Applicator Bottles and Stainless-Steel Needles – The Finer Points

Applicator Bottles and Stainless-Steel Needles - The Finer PointsAdd headingDid you ever build model planes as a kid? Are you artistically inclined with mixed media? Do you like to tackle DIY projects? Chances are, you’ve had experience with fine applications and needle-perfect precision. We’re talking about those Applicator Bottles and Stainless-Steel Needles, used in everything from hobbies and model building to mechanical work on cars and boats, lubrication and detailed painting, and fixing acrylic fish tanks.

It takes more than a steady hand to apply liquid glass paints in fine lines. For instance, there are several degrees of needle sizes and gauges, appropriate for different viscosities in thin liquids, solvents, paints, cement, and heavier weight grease.

If you operate a business that uses or sells Applicator Bottles and Caps with Stainless-Steel Needles, you may have already discovered an unlikely variety of precision application requirements. Hard-to-reach parts of machinery call for Extra Long Stainless-Steel Needles. Gauge choices depend on the material being transferred.APCOLLIAGE BLUE

Finer solutions and applications for high tech firms, beauty shops, and arts-and-crafts purveyors may need to focus more on needle gauge than length. Disbursing liquids with fine or even ultrafine applicators? Just remember that the higher the number, the thinner the needle. Our range extends from 14 to 27-gauge, and substances like thicker glues that tend to clog are best administered on the lower end of the spectrum.

Non-clogging water-based adhesives, acrylics, watercolors, inks, stains, oil paints, and glazes? Shoot for 18 or 20-gauge. Thin liquids and glues for quilling can also be ideal in this range. In case you’re not acquainted with quilling, devoted hobbyists will tell you that it’s a decorative art form where strips of paper are rolled, shaped, curled, twisted, and – yes – glued into unique shapes. A dedicated quiller might also tell you that color-coded Caps on Applicator Bottles are extremely helpful.

We can help you stock up on just the Applicator Bottles and Caps WITHOUT the Needles, quilling or not. If you’re still not sure what sizes and gauges are best, just ask us!


Sign Holders, Branding, Retail Design, and GlobalShop 2018!

Untitled designGoing to the GlobalShop Conference in Chicago’s McCormick Place, March 27-29? It’s considered one of the largest retail design industry trade shows with over 10,000 professionals expected in attendance. If you’re not familiar, GlobalShop bills itself as “the only annual event that combines store design, visual merchandising, retail technology, and shopper marketing leaders under one roof.”

One look at the show’s comprehensive divisions is an indicator of the magnitude. The section devoted to Visual Merchandising is complete with props, design services, mannequins, and display fabrics. Store Fixtures includes architectural millwork, extrusions, and shelving. The Digital Store covers areas like audio/sound systems, digital signs, traffic counters, kiosks and self-serve technology. The section dedicated to store design and operations tackles flooring and display lighting.

The At-Retail Marketplace is our kind of place because – among floor/window graphics, kiosks, and on-shelf POP ideas – this is also the area featuring acrylic displays and literature holders.

That’s our forte: effective POP (Point-of-Purchase) displays with specialized acrylic Sign Holders, for example. While all the elements of GlobalShop can be integral in commercial retail design and profitability, it’s the display details where we can help you shine the spotlight on promotions and reinforce brand recognition with custom imprinting.

From store lighting to custom retail packaging and kitting, GlobalShop exhibitors will cover a versatile array of in-store requirements. However, you don’t have to wait to get a jump on customized Sign Holders with Brochure Pockets and acrylic Poster Holders…you can do that here!A2C085110B_GG.JPG

Our premium thickness acrylic is durable and still versatile enough to serve as a canvas for custom silk-screening logo and brand names, colors, and text. On retail floors, the name of the game is grabbing attention and highlighting sales. You can build brand awareness with great effectiveness through retail spaces, emphasizing recognition with custom silk-screening and imprinting.

Who knows? You could end up with an award-winning display! GlobalShop even has an Awards Celebration with categories including “most innovative and effective in-store and point-of-purchase displays.” Feel inspired?


Name Plate Holders, Food, and National Deskfast Day, March 19th!

ional Deskfast Day March 19thMarch 19th is a big day for people dedicated to both their jobs and breakfast. It’s National “Deskfast” Day, which as you may have guessed, combines the words “desk” and “breakfast.” It’s a term for the first meal of the day being eaten at the work desk and, believe it or not, “deskfast” is an official trend that even caught the attention of nutritionists.

Skeptical at first, many of those nutritionists reportedly changed their tune after discovering that people ate healthier “deskfasts” than they did with home or restaurant breakfasts…or no breakfast at all.

