Acrylic Displays Shine on Video Game Product Launches at E3 in June!


Gaming fans at the Sony PlayStation display on the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California, June 11, 2013. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry, runs from June 11-13. AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECKROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images


Headed to LA for E3 this June, the world’s premier event for the video gaming industry? This widely attended event is an annual showcase for new product launches and “ground-breaking technology,” according to With video game technology, popularity, and sales booming, E3 will connect tens of thousands of “the best, brightest, and most innovative in the interactive entertainment industry.”

If you’re in the business or merely curious to attend, mark your calendar for June 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If you ARE in the video game industry, you’ll be glad to know that market value has been on the rise significantly since 2012. According to Statista, the market was worth an estimated $16.97 billion (USD) in 2015 and will reach $20.28 billion by 2020!

Whether player or provider, here’s another interesting finding: monthly time spent per capita with a game console in the United States from the 2nd quarter of 2014 to the 1st quarter of 2017 grew from 22 hours, 16 minutes to 29 hours, 27 minutes. Think about that. Per capita, that’s nothing to ignore!

A3 Gaming Insert
Style A3085110CB


As for this year’s E3 Expo, attendees will find that video gaming goes far beyond stereotypes that it’s primarily a source of teenage distraction. For instance, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have found that the narrative video game “Night Shift,” which focuses on treating patients with severe injuries, better prepares doctors for trauma triage than traditional text-based learning (ESA Newsletter, January 2018).

Leading edge, never-before-seen products will be in the spotlight for a myriad of applications at E3, on display for fans and vendors alike from around the world. If you’re among those displaying, be sure to stand out with a look that accentuates the futuristic atmosphere. New Swivel Base Sign Holders, Magnetic Slant Back Sign Holders, and Double-Sided Sign Holders on Oval Bases deliver eye-catching, crystal-clear results!


Acrylic Sign Holders and Display Stands Make for a Prospering Business.

Pix2Happening now, Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) has announced that current sale specials will run through June 30th, significant price reductions on Style A Sign Holders, Style B Display Stands, and Style C 8-1/2” x 11” Sign Display Holders.  Each style also features Plastic Products Mfg’s proprietary thicker material at a sturdy .098.

Popular Style A Sign Holders and Table Tents benefit greatly from the tougher thickness while delivering an eye-catching slanted angle to the base.  Ideal for showcasing everything from furniture and electronics to hospitality/rental car upgrades and bar/restaurant specials, June specials and thicker material make A085110ST an investment with added value.

Thicker gauge material is also a strong attribute in Style B Display Stands.  It’s an attractive showpiece that’s exceptionally functional and user-friendly with top and side loading capability.  The display stands atop a triangular base, well-anchored by the .098 thickness.  Refer to B085110ST for June’s special pricing.

Style C is geared for high-visibility, high-profile areas with heavy foot traffic.  This 8-1/2” x 11” Sign Display Holder is a vertical bottom loader with double-sided viewing.  Thicker material on this particular style (C085110ST) makes it especially durable, long-lasting, and an effective addition to POP campaigns.

Your sign holders and table tents are an important part of your branding and marketing effort. They need to compliment your promotional materials not detract them. A great sign holder provides a clean and professional image for your company and helps communicate your message directly to the people that matters most; your customers. Online ordering is available now on Plastic Products Mfg’s website and questions / customization requests are welcome.  Special sale offers end June 30th!


Accentuate the Positive in Furniture with Attractive Sales Displays

luxury living room interior and decoration

Furniture is one of those necessities that never goes out of style or demand. This time of year is especially prime furniture shopping season…and the ideal time to capture sales opportunities! Put your featured promotions in the right spotlight while in-store foot traffic is at its heaviest. With the latest in Literature Display Holders, you can increase your bottom line with upgraded display options. PPM has added new innovations that deliver aesthetic appeal and superior functionality to make it happen.

Style A
Style A Slant Back Sign Holder

Accentuate the brilliance of select products with our latest advancements in Sign Holders and Poster Holders. They’re now available in thicker gauge material with crystal clear visual acuity to showcase your print literature and every detail for your customers. When you consider the pristine quality of your slicks and the investment you made in promotional advertising, doesn’t that literature deserve the best Display Holders to grab the eye?

Naturally, retail sales generally are on the rise as the holiday season kicks into gear. But there’s another undeniable factor that connects directly to furniture sales. Single-family home sales and construction have risen dramatically the last three years, a true indicator that bodes well for the furniture industry. In fact, financial experts at CIT forecast growth in the furniture sector to outpace the US economy well into 2016.

Market demographics are also important when you want to connect with your prospects. For example, did you know that millennials were responsible for nearly half the sales of accent tables in the past year? One way to add a touch of elegance and class to your in-store promotions is with PPM’s new Green Display Holders. The use of green glass in marketing is nothing new but the attraction can’t be denied. And like the thicker material mentioned earlier, Green Sign Holders and Poster Holders deliver added value without additional cost. Check out the rounded corners and highly polished, eye-catching appearance.

