Acrylic Sign Holders, POP Displays, and Retail Upgrades for Shifting Demographics

Beware-Loyalty-Marketers-Don-t-Forget-the-Baby-BoAccording to a recent Bloomberg report, the global Generation Z population (born since 2001) will nudge ahead of Millennials (1980-2000, the range used in this study) for the first time in 2019. As the future progresses, this is increasingly good news for higher tech “gig” industries and gadget makers trending upward with online sales and services like “final mile” delivery.

But what about the Baby Boomers? Forbes Contributor Tom McGee reported in mid-August that this demographic segment is very much alive and well in the US, as 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day. Citing a 2016 Visa projection, “consumers over age 60 will continue to dominate U.S. consumer spending in the coming decade.”

McGee also points out that “the generation that grew up on Main Street” is retiring later and spending more. Downsizing empty nesters, for example, are helping drive a resurgent housing market. That, in turn, helps drive sales of everything from tables and chairs to pots and pans.

This where retailers need to pay particular attention to store layout and making featured products attractive, desirable, and accessible. Making the shopping experience pleasurable and a breeze to navigate can prove to be a winning formula when appealing to this growing consumer market.Rigid Vinyl C with Sale Insert

Part of McGee’s thesis speaks directly to floor layout in an area we know well: updated signage. More specifically, how to make that signage resonate with buying eyes.

One of the keys to locking shopper focus on product specials depends on eye-appealing point-of-purchase (POP) displays. And sometimes the most effective display employs the KISS method – Keep It Simple Stupid. Literature should be easy-to-read and prominently showcased in strategic foot traffic patterns.

If you’re in retail and looking to capture sales in the Baby Boomer demographic, take a look at the latest in Clear Sign Holders and eye-catching Acrylic POP Displays, including multi-sided options. Such selling opportunities are not to be missed!


CAALA Vegas 2018 – The Nation’s Largest Trial Lawyer Convention

catch-the-wave-36l6ns5qu0m21jbv3jm7swUnsafe products, bad medicine, shady business practices, negligent corporate conduct without scruples…it’s a sad-but-true fact of life that not every product and purveyor is 100% reliable. When consumers are wronged by practitioners who engage in unethical practices or with a purchase that’s not what was promised, it’s nice to know that there’s a vital segment of the legal community to help fight back.

Consumer Attorneys focus solely on the protection of ordinary consumers from those who try to take advantage or simply get away with nefarious products and/or services. In response, Southern California is home to the nation’s largest local association of plaintiffs’ attorneys, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). It’s a powerful group of advocates united in one purpose: to protect victim’s rights with equal access to justice.

On Labor Day weekend, the CAALA 36th Annual Las Vegas Convention takes place. Over 2,000 visitors are expected to attend, including attorneys, law firm staff, trial lawyers, and legal consultants. Besides vendor exhibits and product demonstrations, the goal is to give attendees the latest educational advantages, networking sessions, and brainstorming opportunities…covering crucial areas from insurance and medical services to publishing and production.

Once finished, it’s back to the firm and business as usual, only with a sharper edge in a legal area that offers a valuable benefit to our society-at-large.

Also valuable inside each firm’s walls? New Acrylic Sign Holders and dynamic new Name Plate Holders in modern, cutting edge designs.NPBR with Silver Insert

Cubicle Name Plate Holders are also in especially high demand right now. Colored borders have been incorporated to deliver a clear view and sharper focus on 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” inserts. Countertop and desktop Name Plates in slant-back clear, glass green, and Executive Series designs are also gaining popularity for blending function, style, and a nice complement to the décor.

By the way, did you hear about the case of the runaway hit-and-run cow in Sacramento County? Indeed, an escaped cow charged a 70-year old neighbor woman “at full speed from approximately 300 feet away.” The plaintiff did recover however, and in Paynter v Romano this past January, a confidential settlement was reached as the result of a “high/low verdict.”

Designing a Retail Shopping Environment and Sign Holders that work in a Digital Shopping World

hero-shopping-mallIn a brisk consumer market where brick-and-mortar retailers face the challenge of convenient online shopping, store operators are paying keen attention to attractive store design and targeted marketing for customer appeal. Creating the allure of a positive shopping experience is a key part of the equation.

New Hope Network, which bills itself as “the premiere digital marketplace that connects the healthy lifestyle industry from supply to shelf,” recently published research results based on interviews with hundreds of natural food retailers that could apply to other retail segments…citing store layout, lighting, and how unique products are merchandised. Such direct, tactile appeal can help capture shopper allegiance and repeat business.

Using this specified niche of the retail grocery industry as an example, New Hope discusses floor layout nuances that enhance the customer experience. Self-check kiosks give consumers a sense of control over their purchases AND reduce time spent waiting in line. Creating a space where customers can interact and sample goods also creates a more “immersive experience.”

