Cubicle Sign Holders…The Sign Holder Industry’s New Big Man on Campus

Big Man on CampusEver see the 1989 movie Big Man on Campus? It’s a comedic take on the classic tale The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and in fact was originally titled The Hunchback of UCLA. BMOC was not a huge hit, but the “feel good” story about a misunderstood hunchback chased from his home in a UCLA campus tower has built a dedicated following years later!

The Sign Holder Industry also has a new “Big Man on Campus” that’s building a dedicated following NOW! Cubicle Sign Holders, Sign Frames, Brochure Holders, Cubicle Tiered Sign Frames, not to mention the latest in Cubicle Name Plate Holders: clear premium thickness acrylic is all the rage and promises to be a hit leading off 2018!

So why all the buzz? Cubicle Sign Holders and related office display lines deliver a bounty of benefits. First, there’s the crystal-clear view acrylic offers with super sharp visual acuity. They’re geared to mesh with practically any professional décor and can even be custom imprinted for added aesthetic appeal and brand recognition. New Colored-Border Name Plate Holders also add a nice accent.CSHL On Location

The 1989 Big Man on Campus is not the only cinematic effort with that title. A 1963 10-minute “educational short” by the same title told a cautionary tale about troubled adolescence through the eyes of tough-guy-awaiting-punishment Jerry. Real toughness comes in sturdy acrylic…strength that endures for years of service. From name/title inserts to directional signage, acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders and Sign Frames are built to last. Plus, these “big men” are easy to install without tools. Just be careful measuring! Partition wall width from the THICKEST points should match your order’s “depth” spec.

By the way, Big Man on Campus from ’89 is categorized as a comedy but early print ads had some believing it would be a horror flick. Allen Katz’s hunchback “Bob” character apparently looked much more menacing than funny!



Acrylic Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Samsung Exhibit
Samsung Exhibit CES 2010, Las Vegas MC2 Padgett and Company

Are you going to the big CES event in Las Vegas, January 9th through 12th? This showcase for technology and consumer electronics promises to be a huge draw, and if you plan to be an exhibitor, be sure to take the best signage to draw attention, stop foot traffic, and inspire interest in your greatest new breakthroughs!

CES bills itself as “the world’s gathering place…the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.” Virtual reality and augmented reality devices will be among the many highlights, showing new possibilities for healthcare professionals, sports technologists, architects, and brand marketers.

Getting your products noticed for this prime opportunity is key. Get your share of attention with a standout exhibit and display booth, featuring Acrylic Sign Holders and Brochure Holders as spotlights for your literature.CRB Tech insert

If CES truly is “the ultimate platform for technology leaders to connect,” you’ll want to grab every opportunity to connect with potential decision-makers, face to face. Give them something to take away…something tangible from your Brochure Holder.

What draws inquisitive eyes to your display products and literature in the first place might very well be your Sign Holders.  A new Swivel Base Sign Holder gives your promotion mobility.  The Executive Series delivers a polished, professional look that slants back to reach eye level comfortably.

Press and industry analysts from an estimated 150+ countries will be in Las Vegas for CES. Here’s where you can get an advantage. “CES Unveiled” takes place Sunday, January 7…a huge media event BEFORE the show. It could be your chance to get ahead and develop worldwide connections, whether you’re a start-up or well-established name already.

On the show floor or at “CES Unveiled,” your tabletop display says a lot about your operation. Just be sure they get a good look with clear Acrylic Sign Holders and Brochure Holders!


Deck the Halls with Bordered Cubicle Name Plates

Deck the Halls!Are you ready for the holidays, both at home and in your work environment?  What’s in your office this season?  Photos, decorations, a splash of color?  While you’re in the spirit, consider capturing NEW colors in your office décor that will accentuate your holidays and look great even after the Christmas decorations come down.  Deck the Halls with Bordered Cubicle Name Plates!

The latest in Bordered Cubicle Nameplates gives your office space a professional look that’s also incredibly attractive.  Polished edges in premium thickness .092 acrylic gives passersby an attention grabbing, aesthetically appealing showcase with colored-border edges providing the frame.  And check out the exciting new colors, like festive holiday-ish Gold, Satin Silver, and White.  You also have bold Black and Bronze options.These Cubicle Name Plates make a great fit in a professional atmosphere, giving your floor layout a new look and attitude for 2018.  Clear acrylic catches the eye and border colors keep them focused on your message.  There are multiple possibilities for usage, from name, title, and department inserts to directional signage.  Be seen in a whole new light!

No matter what they say, inserts slide in easily…and Cubicle Nameplates themselves are also easy to install.  Just be careful measuring partition width from the THICKEST POINTS so your Name Plates are unobstructed. Black Border on Location Holidays have you in a creative mode?  If you prefer designing your own name and title inserts on laser or ink jet printers, the perfect perforated card stock for the job is included FREE with standard sizes.  Let your design inspiration flow with unique fonts and graphics.

If you want to take that creativity in branding and customization to the next level, consider silk-screening and custom imprinting on your Bordered Cubicle Name Plate Holder.  Options are available with select quantity orders.

Go ahead and think bold-n-colorful!  ‘Tis the Season!





How to Maximize Restaurant/Bar Sales through the Holidays and New Year

Untitled design‘Tis the season for feasting, and if you’re in the bar/restaurant/foodservice business, you know the potential is big for busy end-of-year sales and a momentum swing into 2018 Q1. Give your “per check” revenue a boost with effective displays, cross-promotions, and upsells for hungry, thirsty customers. They’re ready to order: give them more choices and increase sales at the same time…everybody wins!

Start by catching the holiday wave. According to the National Restaurant Association’s latest Restaurant Performance Index, sales trended upward in September and October, leading into a busy holiday season and a great time to create repeat customers. Show them some love and they’ll be back in 2018!

Don’t ignore your take-out customers! Especially during the holidays, people are in a hurry. If you want to grab your share of take-out revenue, your Takeout Menu Holders can play a vital part! Show them what’s good to-go with a Counter-top Acrylic Menu Holder.PDK11D L-BLUE_High Res

Put your seasonal promotions in the spotlight. Whether marketing a signature drink for the holidays or special winter comfort food dish, capturing attention can be tricky. Draw hungry eyes to your upsells with attractive Curved Sign Holders like this one. Clear acrylic over a black acrylic background with stylish metal standoffs makes a perfect, eye-catching showcase!

Make ‘em warm-n-cozy! There’s typically a post-holiday drop-off in business as holiday revelers return to routine and spend less after the Christmas season. Add a winter touch with your slicks and specials to keep customers coming back. Swivel base acrylic displays accentuate your décor and spin to reach more eyes and potential buyers!

Swivel Base Acrylic Display

Winter event promotions can help you stand out from the competition. While other establishments fall asleep in this area, you can capitalize! Customers still want to get out and have fun, regardless of weather. Extend an invitation to see live music or special events with literature displays…they WILL come!