New Raised Cubicle Name Plate Holders and all the 2018 Oscar Nominees!

oscars-logo-trophy-1024x587It’s Oscar time, the 90th Annual! The world’s brightest stars of the big screen will again be in the spotlight before a huge TV audience of fans, and each name deserves a place of prominence for being nominated. After all, Oscar is the ultimate tribute in the cinematic arena, and millions will be watching.

This year’s nominees for Best Picture include two movies in the same time/setting of World War II (Darkest Hour, Dunkirk) and Daniel Day Lewis’ final tour de force (Phantom Thread). Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri also boasts nominations for Frances McDormand, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson.

Movie stars may be accustomed to seeing their names on raised pedestals as well as the marquee. Now there’s a way to shine a spotlight on the stars of your staff…in eye-catching acrylic with new Raised Cubicle Name Plate Holders. Style PNHTR stands tall above the crowd, commanding focus and attention in the heaviest foot traffic.

Untitled design
Raised Acrylic Cubicle Name Plate Holder

Added height gives the Raised Cubicle Name Plate Holder more signage capabilities.  Inserts showing department titles and even directional signs are more easily noticed. Just be sure you have the right partition width measurement for a proper fit.

In case you were wondering, Emil Jennings was the first Best Actor Oscar winner in 1929 and Janet Gaynor was the first Best Actress. There actually was no Best Picture category at the time, but there were two awards very close in stature: Most Outstanding Production (Wings) and Most Artistic Quality of Production (Sunrise).

The first real “clean sweep” happened in 1935, however. It Happened One Night captured Best Picture, Actor (Clark Gable), Actress (Claudette Colbert), Writing, and Director (Frank Capra). Know which film took the next “Big 5” Oscar sweep? That came 40 years later…if you said One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you’re right!


Acrylic Boxes and Name Plate Holders for 2018 Weddings and National Wedding Month

Acrylic Boxes and Name Plate Holders for 2018 Weddings and National Wedding MonthIn case you didn’t know, February is National Wedding Month. And why not? February’s not only the month for Valentines, it’s also the most popular month of the year for wedding planners. Of course, the majority of ceremonies occur in June, August, and September, but now is when the question gets popped and the planning commences.

According to Washingtonian, some creative new trends are capturing attention in 2018…like Brunch Weddings with creative menu twists instead of the traditional dinner, and Microweddings in more intimate settings with added emphasis on a unique, picturesque background and smaller guest list.

Another key point Washingtonian emphasizes is personalization, like incorporating an element about the place where the happy couple met. Their examples included a signature cocktail for two who fell in love with each other AND Virginia wine country; and a cigar-rolling station for love discovered in Miami.600px_style-nps_insert

Here’s another way to personalize weddings even further. Start with name plates for guests, a great way to keep those all-important table assignment placements well-coordinated! Clear Acrylic Table Tents (Style NPF) and Style NPA Slant Back Name Plate Holders stand firmly in place; Style NPS Series Name Plate Holders lend a classy, distinguished look to place settings. The latter two are available with colored borders in wedding silver/white.

Another detail that sets acrylic apart for 2018 weddings? Silk-screening and custom imprinting for the bride and groom’s special day…and that doesn’t just apply to Name Plate Holders. Acrylic Boxes for wedding cards are increasingly popular and eye-catching. Adding personal flair with custom imprinted text and colors helps create a certain allure in keeping with the wedding theme. Check out dimensions in Style PBS Donation/Suggestion Boxes. $_35

If you’re involved with pending wedding plans either professionally or personally, you know how important every visual detail needs to be. Now that it’s Nuptial Season and National Wedding Month, we hope these ideas have helped inspire you!





Red Dress Collection Day and the Go Red for Women Heart Campaign

Untitled designFamiliar with Red Dress Collection Day? It’s part of the American Heart Association’s “Go Red for Women” campaign. Every February marks the push to bring awareness to heart disease and ways to protect heart health in general. There’s added emphasis this year on women’s heart health, and Red Dress Collection Day February 8th will spotlight that focus on the runway – added inspiration and a reminder that more women than men die from cardiovascular disease every year.

Presented by Macy’s, this exclusive event brings top designers, models, and celebrities together, demonstrating support for women’s heart health as part of New York Fashion Week…and reminding women just how critical education and lifestyle changes are to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. According to, 80% of those cardiovascular diseases can be prevented!

The positive news on heart disease prevention is not coincidental. While more than 2,200 American still die of heart disease every day, increasingly greater numbers are surviving or have found the path to avoidance altogether. The AHA puts it best, saying that “such an aggressive disease requires an equally aggressive response,” backing it up with more than $3.3 billion spent on research.

The challenge now takes 20/20 vision…improving cardiovascular health of all Americans by 20% while reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke by 20% by 2020.

There are many ways to get involved, like helping to raise funds for new research and advocating for legislation. provides a place to donate with one-time and monthly options, including gifts in honor of a loved one as well as in memory of those lost.

Whether you’re in the medical field or just want to get the word out about heart health, we can help you contribute to the conversation with Sign Holders and Brochure Holders that showcase literature and related events. Creating awareness is essential – and potentially life-saving!

If you’d like to watch the exclusive Red Dress Collection event live, you can…on Facebook starting at 8PM Eastern Time on Thursday, February 8th