hanging.  Standard sizes range from 7” x 5” to 11” x 8-1/2” to accommodate a wide variety of literature, signage, and promotional materials.  Just look for Style WF BB.

Of course, not every display has to serve as a marketing tool.  In professional office settings and corporate offices, for example, a solid, sturdy Poster Holder also needs to spotlight that company image and brand recognition.  Style WW Wall Certificate Holders do the trick, especially now with lower pricing.  And if you would like that same kind of look in an advertising approach, check out Style WWL Wall Mount Poster Displays.  You can really go big with poster sizes using this wall mount style.

Photo Frames and Poster Frames: Amazing Acrylic does it again!
Style W2 with Standoffs

There are two other Poster Holder styles in our reduced-price category…styles that combine style and function.  First is the Style WB Poster Holder with a Business Card Holder.  Use the Poster Holder to draw attention, then give customers and prospects incentive to take a card.  It can also help with Gift Card promotions.  Like the principle but prefer to disseminate brochures instead of cards?  Style WP is the perfect vehicle…a lower priced Poster Holder with a Brochure Pocket!

A Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialist can help with custom dimensions if you need them.  No matter what, you’ll find all Poster Holders more affordable than ever as we approach the 2nd quarter…a small investment to consider with a big payoff!

Top Reasons Why Rigid PVC Vinyl is the STRONG Choice!

rosieRiveter12Extremely affordable…lightning-fast turnaround capability…versatile across a huge cross-section of capabilities and applications: these are just a handful of attributes that go hand-in-hand with Plastic Products Mfg Rigid Vinyl (PVC) in Sign Holders, Poster Holders, and “ship-flat” Brochure Holders.

We don’t want to brag – much – about setting industry standards in the proprietary materials and manufacturing processes we’ve honed in clear, rigid vinyl over the years.  So let’s back up for a moment and get a closer look at why Rigid Vinyl (PVC) is in such high demand.

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is actually a softer, inexpensive plastic that’s easily molded, easily repairable, and extremely durable by its nature.  And “soft” should not be confused with “weak” because PVC is really tough to tear.  Increase the density and PVC turns into a very hard plastic used in pipes most people associate with the term itself.  Vinyl is not a plastic per se, but a composite of certain ethylenes in a specific chemical group.Rigid_PVC_film.jpg_350x350

Contrary to some beliefs, Rigid Vinyl is a safe, stable product.  Natural gas and rock salt are the raw materials in PVC manufacturing.  When natural gas is heated under pressure, ethylene is formed.  When the rock salt is split by electrolysis, chlorine is formed and combined with the ethylene.  This is the foundation of the molecules that are then joined in end-to-end polymers…the strong “chains” that make PVC composition so tough!

Now apply that technology to Sign Holders.  As a cost-effective alternative, Slanted Vinyl Sign Holders deliver superior functionality as a showcase for printed materials, yet they’re still light as a feather and nearly indestructible.  Rigid vinyl is also inherently easy to customize, especially in Sign Holder covers.  The “white foam” backing offers a clear vinyl slip in standard models, providing an attention-grabbing look with potential to add your personal graphics, logo, and/or text.

Need to showcase literature and promotional sizes beyond 8-1/2” wide x 11” high?  Rigid Vinyl Poster Holders are geared to accommodate print materials in different dimensions.  In fact, Vinyl Poster Holders have been a big hit lately as a budget-friendly option in advertising campaigns, point-of-purchase retail displays, and simply as a way of conveying vital information both internally and to guests/customers.VP040050

Lighter weight vinyl costs less to ship, of course.  Simple math.  Now take those savings to a new level with Vinyl Ship-Flat Brochure Holders.  Less weight and significantly reduced shipping dimensions give you tremendous bang for the buck with higher quantities of quality Brochure Holders at incredibly low cost, especially if you factor in bulk ordering options.  Then consider the fact that Vinyl Brochure Holders are virtually unbreakable and you have an instantly strong investment.  Straight out of the box, they are easy to fold and start using immediately.

Even more vinyl variations are available in Plastic Products Mfg Brochure Holders.  Certain styles come pre-folded to save time.  Others serve as “peel and stick” attachments to surfaces.  Explore your options and talk to a Customer Service Specialist about the possibilities.

By the way, Rigid Vinyl Sign Holders, Poster Holders, Ship-Flat Brochure Holders, plumbing pipes, and phonograph records are just the tip of the iceberg in practical uses for vinyl and PVC materials, regardless of density.  You’ll find rigid vinyl in bottles, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, inflatable products, packaging, and credit cards.  Clothes, furniture, construction projects, profile applications for doors and windows…all rely on this stellar group of vinyl and PVC properties.  See what superior Rigid Vinyl can do for your display options.  You just might be pleasantly surprised!