Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders, Number One in Combination Suite Identification!

Multi Tier Red InsertsDid you know that the multi-use Swiss Army Knife has been around since 1890? It was originally purchased by the Swiss Army for soldiers to use both in opening canned food and disassembling rifles. The Modell 1890 had a blade, reamer, can opener, screwdriver, and grips made out of dark oak. Today, the Swiss Army Knife still epitomizes multi-functionality and superior craftsmanship.

That same principle and quality can also apply to inner-office name plate holders. New Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders showcase up to five name plates and distinctive insert options, with patterns to add even more flair. And like the Swiss Army Knife, it all comes in one solid unit…or in this case, display.

Built to last in premium thickness acrylic, the new Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holder delivers maximum visual acuity in a choice of two, three, four, or five insert slots. Customizing the look with patterns and font choices really locks focus from even the busiest foot traffic.

Easy to hang on cubicle and partition walls, consider the possibilities for usage in your floor layout. Name/Title templates are a given. But in addition to name, title, and/or department identification, you can also use this name plate holder display simultaneously for directions, like This Way, A-M & N-Z, Enter, and Exit. Multiple signage display functions all in one sturdy acrylic unit – perfect for Combination Suite Identification!

By the way, Swiss Army Knives are not available for customization (according to Wikipedia). But they have produced many different tool combinations over the years to suit more users. That includes hoof cleaners, fish scalers, magnifying lenses, and USB sticks!

How to Run a Spring Sale!

heroSpring_v2bThere’s more than flowers, plants, and trees blooming this time of year. Now is also the time when Spring Sales blossom and 2018 Spring Sales are being greeted especially well. For many consumers, an especially late winter kept many from shopping earlier, and more are willing to spend in a relatively quiet, stable economy.

There are several ways to create a successful campaign both online and in retail environments. One piece of advice from Creative Resources “Threadless” revolves around the use of “lifestyle photos.” In apparel sales, for example, light materials and short sleeves go hand-in-hand with models on skateboards or playing volleyball. It connects an image of warm weather fun with the latest in comfortable clothing.

Add incentives! After all, it’s not really a Sale if you don’t offer special enticements. Strategic lower pricing on select items gives customers a real money-saving benefit they can sink their teeth into. Consider adding free shipping.  Once you’re earned the confidence of a customer, he or she is bound to spend more…gladly.

Another tip: don’t neglect the importance of social media. Food trucks draw lines of devoted followers with a simple post. You can, too. Plus, there’s a new breed of “Influencers” you can reach out to…bloggers, Instagrammers, and online personalities with legions of devotees themselves.A2C085110B_GG.JPG

Brick-and-mortar operations can also benefit from strategic displays and placement of sign holders and point-of-purchase (POP) literature holders. Curved Sign Holders are a prime example. Their clear and black acrylic panels with metal standoffs draw attention in a classy, upscale display.

Swivel base acrylic Sign Holders also capture the eye, bringing focus to your Spring Sale promotions in a unique, modern presentation.

One more consideration: Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer…make those Spring Sale products, promotions, and incentives even juicier with weekend getaway offers and irresistible theme park family bonanzas!

Custom Stationery Holders, Acrylic Sign Holders, Name Plates and the Javits Center’s National Stationery Show

-1Going to the National Stationery Show, May 20-23? It’s a really big deal, a premier event featuring the world’s finest “stationery, distinctive gifts & creative pursuits” at the Javits Center in NYC. Billed as “The Only Stationery Market in North America,” last year’s show had 750 engaging exhibitors, including design-makers and enterprises making their market debuts.

Store owners and executives from a diverse cross-section of businesses worldwide will also be in attendance, all to see “all things paper” – like greeting cards, custom invitations, gift wrap, journals, and lifestyle gifts. Displays will include everything from decorative home office products, bridal accessories, and in-store printing equipment to journals, calendars, writing instruments, candles, and luxury leather goods.

These types of displays will no doubt feature assistance from products that go hand-in-hand with those mentioned above. Presentations in Acrylic Brochure Holders accentuate items like stationery as well as envelopes, letterhead, and thank you cards. They’re great for organizational use and marketing/point-of-purchase displays.AB2085025_Insert

Something else new and eye-catching? Custom Stationery Holders in premium thickness acrylic, and their counterparts like Sign Holders complemented with Stainless Steel Standoffs. Add two Business Card Attachments and 30-degree polished beveled edges for an undeniably attractive presentation.