Beyond structural rearrangement, in-store target merchandising needs to be displayed strategically and prominently to build the buzz. Not even online shopping can guarantee that eyes will fully engage with cross-promotions. Direct, eye-to-eye contact gives retailers a sterling opportunity to boost profits.

Making targeted promotions grab attention brings us to Lucky’s Market in the New Hope study. With an eye toward new products, Lucky’s vice president of merchandising, Andrew Vialpando said “a main point I strive for is discovery.” Vialpando’s goal is to make food shopping more of an engaging experience than chore-like drudgery.

His formula utilizes “pointed messaging and signage” in clean, simple displays that highlight a product’s most unique/attractive features. Minimizing pyramid displays to lessen consumer fatigue and clear price displays also help increase impulse buys…backed by research numbers indicating “upwards of 68% of buying decisions are unplanned.”

That’s where new acrylic Sign Holders and point-of-purchase signage can make a significant difference. Impulse Sign Display Holders including swivel-base and designer oval-shaped Literature Displays deliver eye-catching appeal and attention to your own unique retail specials.

One more tip from New Hope? Lighting: the more natural lighting you have, the better. If not, track lighting can lend an appealing, high-end look. 3,500K bulbs “have a warm yellow tone…4,000K for brighter, more blue light.”

Name Plate Holders and School Supplies for National Back to School Month

back-to-school-written-on-blackboard-with-book-picture-id487154524Not that summer’s over, but August is a month of transition into more autumnal activities, like football and school. Yes, it’s time for back-to-school planning and August has been designated National Back to School Month.

With retail campaigns typically geared toward parents, “back-to-school” goes beyond notebooks, pens, backpacks, and clothes for children. Campuses for all levels of classroom learning are also ramping up for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Procurement budgets and discretionary spending for schools takes into consideration a myriad of fine details, regardless of how well or under funded they may be. Safety concerns are greater than they’ve been in recent years, requiring more money than has been allotted in the past for standard commonalities like safer playgrounds and pedestrian crossings.

Then there are other essentials. Every new school year is different for staff and students alike, and helping each identify new names, departments, and other crucial information is vitally important. Upgrading with the latest in eye-catching acrylic serves perfectly and cost-effectively.

Signage displays are key because no matter the age of a building, it’s going to be new to someone, if not many. Disseminating important information and directional signage can be more effectively conveyed with new Acrylic Sign Holder designs and NPWS Wall-Mounted Name Plate Holders. From explanations of policies to department identification and those all-important signs pointing to Entrances and Exits, all get a closer “can’t miss” look.NPAA085025-Insert-600px

Speaking of items not to be missed: new NPAA Desktop Name Plate Holders. This modern looking take on the traditional Name Plate commands attention in slant-back Clear and Glass Green designs as well as Silver and Black Border alternatives. Inserts are easy to load and switch with new classes, and customization is also an option with eye-pleasing patterns, font choices, and pre-printing on select orders.

Go ahead and explore the easy-to-read possibilities.  After all, National Back-to-School Month only comes around once a year!

The NBM Show: Digital Printing and Engraving to Sign Making & Sign Holders

Long.Beach.Convention.and.Entertainment.Center.original.5670If you’re reading this, there’s an excellent chance that The NBM Show taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center August 2nd through 4th has something your office can use.

NBM is presented by three publications: Awards & Engraving, Printwear, and Sign & Digital Graphics. According to the trade show’s website, The NBM Show brings suppliers and services together under one large umbrella, showcasing “sign making, digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, apparel decorating, sublimation, awards, engraving, specialty graphics, custom gifts, and everything personalized.”

Fabrication specialists Gemini will be among the exhibitors. So will Digital Art Solutions, specializing in graphics software and innovative vector graphics design templates. Training and class certification will also be a key part of The NBM Show.

Many exhibitor booths relate directly to some new products we’ve recently unveiled…and ways to get the most from them. Screen printing acrylic Sign Holders and Name Plate Holders is just one way. New patterns and font choices can also be customized for dynamic, 21st century Name Plate Holder Inserts. We can even use your own graphics to personalize the template for pre-printing.

Like the hundreds of products on display at The NBM Show, acrylic is easily incorporated into modern-looking, forward-thinking floor layouts in office and campus environments. One new approach is found in the colored borders of NPAA Desktop Name Plate Holders in Silver and Black. You might be surprised just how much eye-appeal is added to a classic design.NPAA085025-SSS-Insert-600px

Drawing attention to special promotions, product spotlights, and point-of-purchase displays is vital in successful marketing. It’s part of the takeaway from The NBM Show and another area where our expertise applies. Consider Acrylic Sign Holders accented with Stainless Steel Standoffs…or Swivel Base Sign Holders that add movement to your presentation.

By the way, if you miss NBM in Long Beach, you can still catch the next show…later in August in Meadowlands, New Jersey!