Tips on How to Design a Professional Business Flyer

Tips on How to Design a Professional Business Flyer(3)Thinking about ways to boost sales and exposure beyond the holidays and into the new year? Making your business flyers, brochures, and promotional literature stand out takes a little finesse and these tips could help give your campaign momentum into the first quarter.

Start with…

*The Hook. Whether recruiting students, launching new medical technology, or promoting a tropical resort, the details are in the copy. Get eyes focused on your message with a blend of colors and shapes on the front. 2 – 5 different images/photos captured in a montage of geometric shapes must grab attention first!

*Keep it Easy on the Eyes. What’s inside your bi-fold or tri-fold brochure? Take a modern, innovative approach. Article-form paragraphs can appear antiquated…why not try putting copy points in diagonal shapes to capture promotional points and graphics?

*Keep it Clean. Clutter-free copy inspires action! Make statements impactful. Avoid obvious as well as obscure details not relevant to mass appeal. Place bullet points in different color banners inside your flyer.

*Unified Branding. Consumers tend to gravitate toward familiar icons. More and more, these include online graphics and mobile app design. Recognition and familiarity never hurt!a5-flyer-design

*Transparency! Gradients and transparent use of photos can be an effective way to “layer” content in your flyer without making it cluttered. It’s a cool use of imagery that really draws the eye!

*Call to Action. What do you want prospects to do next? You’ve captured their interest long enough to read your literature…don’t leave them hanging about that critical next step!

*Give Flyers the Spotlight! Even the snazziest brochures gather dust if not displayed properly. Be strategic and give your bold new flyer the showcase it deserves…especially large brochures. If you’ve been looking for a display for promotional material up to 8-1/2” wide, you can stop hunting: the PDK17D 8-3/4” Brochure Display is an acrylic beauty that will stop foot traffic to look at your new flyer design!


Partition Name Plate Hangers: The Resourceful Office Solution!

PNHH with Name PlateBehold the hanger.  No doubt, the first thing you probably thought of is the clothes hanger.  Maybe your thought process went even more specifically to the wire hanger, found by the millions in closets worldwide.  And who can forget the wire hanger in 1981’s Mommie Dearest?

Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Joy, even developed a line of “Huggable” Hangers and Hooks.  There’s the oh-so-tender yet underrated Hanger Steak.  In the aviation world..if you change the “e” to an “a,” hangar becomes a shelter for airplanes.  The point is, no matter how you spell it, hangers are more essential than you might have imagined!

Plastic Products Mfg.’s line of Cubicle Name Plate Hangers is a resourceful solution for your existing name plates and provide great visibility atop partition and cubicle walls. Their versatility is what really makes the cubicle name plate hanger appealing. Need to display not one, but two, nameplates? Don’t fret, these finely constructed cubicle name plate hangers can house names on both sides!PNHH Image

This secure “clip” is an optimal choice if you’re looking for stability.  Constructed of super-tough premium thickness acrylic, stability is something you’ll never have to worry about.  The clean, clear look of acrylic also makes this Name Plate Hanger a fine enhancement from an aesthetic standpoint.

Style PNHH Name Plate Hangers come in a wide array of sizes. Another charming attribute of acrylic is the fact that any size can be customized.  Just keep in mind when measuring that the “depth” of this type of clip will always be the same as the width of your cubicle or partition wall.

Want added security in the attachment?  Magnetic strips or Velcro are available by request at only a slightly additional charge.  Keep in mind that Style PNHH Clear Acrylic Name Plate Hangers do come with double-sided tape already, making it fast and easy to attach name plates on one or both sides.  If you’d like to consult a Customer Service Specialist about your options, Plastic Products Mfg is always glad to help.  Don’t get “hung-up” on choosing the best name plate display solution for your office. Contact Plastic Products Mfg. today!


Essential Cubicle Accessories for a More Efficient Work Space!

CubiclewithBlkBorderPNHEfficient work starts with efficient work spaces. Now’s the time to get organized and give each area its proper identification/designation. Here are some essentials you should consider…especially now with dynamic new looks in Cubicle Name Plate Holders for the identification part, and Cubicle Sign Holders, Cubicle Sign Frames, and Cubicle Brochure Holders for the organizational aspect and promotional displays.

Cubicle Name Plate with Colored Border

Start with the most important: the people who make your operation go. Style PNHT2 elevates your valued personnel with Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holders that stand above partition walls and showcase TWO inserts for double-sided viewing. Or, show name/title inserts in a single-sided spotlight with PNHG Acrylic Name Plates, ideal for a modern look on glass partitions and wall dividers.

The most exciting new Name Plate additions deliver a splash of color in a bold new approach. Want to complement your professional décor? Colored Bordered Cubicle Nameplates are the way to go. Polished edges frame names perfectly in your choice of black, silver, gold, bronze, or white. Name Plates have never looked more vividly attractive!

What about photos, reminders, and cubicle organizers? Style CSHL Cubicle Sign Holders serve well both functionally and aesthetically. It’s an eye-catching way to display upcoming events and promotions with single-sided perspective.

Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holder

That tiered look is also available in CSHH Cubicle Sign Frames. Your promos and advertising literature literally reach new heights and stand above the rest with these easy-to-install Cubicle Tiered Sign Holders. Double-sided viewing equals double the value in potential sales!

Want to stop foot traffic by utilizing partition space? Cubicle Brochure Holders in tough, premium thickness acrylic get the job done. Dual-functioning for internal use as well as promotional literature distribution, look at Style CBH.

By the way, if you create your own name/title inserts, ask about free perforated card stock offers with select Cubicle Name Plate orders…a nice complement with your cubicle accessories!