Matching Name Plate Holders with Office Decor Essentials

170930 NPH GREYSummer conjures thoughts of vacation and outdoor fun as well as occasional DIY, landscaping, and home improvement projects. In the work place, that spirit of renovation is also popular this time of year, and for some offices, now’s the time to upgrade that interior look.

On the wilder side for summer, is offering office items like “Timeless Clocks in Retro Red,” “Classic Procrastinator Pen Sets,” and Unicorn Tape Dispensers. Even Highlighters shaped like T-Rex and Bluetooth Speakers disguised as Rubik’s Cubes are featured.

For those who want a bold office appearance with a more conventional approach, there are several options to match décor in distinctive, uniform ways, helping make details pop – including Name Plate Holders. New styles in colored borders are gaining a lot of notice and popular reviews in that regard!

Black and silver borders are especially hot now. We’ve found NPAA Desktop Name Plate Holders in Silver or Black borders in high demand for desk and countertop placement. NPWW delivers tremendous appeal at eye-level in a wall-mounted version.

SBT085025ST w Insert(2)
Acrylic Desktop Name Plate


Another “mix-n-match” opportunity not to be missed in Colored-Border Name Plate Holders? The cubicle. Partition walls also make an excellent showcase for matching décor with PNH SSS (Silver) and PNH SSB (Black) Cubicle Name Plates. They are super easy to securely lock in place, too.

Desktops, walls, AND cubicles all make ideal presentation areas and the combination of colored borders with premium thickness acrylic complements a modern look in fine detail.

Once your floor layout is complete, where can you find the coolest items to personalize office space? Check out Etsy for photos, prints, magnets, and themed decorations for desks – from Hawaiian to Hemingway.

Blending Digital Displays in a Retail Environment

Untitled design.jpgAs the world becomes increasingly digital at a dizzying pace, those who once forecast the doom of retail brick-n-mortar stores are reconsidering their gloomy opinions. TotalRetail’s recent article “A Case for Next-Gen Digital Executions In-Store” by Trey Courtney points to a reverse trend: digital-only retailers building physical storefronts.

Courtney makes a compelling case as a growing number of Gen Z’ers become decision-making consumers, “a generation that has never known a world without the internet or cell phones.” It’s an important consideration as retailers sharpen their edge to keep pace with changing consumer habits.

What sets the new digital-retail purveyor apart? Video Wall technology is changing the view for window shoppers. Digital Signage gives retail operators easily customized options in messaging and the ability to update ads on the fly. And Interactive Touch Screens are also part of a revolution, giving shoppers convenient control of purchases and order fulfillment.

This interactive approach is a comfortable one for a burgeoning “touch screen” purchasing demographic. Making it apply in-store can be truly profitable and attracting foot traffic to interactive kiosks opens new opportunities in presentation.

Tablet Display 3
Acrylic Samsung Tablet Holder by Plastic Products Mfg.


One effective idea revolves around eye-catching Custom Acrylic Tablet Displays. If you are incorporating a technological upgrade in your retail establishment, using acrylic supports a modern look that invites point-of-purchase interaction. Give your customer the controls and let them steer their own buying experience in a free-standing unit or custom kiosk.

Acrylic Tablet Holder displays complement other technological touches like updated digital signage promotions…real-time advertising and instant results. Measuring analytics also goes hand-in-hand with digital upgrades. Determining trends and buying patterns can be broken down by numbers with hard data to back ‘em up. What products sell best in certain parts of the month, week, or even day? This kind of information access is now available!

Consider your floor layout and imagine the possibilities. Adding Acrylic Tablet Holders to your custom digital-retail shopping environment can not only boost sales, they can add nice aesthetic appeal, too!



Display Options for Indoor vs Outdoor Events

LED-550x389From trade shows to pop-ups, we’re heading into the busiest time of year for huge indoor conventions as well as outdoor festivals, charity events, concerts, and markets. They all require a certain approach to signage for product displays, directional guidance, and promotions…only with vastly different variables.

As many weekly Farmers Market vendors can testify, wind and rain are the most obvious factors in outdoor display setup. Tent and booth stability are paramount; securing banners, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, and literature holders take the same type of consideration.

Vinyl banners hold up well to nasty weather conditions and acrylic also offers durability and protection.  Table tent literature displays in block form, for example, stand up to wind better than some lighter displays.

Q040060ST 4-Sided Acrylic Cube Sign Holder


Weather can also be a strong benefit for outdoor event vendors. Tying in promotions with summer (custom t-shirts, cold drinks/snacks, sun visors, etc.) can bring attention and foot traffic your way, not to mention added word-of-mouth advertising.

Indoor events offer a much different allure. Once broader general advertising brings visitors through the door, capturing the eye takes a completely different focus. With weather-related concerns out of the picture, more display options become possible.  Electrical signage and engaging, eye-popping lighting are just a couple.

Countertop displays and sign holders can also take on a more exquisite, classy approach. Sturdy premium thickness acrylic offers strength and durability with heavy indoor foot traffic. Insert patterns and colored borders also catch the eye – finer details you might not otherwise think of.

Personal branding applies to a different selection of giveaways for indoor venues, too. Gift items and accessories for electronics (think flash drives and tablet cases) will draw bigger crowds to your stage and help add to the buzz!

Inside or out, one secret to a successful booth applies either way: avoid clutter. Past experiments have shown that TOO many choices on a “busy” table can actually be intimidating and drive customers away…clear selections in a more spacious presentation drive sales!