Amazing Office Name Plate Holders and their many Wonderful Benefits

PNH SSS Desk Setup Green BIt might not be the first item on your list of workplace accessories or interior office décor items. Yet, the traditional Name Plate Holder delivers a uniquely vital function that nothing else can. In fact, Office Nameplates are also taking on a new look to keep pace with today’s changing work environment…and the benefits are many!

Why is the Office Nameplate Holder so important? For one thing, it serves as the standout spotlight for personnel identification. Each Name Plate is the one personal identifier that gives employees a sense of identity. It might seem like a small token, but the Name Plate also gives the individual a sense of belonging within a larger family.

In a busy office, the Name Plate Holder as a People Spotter also helps with office navigation, especially in sectors frequented by unfamiliar foot traffic. To the uninitiated, a maze of cubicles can be daunting. Using dynamic Cubicle Name Plate Holders adds clear, distinctive visibility and diminishes bewildered confusion.8e95b9a5dc132ce158e819b26d4b3f34

Beyond the individual workstation, Office Name Plate Holders add aesthetic appeal and organization to a company’s overall appearance. Plain and simple, neatness makes an impression on visitors. Name Plate Holder People Spotters not only define individual workstations, they create a more uniformly designed office in general.

One more benefit of Name Plate Holders? Longevity. Tough, premium thickness acrylic is a fine investment because it virtually lasts forever, standing up to re-use and relocation. This is a key factor when personnel changes, transfers, and gets promoted.

As for those eye-catching new looks? Colored Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders are a prime example. Bold color options are taking that traditional look to brighter new levels in silver, black, bronze, and white.  Select orders also come with free card stock for do-it-yourself inserts to match easy installation of the Name Plate Holder itself – no tools required!

In addition to cubicle styles, Desktop and Wall-Mount Name Plate Holders are also hitting high marks in today’s modern office. Click a few pix and see for yourself!



Name Plate Displays and Office Accessories: a Modern Re-set in Traditional Office Environments

Purple Desk SettingIt’s a new day in modern office design as businesses figure out the formula for balancing worker productivity and comfort in a traditional setting. The basic tools haven’t changed – people still need desks, chairs, and organizational accessories. And don’t forget the Name Plate Holders! All are just as essential in 2019 as they were decades ago.

New challenges today crop up in multiple ways. Ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and   desks adjustable to different heights make it easier for office workers to do their jobs with less strain on the body. One office supply company also pointed to the greater number of those in the workforce with disabilities. Designing workspaces with easily reachable sockets and incorporating color-coded keyboards for those having trouble seeing certain keys are just two ways offices have changed.

This kind of “Assistive Technology” makes work environments more inclusive for talented individuals whose contributions might have been missed otherwise. A provision in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 even addresses the requirement for telecommunications upgrades, for example, to include those with hearing or speech impairments.

Orange Desk Setting NPBR
Desktop Name Plate Holder


Beyond function, modern offices are also becoming more adaptable without sacrificing style. This is where upgrades to the traditional office look take on unique appeal. Just look at the Name Plate.

Originally, Desktop Name Plate Holders were largely uniform wood or metal. Today’s Office Name Plates still share the most popular standard size (2” high x 8” wide) but depart vastly in other ways. Bordered Desk Nameplate Holders are now available in Silver or Black. New pattern selections also lend a more textured appearance over the old standard.

Wall Mount Nameplate Holders in clear acrylic also take identification from desktops to eye level, including models with stainless steel standoffs for added appeal. Easy-to-install Office Name Plate Holders also mount to doors and cubicles. Some even come with free card stock for DIY custom printing.

If your office environment is due for an upgrade, be sure to account for everyone. As for those working with disabilities, recently departed President George H. W. Bush said it best upon enactment of the ADA: “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.”


Name Plate Holders for 2019 Weddings and National Wedding Month

ballrooms-1-1024x682In case you didn’t know, February is National Wedding Month! And for good reason. February’s not only the month for Valentines, it’s also the most popular month of the year for wedding planners. Of course, the majority of ceremonies occur in June, August, and September, but now is when the question gets popped and the planning commences.

According to The Knot some creative new trends are capturing attention in 2019…like colorful smoke bomb exits and out-of-the-box venues, where ranches and greenhouses are replacing more traditional settings.