New options in modern Desk Name Plate Holders can also deliver a distinctive look. Multi-Tier models like NPH3 with 2 to 5 name plate capacity offer a dynamic approach. NPA2 Executive Name Plates present a classy, modern view that blends crystal clear acrylic with metal standoffs. Executive Name Plates in Glass Green add an even more elegant accent.

Drawing the eye with flair and dressing up the décor will be a major part of the National Stationery Show. So will a musical/theatrical side. As part of the Opening Night festivities, NSS is presenting BEAUTIFUL, The Carole King Musical at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre!



Menu Holders and Culinary Headliners at the National Restaurant Association Show

nrashowfloor.jpg__640x360_q85_crop_subsampling-2The key to success in restaurant, bar, and food establishment upsells relies heavily on promotion…and updating sales campaigns frequently can be especially beneficial in capturing repeat customers – also vital in competitive markets.

If you’re in the food service industry, perhaps you’re attending the National Restaurant Association’s 2018 Show in Chicago May 19th – 22nd, the industry’s “most talked about event of the year.” This huge extravaganza showcases everything from the latest culinary breakthroughs to transformative new equipment and technology. Big names like Condoleeza Rice and Keith Urban will also be there.

In keeping with the inspiration, we thought you might also consider the visibility of promotional campaigns in your layout. After all, hungry, thirsty people have come through your doors, eager to spend. Show them the way in classy, crystal-clear acrylic Menu Holders.

First rule: be sure you get maximum visibility from all sides of the table. The Style BD Double-Sided Table Tent Menu Holder features two Sign Holders rising from a sloping base supporting both. It’s sturdy and functional with room for larger displays that slide in place easily.

Style Q delivers a FOUR-sided view in a unique block shape. You can showcase four individual promotional pieces in one display for a captive audience that’s ready to eat. Rotating any or all four promotions is fast and easy with simple bottom-loading convenience.

Q040060 R-WHITE_High Res
Style Q Four-Sided Menu Holder


How about a triangular look? Enter the Style G Three-sided Triangular Clear Table Tent Menu Holder. It’s uniquely designed to spotlight three individual inserts in polished premium thickness acrylic.

Of course, these are just a few options to explore. Acrylic Menu Holders and Sign Holders make exceptional aides for servers building checks…and higher revenue at your register. And if you plan to get an even sharper edge at the National Restaurant Association Show 2018, don’t miss the Block Party! Rumor has it that there’ll be free food and drinks at Chicago’s most talked-about bars and clubs!  Just sayin’.



Glass Green Name Plates, Patterns, Colors, and Lights in Retail


A lot of psychology goes into retail layouts. How a store is planned, where and how products are placed, the use of color, lighting, and even subliminal hints all have a place…and the more attention to detail on the front end pays dividends on the back.

If you operate a retail environment, consider what greets your customers as they walk through your doors. According to a recent post, Art Van Furniture’s newest store in Canton, Michigan took a decidedly more colorful approach in design. Art Van used changing color values of the same light-to-darker gray palette in areas like wall and trim color, then switched to a terra cotta color to “pull” consumers deeper.

Visual Director Chris Meier said “Color can define spaces and pull your guest through the store.  We want our guests to look ahead and be drawn to the next area of the store.”NPA2085025 GG-Insert1200px

You can upgrade your visual approach in other ways and guide potential customers with unique applications of color and patterns. One approach involves NPA2 GG Clear Executive Glass Green Name Plates with metal standoffs, creating a classy, upscale look that accents high-end décor nicely.

Turn plain name plate inserts into attractive displays, including directional signage. Unique, distinctive patterns are now available to sharpen focus from busy foot traffic. You can elevate displays elegantly with mixed patterns in an acrylic showcase, like NPBR Clear Name Plate Holders as well as the Glass Green Executive Series. Help point the way in a style that captures and pleases the eye.NPBR085025-Insert

Did you notice the Art Van approach to color did not mention bold, primary colors like red, yellow, green, and blue? Martin Roberts of Martin Roberts Design says the belief that color sells merchandise simply isn’t true anymore. “It’s about soft variations. If you have a red sofa, it’s usually the last thing to sell.” He added “retailers are very careful not to put on their floor things that are too strident because that limits the amount of people who will buy it.”