Wall-Mount and Cubicle Brochure Holders…and Ways to Achieve a Clean, Organized Office!

Some find it an exercise in futility. Others are fussy to the point of obsession…and still never satisfied. And then there’s the eternal question: just how important is a clean, organized office? Can a tidy look somehow make you seem less productive or not very busy? Isn’t a messy office supposed to symbolize genius-at-work? Einstein himself is quoted as saying that “if a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” And just look at Steve Jobs’ office…

Accumulated clutter can easily turn to chaos, though, and office spring cleaning season is under way. Researchers at Michigan State University dug even deeper, claiming that cleaner, more organized work spaces lead to higher productivity and more accurate performance.

Health and basic cleanliness were also crucial findings of the study. Germs, dirt, and poor indoor air quality add up to sicker employees and higher absenteeism. According to the CDC, businesses lose 111 million workdays a year due to the flu alone! Clutter contributes to that.

Even with more work environments’ becoming less reliant on paper, proper document storage, retention, and display are still listed as high organizational priorities for efficient operations. Meeting that demand at eye level atop cubicle partitions and mounted on the wall? Enter Cubicle Brochure Holders and Wall-Mount Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders.

CBH on Cubicle
Cubicle Brochure Holder


Word-of-mouth advertising and the trusty printed brochure are still credited for valuable contributions to sales revenue and brand awareness. Showcasing literature displays in easy-to-install Wall-Mount Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders delivers that spotlight clearly.

Partition/cubicle walls also become prime display opportunities and organizing tools, thanks to clear premium thickness acrylic. Cubicle Brochure Holders are designed to fit barrier width, reaching eye level comfortably – ideal for literature displays, promotions, and important documents.

One more office design idea “that promotes creativity and collaboration,” courtesy of the Property Brothers? Add a whiteboard! Think of it as an extension of brainstorming space!


Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, Display Options and the National Stationery Show

national stationery show 2019It’s anticipated that some 10,000 trade professionals from around the world will converge on the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC February 3rd through 6th for 2019’s National Stationery Show. More than 400 companies will be exhibiting, ranging from card and gift shops, party stores, and big box retailers to importers and special event planners.

If you’re not familiar with it, you might be surprised to know that the NSS is actually 73 years old. Coined as “the place for all things paper,” NSS spotlights the visual from industries that create greeting cards, custom invitations, and “lifestyle gifts.” Thousands of new products will be displayed from “the launching pad for 100+ emerging, trend-leading businesses…a true discovery zone!”

PNHL T4 (On Location)2
4-Slot Cubicle Name Plate Holder


In the spirit of competition, creativity at NSS can also be rewarding. The 3rd Annual “Design Our Valentines” contest could not be timed better. The highest honor however is the Best New Product display in multiple categories…like All Things Wedding (Invitation Suites, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Gifts, Favors, etc.), Cause-Related products, All Things Paper, and Life/Style (candles, soaps, pillows). These are just a few.

As the year’s largest industry show, NSS calls itself “The Home for New Stationery Trends.” It’s the time and place for those “emerging designers” to show their flair alongside familiar, well-known brands. And when it comes to print displays, we’re setting a few new trends for 2019 ourselves.

Acrylic Name Plate Holder


Clear Acrylic Brochure Holders from Glass Green to the Elite Series provide a classy complement to superb print products. Crystal Clear Sign Holders increase visibility, making a fine vehicle for retail promotions including the specific niche businesses NSS attracts.

Even name plate displays are getting a bold new look in print, beyond the ubiquitous black-and-white. In keeping with NSS creative inspiration, Name Plate Holders with pattern alternatives, colored borders, and free card stock options are the cutting edge of a new trend on a traditional display.

Give it some thought…standing out with customer appeal takes more ingenuity than ever now and the “same old” approach can leave eyes glazed instead of engaged!


Plastec West 2019 and a New World in Plastics

feb.All eyes will be on the Anaheim Convention Center February 5-7 for this year’s Plastec West, billed as the nation’s largest advanced design and manufacturing showcase. Engineers, executives, and manufacturing experts will all be on the Expo showroom floor, exploring opportunities with plastics suppliers and new wrinkles in areas like injection molding and automation.

Besides coatings and rapid prototyping, the Plastec Expo will be a showcase for new innovations and technology…like tours, demos, and activities focused on 3D printing. Speakers will discuss 3D printing in applications ranging from medical device applications – vaccine delivery vehicles, surgical implants, and stents.