Style C Glass Green
Style C Green Finish

We haven’t forgotten the finer details, either. For example, “Bump-ons” can help secure your displays and prevent scratching, scraping, and sliding. Want to customize your Display Holders for added brand recognition? A PPM representative can tell you about custom imprinting options that make a real impression.

It’s the right time for enhanced, upgraded furniture sales with “new look” Sign Holders and Poster Holders. Discover bigger sales opportunities with a little help from PPM. ‘Tis the season!

Increase Sales, Image, and Brand Awareness in Glass Green and Thicker Premium Sign Holders and Poster Holders

Corporate Meeting
Corporate Meeting

Ahhh, the Holidays. On a personal level, it’s the time when many pause to count their blessings and spend quality time with family and friends. Professionally, business owners and managers count on the holidays to either make or break annual profit margins, for better or worse. It’s also time to assess 2014 and make a marketing plan for 2015 that delivers results. That’s where POP Displays in Glass Green and Thicker Premium Material make a difference…and Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) can help provide what you need.

Style D6 Glass Green Sign Holder
Style D6 Glass Green Sign Holder

Thicker Premium Sign Holders are a budget-friendly way to get the word out, whether promoting 2-for-1 Margaritas, a rental car upgrade, or special bank promotion. You can measure the success of individual campaigns and do your own cost-benefit analysis. Thicker Premium Material Sign Holders will help you get that profitable edge at the same low price as inferior competitive models. PPM’s innovation in plastic Sign Holder characteristics makes the crystal clarity and thick .098 gauge premium material the very best quality available, ensuring a strong ROI. Top-loading Display Stands, double-sided Sign Display Holders, and Table Tents in Thicker Premium Material boost customer awareness at the right point: when and where purchasing decisions are made. Seize that opportunity to build per-guest spending and brand recognition for repeat business.

Style F Glass Green Table Tent
Style F Glass Green Table Tent

Want to catch more eyes and stop foot traffic? The allure of Glass Green Sign Holders and Poster Holders captures that magnetism. Glass Green not only adds refined aesthetic appeal in high-end applications, it also presents more strategic options in POP Displays. Go beyond countertops with Glass Green Wall Mount Poster Holders in several vertical and horizontal size configurations. This style loads from the top and side for added convenience, a real plus on busy days.

You can also take promotions to great new heights with Glass Green Poster Displays…literally! Ceiling Mount Poster Displays in Glass Green get noticed from great distances and present a striking image at the same time. With Glass Green Ceiling Mount Poster Displays, sales are truly looking up!

A wide range of sizes helps make Glass Green Wall Certificate Holders a real draw. In addition to a classy, sophisticated look, this particular Glass Green Poster Holder is also versatile and ideal for placement in prominent high-visibility locations. Your message and branding reach directly to customer eyes and deliver incentive to act.

Style W Glass Green Poster Holder
Style W Glass Green Poster Holder

Glass Green Poster Holders and Sign Holders really add to the festive décor this time of year. And Thicker Premium Material gives you a solid POP Display option that enhances retail environments, physicians’ offices, resorts, office centers, and an infinite array of possibilities. Plus, they all serve as attention-getters beyond sales campaigns. Need to identify specific departments within a large corporate facility? Trying to give customers visual guides in a big box store? What about identifiers in trade shows, special events, and fundraisers? Thicker Premium Material and Glass Green Sign Holders and Poster Holders make it happen. They will enhance your final year-end push…and deliver extremely positive results to get 2015 off to a flying start. Take a closer look at and contact a representative if you have any questions or would like to discuss customization options with your order. We can incorporate your logo, graphics, and text and share a few ideas of our own if you’d like!

Thicker Premium Material Sign Holders and POP Displays – Benefits and Advantages

World War 2 Plane Window
World War 2 Acrylic Window

One of the many amazing characteristics of acrylic is versatility, proven time and again from its use in World War Two aircraft to mind-blowing aquariums today. That same versatility is found in the arena of Sign Holders and POP Displays thanks to a new thicker premium material plastic recently unveiled by the pioneers at Plastic Products Manufacturing (PPM). The company’s continuous R&D coupled with a tradition of innovation led to this advancement in Sign Holder attributes while managing to maintain the same low cost as thinner models and flimsy competitors.

Style A
Style A Slant Back Sign Holder

With premium plastic material thickness now checking in at a sturdy .098, PPM continues to separate itself from the crowd with more durable Sign Holders, Poster Holders, and eye-catching POP Displays. There’s no loss in visual acuity with thicker gauge plastic, either…a sacrifice PPM refused to make. That’s why your customers will not miss a single character in your promotions, spotlighted better than ever with PPM’s uncompromising, high standards of crystal clarity.

Now that you’re acquainted with the strength and cost-efficiency, you may be wondering what display holder styles feature PPM thicker premium material and where their practical usage will work best for you. Primarily used in new Sign Holder and Poster Holder styles, strategic location choices for them remain largely the same. On retail floors, vertical display stands close to eye level need to be near the heaviest foot traffic. In the hospitality industry and restaurant/bar establishments, it’s where the foot traffic stops that counts: at the front desk, in the room, or wherever patrons are sitting to eat and drink. Sign Display Holders, slant-back Sign Holders, Table Tents, and POP Display Stands in premium thicker material grab the eye and inspire sales increases. Plus, they can take the knocks that go hand-in-hand with any of these environments.

