New Look Name Plate Holders for National Cubicle Day!

New Look Name Plate Holders for National Cubicle DayApril 28th marks one of our favorite holidays in the acrylic world. It’s National Cubicle Day and this year’s celebration should be the best yet with some bold new looks now available in dynamic, upscale Cubicle Name Plate Holders.

But first a little history. Did you know that cubicles were first introduced in 1967 to subdivide office space and afford workers more privacy? Robert Propst was the designer of these modular systems that were created for easy reconfiguration. While not known for exemplifying individuality, cubicle options today have grown to accommodate worker “pods” for groups.

Cubicle Sign Holder


For those who still feel confined in a small compartment, Cubicle Day represents an opportunity to stand out and customize cubes to reflect each worker’s individuality.

That’s where new styles in Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holders, Sign Holders, and Sign Frames enter the picture.

New options in acrylic like the Multi-Tiered PNHL and distinguished pattern choices for inserts are taking ordinary cubicles to levels anything but run-of-the-mill. Plus, they are no longer just showcases for “John Doe, Marketing VP.” Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders, for example, offer ideal Combination Suite identification capabilities. You can make a statement in personal staff identification and show directional signage for passing foot traffic.

PNHL085025020T2-w Insert
Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holder


How about a double-sided view that stands above the cubicle? The PNHT2 Cubicle Name Plate Holder fits snugly over cubicle/partition walls with the clear acrylic Name Plate sitting atop, offering a view from both sides of the wall.

Another innovative design making professional cubicles far from blasé? CSHL Cubicle Sign Holders and Sign Frames provide larger literature presentation alternatives for events, promotions, announcements, calendars, and emergency info.

Check out new patterns you can mix-n-match along with font choices that stand out…a unique way to make every day a happy National Cubicle Day!


Hanging Out with Cubicle Name Plate Hangers and Business Card Holders for National Hanging Out Day

National Hanging Out DaySometimes, there’s nothing better than hanging out with friends and family, and you might think that’s what National Hanging Out Day is about April 19th. While it could still be a good day for a get-together, National Hanging Out Day actually has an entirely different meaning.

Every year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with hundreds of organizations to set aside the day for community encouragement with clothesline laundry drying! According to Project Laundry List, six to ten percent of residential energy consumption comes directly from the dryer. Hence, National Hanging Out Day is dedicated to the financial and environmental benefits of hanging the laundry out to dry!

Cubicle Name Plate Hanger


Anyone can celebrate/participate- weather permitting, of course. New Hampshire-based Project Laundry List encourages everyone to hang out clothes to dry and share pictures at #NationalHangingOutDay. Or maybe it’s already in your plans… after all, National Hanging Out Day’s been an annual event since 1995!

We have our own kind of celebration idea…indoors. Innovative new designs in Hanging Cubicle Name Plate Hangers and Business Card Holders are just in time for the event.

Style PNHH Acrylic Cubicle Name Plate Hangers are a prime example…a multi-functional display option for all types of office and directional signage in addition to name and title inserts. They hang easily on divider walls, showing your message in clear premium thickness acrylic.

Style CMB10 Hanging Cubicle Business Card Holders are also worth checking out. This beauty has room for TEN SETS of business cards in one sharp looking display that hangs nicely from partition walls, getting attention and inviting interaction.

Cubicle Business Card Holder


If you feel so inclined, hang your laundry April 19th for National Hanging Out Day. If you want to make a professional statement in cubicle presentations, hanging acrylic is the way to go, any day of the year. Explore the clear advantages and be sure to measure wall width for an easy fit so your celebration doesn’t get ruined!





Sign Holder and Name Plate Holder spotlights for National Handmade Day, April 7th

Sign Holder and Name Plate Holder spotlights for National Handmade Day, April 7thCelebrating National Handmade Day? If you’re not involved directly yourself, you might be surprised to know that handmade items are growing significantly in popularity…and sales. Amazon even had the forethought to open an entire online division of handmade items in time for the 2016 Christmas shopping season.

National Handmade Day April 7th recognizes the artisans “who put forth their creative talents into gifts that warm the heart.” From bread to furniture, clothes, quilts, and the downright unusual, dedication to craftsmanship is a tradition staying active from one generation to the next. For those who send and receive handmade items as gifts, there also seems to be a higher level of satisfaction with something so unique.

That’s why handmade artisan stores are hoping to make a splash April 7th, both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments.

We’ve taken a bit of inspiration ourselves in the handmade artisan department, a look that’s reflected in new Name Plate Holder styles and custom Name Plate inserts in different patterns and fonts. Tiered acrylic is taking visibility to higher heights!NPA3 Gold and Blk Insert

In-store handmade specialties also get more distinctive focus and grab full attention from passing foot traffic when spotlighted in Sign Holders and Display Stands. Style G is a Triangular Table Tent Menu Holder with room for three inserts to show standout handmade items. A D6 Sign Holder/Display Stand DOUBLES that exposure with a 6-sided view. Another nice display accent for an artisan shop? The Style Q 4-sided Sign Holder that reaches customer eyes on all sides with four separate inserts in a distinctive, eye-catching hollow square shape.

Wondering who came up with National Handmade Day? A small family business in Texas called “From Scratch Farm” got the ball rolling. “From Scratch Farm” offers products like lip balms, body scrubs, detergents, and cleaners with more natural ingredients. Owner/Operator Amy Bierstedt wanted to help similar businesses better promote organic choices in greater numbers…from custom postcards to t-shirts. Check out the handmades this weekend!