Slant Back Name Plate Holder


Another key trend The Knot emphasizes is Fun, more specifically: Fantasy Fun! Where guests are served by impersonators and entertainers like Elvis, Magicians, and Palm Readers. Perfect for wedding photo-ops!

Here’s another way to personalize weddings even further. Start with name plates for guests, a great way to keep those all-important table assignment placements well-coordinated! Clear Acrylic Table Tents (Style NPF) and Slant Back Name Plate Holders stand firmly in place; Style NPS Series Name Plate Holders lend a classy, distinguished look to place settings. The latter two are available with colored borders in wedding silver/white.

Another detail that sets acrylic apart for 2019 weddings? Silk-screening and custom imprinting for the bride and groom’s special day…and that doesn’t just apply to Name Plate Holders. Acrylic Boxes for wedding cards are increasingly popular and eye-catching. Adding personal flair with custom imprinted text and colors helps create a certain allure in keeping with the wedding theme. Check out dimensions in Style PBS Donation/Suggestion Boxes. $_35

If you’re involved with pending wedding plans either professionally or personally, you know how important every visual detail needs to be. Now that it’s Nuptial Season and National Wedding Month, we hope these ideas have helped inspire you!

Name Plate Holders for the Citizens of BuzziVille


Photo Courtesy of

It was 1966 when the Grinch first aired on TV, showing the world of Whos in Whoville beating their Trum-tookas, dancing with Jing-tinglers, and blowing their Floo-floobers. Now another “Ville” is celebrating in a fashion that’s making quite a splash! Welcome to BuzziVille.

BuzziVille is a unique village…one that’s well-suited to cutting edge offices. A “flexible and modular freestanding system,” BuzziVille serves as a more personal, freely developed kind of community within the office. It’s easy to rearrange and serves as both public and private space…a movable urban workspace that even includes informal meeting rooms.

Functional and fun, BuzziVille is part of the BuzziSpace brand…a group of products geared to improve worker well-being through “human centric design.” Buzzi acoustics, lighting, and furnishings for modern workplaces are gaining serious attention. BuzziWrap Desks, BuzziProp LEDs, BuzziBlinds, the BuzziHub – you get the idea – all innovatively designed with broad appeal for forward-thinking office managers.

PNH SSS (On Location)(1)
Cubicle Nameplate Holder


The perfect match for cutting edge office décor of the future? The finest name tags in BuzziVille deserve a modern look in Name Plate Holders. New Cubicle Name Plate Holders with colored border options in silver and black especially make a nice accent. These exclusive displays complement today’s upgraded professional look, in BuzziVille and beyond.

Name, title, and department ID inserts also get a pronounced designation in Desk Name Plate Holder displays. There’s nothing like acrylic to complement the overall eye appeal taking root in business centers and campuses.

And that brings us back to BuzziSpace and BuzziVille. A recent expo called Orgatec 2018 showcased products like BuzziBracks, another flexible new modular system in work spaces, and the BuzziHat, an attractive sound absorber that blends well in office surroundings. Pretty cool, right?

Acrylic Name Plate Holders and the Story of the Cocoon Cubicle

brody1One of the most pressing issues facing office workers in a cubicle environment? Curbed productivity associated with open floor spaces and their inherent noise, interruptions, and commotion.

Enter the safety and serenity of the Cocoon Cubicle, a new design called “Brody” that was developed by furniture company Steelcase and featured in a recent blog at According to Steelcase Director of Product Design Mark McKenna, these new “space cocoons” give workers a quiet, comfortable place to concentrate on the task at hand.

McKenna determined that office workers get distracted every 11 minutes, often taking another “23 minutes to get back on task. Add those two things up, and most people never get into the flow.” Brody was designed to help eliminate those distractions with privacy screens on three sides, a footrest, armrest, and adjustable tilt work surface…all based on the “idea of flow” and creating longer periods of concentrated, productive time.