Style F Table Tent
Table Tent

Trade shows? Here’s another area where thicker material and clear visuals give your operation a distinct advantage. Consider the effects of heavy foot traffic and accumulated strain from constant set-up, tear-down, and transportation…tougher Display Stands, Poster Holders, and Sign Holders can take it. During the event, you likely know how it is when lighting is beyond your control. Top-loading display stands could be your best option, especially with your brand custom-imprinted on a sloped base. Slanted Sign Holders in premium thicker material can also reach toward eye level while cutting through arena lighting. When foot traffic stops at your booth or kiosk, be sure prospects see your promotional material…not an eyeful of glare. With a slight investment in either design – or both – you’ll communicate your message clearly and professionally.

Display Stand
Style C Display Stand

Desktops, countertops, and tabletops are all ideal locations for double-sided Sign Display Holders. It’s where purchasing decisions are made, guest checks are built, and money transacted. As a business owner or manager, POP Displays serve as a type of sales assistant and the success of a particular campaign can be more easily measured. Put your thicker material Display Stands and Sign Holders/Table Tents to the test. You’ve already brought customers through the door: now see just how much of a revenue boost you get from your “silent partners”…premium thick material Sign Holders, Poster Holders, and POP Displays!

Take a closer look at our Sign Display Holders, Sign Holders, and Display Stands in our online catalog and thank you for visiting

Acrylic Display Stands and Menu Holders: Eat with your Eyes and Watch Sales Sizzle

     No doubt you’ve heard this one before: people eat with their eyes before they take their first bite.  Whether you buy the theory or not, it’s hard to argue.  When the stomach is growling or you have a hankering for something really delicious in particular, there’s no denying the craving. 
Acrylic Display Stand
Acrylic Display Stands
     Of course, this concept’s not lost anywhere in the food industry.  Restaurants, grocers, food producers and packagers, distributors, the dramatically increased popularity of TV cooking shows, and the growing reach of “foodie” magazines…all rely heavily on visual presentation as their hook.  Food imagery in still photos and TV is now an advertising art form in and of itself.  The reason?  It all goes back to the eyes.  See it, crave it, buy it, eat it.  Repeat.  
     It’s a simple formula and in the food world, suggestive selling has a way of producing immediate results and success.  But as kitchen competitions get hotter, the right displays can make or break that nightly special.  Capturing a strong customer share and profit-building are directly reflected in the ways your presentations are displayed.
     When taking a seat at a food service establishment – even before the wait staff takes your drink order – the first thing customers notice more often are Tabletop / Counter top Sign Holders, preferably acrylic display stands that place an added spotlight on the restaurant’s highlighted offerings.  Let the suggestive selling begin.  A Straight-Up Vertical Sign Holder display standing on a triangular base showing off steak and lobster on one side and a 2-for-1 Margarita special on the other?  Think that visual appeal won’t send an instant message to a hungry and thirsty group just sitting down?  Crystal clear acuity with enhanced elegance and class adds to customer curiosity…and adds to their orders, too!
Plexiglass Sign Holder
Plexiglass Sign Holders
     The styles and attributes found in a variety of popular displays and menu holders also take on different functions and appearances to best suit the ambience.  Vertical menu holders, for example, are geared for use on bars and tabletops…a sloped base allows for custom imprinting, a nice little added touch.  The ½” to ¾” space between the uprights provides ideal room for reading material.  
     When the joint is jumpin’ with heavy foot traffic and an occasionally misguided elbow, durability is also a factor in well-constructed sign holders and acrylic sign displays.  This just might be the right environment for rough-n-tumble Plexiglass Sign Holders…durable, economical, impact resistant vertical displays that are functional yet elegant.  Plexiglass, like the other sign display styles mentioned here, also load quickly and easily from the top.  When the need arises to “86” an advertised special, even the busiest staff will be able to quickly replace flier displays with newer, fresher replacement slicks in no time flat.   
     So here we’ve been talking about food and drinks…two sure-fire subjects that appeal to just about any living, breathing person…and how to present hot sellers in the food and beverage business arena.  But food service establishments are NOT the only places to benefit from acrylic display stands and sign holders.  Some dynamic new designs geared for office and retail countertops have also earned a niche in the display of two-sided brochures and glossies in the spotlight.  Swivel base display stands invite curious eyes to the glass green frame, which can be manually rotated for viewing from either side while the satin metal base remains stationary.  Swivel stands practically invite human interaction and with this display, printed copy slides in easily from the top or sides.
Acrylic Display Stand Swivel Base
Acrylic Display Stands Swivel Base
     Oval based store displays also lend an element of class, especially on retail countertops.  The oval base can be clear or black, presenting options when determining the best look for your campaign.  Promoting a sparkling piece of jewelry?  The black base could be just the right accent for this store display.
     Countertops, tabletops, showcases…double-sided acrylic display stands, sign holders, menu holders, oval based and retail displays definitely make a difference.  Put them to the test and check the results for yourself.  The chances are great that your popularity will rise and so will your profits!