Cool Cubicles and their Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders


Google Office in Zurich

Have you seen the unique approach some companies have taken with their cubicle layouts? Some are rather…imaginative, like those at Google Zurich.


More privacy? How about a unique design with four walls, vaulted ceiling, bookshelves, and look-out portals?

Google Office in Zurich


Whimsical design aside, chances are that cubicles in most operations tend to be more traditional. What they all have in common is the need for proper identification in Name Plate Holders and the need to adjust them when cubicles are modified.

Introducing Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders. Universal Single-Sided Name Plate Holders deliver a clearly defined spotlight on individual name/title inserts. Adjustable Double-Sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders are comprised of premium thickness acrylic with crystal clear visual acuity…on both sides of the display.

What sets these Name Plate Holders apart is the Magic Tape that makes each style adjustable over and over with no residue. This clear, removable Magic Tape does not yellow and gives users added flexibility from 2” to 3” wide. Polished acrylic catches the eye and conveys a professional looking image – no matter how conventional or outlandish the cubicle.

Regardless of style, maneuverability and the capability to remove and adjust the size of the holder makes both single-sided and double-sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders a wise investment.

Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holder


Speaking of office floor layouts that go beyond the conventional, have you seen the Madrid office of Selgas Cano Architecture?

Nestled in a forest setting, this aerodynamic tube incorporates a long, curved window/wall that reaches into the ceiling. Cubicles there are more like stations without walls…and all part of the Spanish woods, brought indoors with plenty of natural light.

Redesigning your own work environment? Don’t forget the Name Plate Holders, adjustable for cubicles time and again!

Magnetic Sign Holders, Picture Frames…and their Magnetic Attraction to the Eye!

Untitled designMagnetism has fascinated mankind for centuries, even before research into magnetic fields began in the year 1269. That’s when French scholar Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt used iron needles to cross at two points, making the first recorded correlation to the Earth’s north and south poles.

Fast forward to 1982 when General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals developed neodymium magnets, considered the strongest available for commercial applications and use in everything from cordless tools and hard drives to fasteners…which in turn makes them ideal in merchandising with Magnetic Sign Holders and Picture Frames.

WFT Yogurt Shop 2
WFT Magnetic Picture Frame

Communication is key in retail sales and branding…that’s no secret. How that form of merchandising is approached can determine success or failure. An effective, modern look using Magnetic Sign Holders and Picture Frames offers many benefits. These acrylic POP displays deliver tremendous eye appeal as promotional showcases. They complement retail décor. And they are easy to use.

Here are two prime examples. Style A3 and A3B Slant Back Photo/Sign Holders are comprised of two premium thickness acrylic panels that seal promotional literature securely between them. Four neodymium magnets hold those panels (and promotions) in place. The back panel in A3B is black for an even more distinctive look. Both have a beveled, polished look.

Upgrading to Designer Series C3 Clear Acrylic Picture Frames also has its benefits. The upright double-sided exposure in a free-standing picture frame atop a ½” thick clear acrylic base grabs attention, accentuated by polished edges and four silver, flat neodymium magnets.

Magnetic Sign Holder

WFT Thick Magnetic Picture Frames also use those 5/16” flat silver magnets to spotlight promotional material between two ½” thick clear acrylic panels. No doubt this free-standing Sign Holder can stop busy foot traffic for a look at its contents and uniquely special offers.

Other good reasons to consider Magnetic Sign Holders? They are easy to reposition strategically throughout the store. No special tools for mounting are needed that could potentially damage walls or fixtures. Broad appeal makes them ideal for practically any retail décor. Plus, they’re very cost-effective!  Talk about magnetic appeal!


Cubicles, Name Plate Holders, and a more Collaborative Office Atmosphere

Untitled designDo you believe that an open floor plan in the office encourages a more collaborative team effort? Tech companies in particular are known for open-plan concepts, largely based on the premise that brilliant young minds will interact and spark even greater ideas.

But a recent Harvard study indicates quite the opposite! According to the research, interaction in wide open spaces actually makes many diligent workers self-conscious and unwilling to disrupt the work flow of others.

That research revolved around two Fortune 500 companies making the switch to open-plan offices. Interactions of 150 employees were measured before and after using a “sociometric badge,” a device that recorded wearer movements, locations, and conversations with colleagues via infrared and sound sensors.

The results? Over 15 days prior to the office redesign, participants averaged about 5.8 hours of face-to-face interaction a day. After switching to an open layout, the same participants’ interaction dropped to only 1.7 hours.