PNHG2 (On Location).jpg
PNHG2 Double-Sided Glass Partition Name Plate Holder


Now let’s take the concept a step further because a modern approach with Cocoon Cubicles deserves a dynamic name plate holder to match. NPW Flush Mount Name Plate Holders fit the bill nicely. These clear Acrylic Name Plates attach easily to cubicles – cocoon and otherwise – as well as doors, walls, and desks. Orders with Plastic Products Mfg include double-sided “magic tape” that doesn’t yellow or leave unsightly residue.

Aside from cocoons, glass partitions can also be enhanced. If your cubicle/floor layout is already fairly set with glass wall dividers and partitions, PNHG Cubicle Name Plate Holders help capture a modern office look in a more traditional setting.

If you’re considering a Brody-like Cocoon Cubicle approach OR need something to fit glass wall partitions, explore the visual appeal that goes with Flush Mount Name Plate Holders and Cubicle Name Plate Holders. Both deliver style and a crystal-clear view!



Colored-Border Name Plate Holders – the Vibrant Look for Fall and Beyond!

Park-Place-Motors-Mercedes-Benz-Fort-Worth-Texas_5763223522_oFeeling inspired by the colors of Autumn and the fall season ahead? Capture that colorful inspiration indoors with a serious upgrade in truly eye-catching new Name Plate Holders! Elevate the look to a dynamic, professional new level that also complements your décor.

Plastic Products Mfg recently released some incredibly unique new Name Plate Holders with colored border options.  Now those alternatives are even better with two distinctive standout additions in choices of black and silver, not to mention a variety of insert patterns!

Style NPA and Style NPBR both deliver the bold new look with entirely different approaches.  The Style NPA Colored-Border Name Plate Holder features a slant-back look with polished front edges in premium thickness acrylic. Card stock inserts slide in easily from either side’s 1/16” opening.  Add the black and silver choices and you have a sleek look in a perfect frame.

Style NPBR Namelate Holder


With Style NPBR Acrylic Nameplate Holders, you have a clear choice with a wider flat base and vertical standing display.  Constructed of premium .092 acrylic thickness, Style NPBR is designed for stability AND user-friendliness…sliding inserts from either side is fast and easy.

Which style works best for your application might depend on something as simple as the height of the platform beneath it.  Want the face plate angled up or straight ahead?  No matter which you choose, these dynamic new colors make Name Plate Holders pop!

Better yet, you can customize both inserts AND border color how you want with minimum orders on Style NPA and Style NPBR. Mix and match and choose a font…with custom inserts and new Colored-Border Name Plate Holders, you get office appeal that goes year-round.

Hanging Out with Cubicle Name Plate Hangers and Business Card Holders for National Hanging Out Day

National Hanging Out DaySometimes, there’s nothing better than hanging out with friends and family, and you might think that’s what National Hanging Out Day is about April 19th. While it could still be a good day for a get-together, National Hanging Out Day actually has an entirely different meaning.

Every year on April 19, Project Laundry List works with hundreds of organizations to set aside the day for community encouragement with clothesline laundry drying! According to Project Laundry List, six to ten percent of residential energy consumption comes directly from the dryer. Hence, National Hanging Out Day is dedicated to the financial and environmental benefits of hanging the laundry out to dry!

Cubicle Name Plate Hanger


Anyone can celebrate/participate- weather permitting, of course. New Hampshire-based Project Laundry List encourages everyone to hang out clothes to dry and share pictures at #NationalHangingOutDay. Or maybe it’s already in your plans… after all, National Hanging Out Day’s been an annual event since 1995!

We have our own kind of celebration idea…indoors. Innovative new designs in Hanging Cubicle Name Plate Hangers and Business Card Holders are just in time for the event.

Style PNHH Acrylic Cubicle Name Plate Hangers are a prime example…a multi-functional display option for all types of office and directional signage in addition to name and title inserts. They hang easily on divider walls, showing your message in clear premium thickness acrylic.

Style CMB10 Hanging Cubicle Business Card Holders are also worth checking out. This beauty has room for TEN SETS of business cards in one sharp looking display that hangs nicely from partition walls, getting attention and inviting interaction.

Cubicle Business Card Holder


If you feel so inclined, hang your laundry April 19th for National Hanging Out Day. If you want to make a professional statement in cubicle presentations, hanging acrylic is the way to go, any day of the year. Explore the clear advantages and be sure to measure wall width for an easy fit so your celebration doesn’t get ruined!