According to, this fad called Deskfast came into prominence in 2008 as the European economy went into recession. Workers worried about their jobs began clocking in earlier and staying later, creating the need for early morning sustenance. To be more energized and avoid sloppy syrups, dripping milk, and unavoidable grease on keyboards, most “deskfasts” are supposedly healthier than traditional breakfasts.

Now that we’ve covered the breakfast part, what about the desk? Doesn’t this home away from home for 40 hours or more a week deserve to look good for Deskfast? One way to do it is with Desk Name Plates. Thick acrylic plates hold name/title inserts, accentuated by stainless steel Standoffs for a classy, dignified, professional look.600px-style-npws_insert-2

A2 Curved Acrylic Sign Holders and related Picture Frames stand out, too. Beautifully curved acrylic plates, also with metal Standoffs, deliver dynamic appeal and the consummate professional appearance. Make a statement and enjoy your “deskfast” in style!

Just how does one celebrate National Deskfast Day? Provided you have the freedom to do so, why not make a morning picnic-like get-together with workmates? It could be a good opportunity to connect with co-workers you don’t typically see or talk to on a regular basis with morning bonding over food on March 19th!


Sign Holders, Donation Boxes, Selena, and Effective Fundraising for Charities

Sign Holders, Donation Boxes, Selena, and Effective Fundraising for Charities(1)In-store promotions working in conjunction with charities can produce a real win-win formula for worthy foundations AND brick-and-mortar environments. Just ask HEB, a San Antonio based grocery store chain that recently released a special edition Tote Bag with the likeness of Selena.

These special Tote Bags featuring the beloved singer were such a hit, lines stretched out the doors of several stores for the big release on a recent Friday morning. Combined with online sales, the bags sold out that afternoon.selena-tote-bag-tease-today-180306_1f6dc20a24f118d4789db7aef7fbc1c0

Even better, HEB had a partner in the venture: the Selena Foundation, a charitable organization that captures the giving nature of the woman herself. Selena Quintanilla-Perez was not just the “Queen of Tejano” music. Tragically murdered in 1995 at just 23 years old, she was also involved with several charities, from educating children and the D.A.R.E. organization to HIV/AIDS awareness. Above all, she was a major spokesperson for battered women.

The joint effort was a huge success for HEB and the Selena Foundation, an exclusive partnership. Proceeds from tote bag sales have been designated for the Boys and Girls Club of Coastal Bend, and HEB also donated $25,000 directly to the Selena Foundation.

If you’re involved with a charity or have an affiliation with worthy causes through your professional organization, the right marketing can add the spotlight for a successful outcome like HEB and the Selena Foundation realized.

When developing a campaign to draw customers and attract foot traffic, show them the way with specially designated Sign Holders and Acrylic Donation Boxes. Maximum visibility is the key and strategically placed crystal clear acrylic Sign Holders make an effective showcase for promotional literature.Acrylic Donation Box

Donation Boxes can be equally effective in premium thickness acrylic. Get the name out there with customized options and headers that read, for example, “All proceeds go to XYZ Charitable Organization.” The invitation to give is hard to resist!

By the way, did you know that April 16 is Selena Day in Texas? In 1995, then Governor George W. Bush made it official, declaring her “the essence of south Texas culture.”

New Name Plate Holders for National Name Tag Day March 8th!

National Name Tag DayIsn’t it time for a little name recognition? Believe it or not, March features an officially recognized celebration of the Name. “Celebrate Your Name Week” runs March 4 – 10, culminating with National Name Tag Day on March 8th. According to Mental Floss, the only hard rule is that you wear a “Hello, my name is…” tag and the name you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be your real one!

Once the Name Tag Day party is over however, there remains the essential task of everyday name and title identification – and the best way to spotlight inserts with a dynamic new look and a modern flair for the aesthetic in professional environments.NPA SSB with Insert

The next generation of superior acrylic name plate holders has hit the scene for 2018. Unique designs in cubicle name plate hangers open a world of options, including the latest in Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders that can accommodate up to five inserts. Imagine the possibilities, not only with department identification but also in directional signage and rotating on-site event announcements.

Making an even more colorful splash on desktop and countertops, NPA Name Plate Holders combine a traditional slant back display in premium thickness acrylic with bold borders in black or silver. It’s an eye-catching frame for names…and an effective way to grab attention in busy foot traffic to show passersby directional signs and departmental designations.NPS SSB With insert

NPS Name Plate Holders accentuate that look even more with stainless steel standoff posts. The metallic posts in each corner help draw attention and lock focus on your insert templates, securing those inserts between polished acrylic plates while adding support to the display itself. Black and silver color options reach more eyes, more effectively.

All these models are built to last with clear acuity. And what better time to order than National Name Tag Day? By the way, there’s another early March holiday that features just ONE name: National Alfred Hitchcock Day, March 12th!