One could argue that maybe TOO MUCH time is spent interacting…i.e., messing around and gossiping. But those numbers are still significant, even if every second is not spent brainstorming. At least the opportunity is there.

If you’re considering ways to make your office more conducive to collaborative thought and creative ideas, one approach to be drawn from this Harvard study indicates a need for the semi-privacy cubicles deliver. An essential requirement for every cubicle is the Name Plate Holder that distinguishes each one.

PNH085025020 SSS-Insert1
Cubicle Name Plate Holder with Silver Border


Distinguished and dynamic with a modern flair is exactly what you get with new style Cubicle Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders. In a collaborative work environment with cubicles and pods in the floor layout, these Name Plate Holders help lend individual professional distinction in an eye-catching display.

Take a closer look at your Nameplate options with free heavy gauge perforated card stock included with select orders…a great way to customize inserts quickly!



Colored-Border Name Plate Holders – the Vibrant Look for Fall and Beyond!

Park-Place-Motors-Mercedes-Benz-Fort-Worth-Texas_5763223522_oFeeling inspired by the colors of Autumn and the fall season ahead? Capture that colorful inspiration indoors with a serious upgrade in truly eye-catching new Name Plate Holders! Elevate the look to a dynamic, professional new level that also complements your décor.

Plastic Products Mfg recently released some incredibly unique new Name Plate Holders with colored border options.  Now those alternatives are even better with two distinctive standout additions in choices of black and silver, not to mention a variety of insert patterns!

Style NPA and Style NPBR both deliver the bold new look with entirely different approaches.  The Style NPA Colored-Border Name Plate Holder features a slant-back look with polished front edges in premium thickness acrylic. Card stock inserts slide in easily from either side’s 1/16” opening.  Add the black and silver choices and you have a sleek look in a perfect frame.

Style NPBR Namelate Holder


With Style NPBR Acrylic Nameplate Holders, you have a clear choice with a wider flat base and vertical standing display.  Constructed of premium .092 acrylic thickness, Style NPBR is designed for stability AND user-friendliness…sliding inserts from either side is fast and easy.

Which style works best for your application might depend on something as simple as the height of the platform beneath it.  Want the face plate angled up or straight ahead?  No matter which you choose, these dynamic new colors make Name Plate Holders pop!

Better yet, you can customize both inserts AND border color how you want with minimum orders on Style NPA and Style NPBR. Mix and match and choose a font…with custom inserts and new Colored-Border Name Plate Holders, you get office appeal that goes year-round.

Acrylic Picture Frame Designs for September’s Save Your Photos Month!

2abd3efbd7b942e8_Product-squaresheldsHeard the news?  September is National Save Your Photos Month. Don’t scoff: it’s a real public service outreach campaign; an initiative designed to teach people how to “preserve life’s irreplaceable photos, videos, and documents, in case of unforeseen accident or disaster.” September is designated to raise awareness about the benefits of safeguarding photos for future generations.

Personal photo organizers are a traditional family favorite, especially this time of year. The transition from summer vacation to a new school year tends to strike a sentimental chord, and while there are plenty of digital images, social media posts, and selfies to go around, capturing actual photographs of these memories for physical viewing is important for posterity!

Style A2 Acrylic Picture Frame


Organizing and cataloguing photos might conjure images of large, hardbound photo albums. Indeed, the endeavor itself goes hand-in-hand with a similar and highly popular hobby often geared toward preserving family histories: Scrapbooking.

Another outstanding approach to photo preservation? Sturdy, reliable Acrylic. Crystal Clear Acrylic Slant Back Picture Frames have the kind of long-lasting characteristics that keep pictures in pristine shape. They also deliver aesthetic appeal that makes photos proudly displayed in prominent places.

Standard photo sizes find a perfect fit with Style A2040060ST and A2050070ST Acrylic Photo Frames, 4” wide x 6” high and 5” x 7” respectively. The exceptional clarity is accentuated by four Stainless Steel Posts, one in each corner with the lower two serving as a base.

Brady Bunch A2C
Style A2C Curved Picture Frame


For a really modern, eye-catching look with dynamic appeal, Curved Picture Frames in Black/Clear options deliver solid impact.

The Style A2C085110B Curved Picture Frame checks in at 8-1/2” x 11” and features a unique take on the traditional frame appearance. This Designer Series Sign Holder/Picture Frame sheds the square look for more adventurous curvature. It too contains four metal standoffs that provide support and nice contrast for the eye. Pictures look incredible with the black acrylic background and clear acrylic front!

September is a special time for photo preservation…these are just a few ways to help make it happen.  Consider the opportunities and explore!