Last year, representatives from 3M, Apple, Disney, and Honeywell were all in attendance. This year, more than 1,900 suppliers will be showcasing the latest solutions in injection molding, automation, molds & dies, materials, product design and more! Free presentations and interactive exhibits will provide an up-close-and-personal look at tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies.

What’s trending upward in 2019 for Plastec West visitors? Many are looking for smarter manufacturing strategies and techniques for faster development cycles at lower cost. A Smart Manufacturing Innovation Summit features sessions on collaborative robots, AI, sensing technologies, and related topics. A new 3D Printing Innovation Summit opens up ideas in bioprinting (just to name one example) and how 3D printing is “shaping the future of manufacturing.”

PNHL T4 (On Location)2


In our niche, premium acrylic is our specialty in Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and new Cubicle Name Plate Holders. At Plastec West, numerous other specialties could very well be game-changers in surgical robotics…and the next generation in wearable sensor technologies that track the body’s physiological state with real-time feedback for timely intervention. Today’s popular commercial versions just monitor physical activity and vital signs…not “molecular-level information related to the body’s dynamic chemistry.”

To round the event out, Universal Robots will be introducing their collabortive robots that have six points of articulation and mimic the motions of a human arm. Tasks such as decal application, bolt-tightening, even welding, have never been easier! For the manufacturing professional, this is a must-attend event of 2019.

Acrylic Sign & Brochure Holders in the Transforming Retail Sector for 2019

cq5dam.web.1200.630Brisk holiday sales and consumer spending in general have retailers feeling rosily optimistic for 2019. While uncertainty and caution keep expectations at least mildly tempered, spending indicators are undeniably high. One bellwether is the travel industry, where bookings for vacations are already up and even summer camping spaces at parks are being reserved rapidly, despite being shut down by the government as of this writing.

Early winter spending on travel may indicate economic strength but retailers still have to contend with a familiar nemesis: online shopping. Will 2019 be a breakthrough or bust for the retail industry?

TotalRetail observed a transformation in the retail sector worth noting. While 80% of purchases are initiated online, “64% of major retail purchases are still made in-store.” According to their research, store values are growing significantly – especially those with the foresight to become more “experiential arenas.”

This more hands-on approach offers something online shopping can’t: a tangible, visual product. American Girl doll stores are described as being “like walking into a storybook world.” In Shanghai, a shoe store added an indoor track so customers can run and capture real-time data before deciding. Furniture stores are using “augmented reality” to match consumers’ real-life living rooms with the just right furniture…an “inside/outside” approach.

Vinyl Sign Holder (Style C)
Bottom-Loading Sign Holder

The point is to stay relevant and strengthen the bond between brand and customer first-hand impressions. Also an essential part of the physical in-store experience? Presentation and display. This is where the need for clear acrylic is also critical. Acrylic Sign Holders and Brochure Holders lend vitality to that in-store connection, giving retailers an added edge with the latest product/promotional displays and their visual appeal.

That concept isn’t lost on the travel industry, either. Travel Daily News, citing a Bentley University Center for Marketing Technology Center study across 17 cities in North America and Western Europe, found that 79% of visitors picked up a brochure during their travels. “The decline of print advertising predicted by marketers was over hyped,” according to CMT Director Ian Cross, adding that “even in this digital age, people still value tangible ‘in-the-moment’ printed materials like brochures.”

We know where you can find the perfect Brochure Holders to match.

Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and CES 2019 in Las Vegas

Are you going to the big CES event in Las Vegas, January 9th through 12th? This showcase for technology and consumer electronics promises to be a huge draw, and if you plan to be an exhibitor, be sure to take the best signage to draw attention, stop foot traffic, and inspire interest in your greatest new breakthroughs!

CES bills itself as “the world’s gathering place…the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.” Virtual reality and augmented reality devices will be among the many features, showing new possibilities for healthcare professionals, sports technologists, architects, and brand marketers.

Getting your products noticed for this prime opportunity is key. Get your share of attention with a standout exhibit and display booth, featuring Sign Holders and Brochure Holders as spotlights for your literature.

pb1406cs3 l-white_high res
Nine Pocket Brochure Holder


If CES truly is “the ultimate platform for technology leaders to connect,” you’ll want to grab every opportunity to connect with potential decision-makers, face to face. Give them something to take away…something tangible from your Brochure Holder.

What draws curious eyes to your display products and literature in the first place might very well be your Sign Holders.  A new Swivel Base Sign Holder gives your promotion mobility.  The Executive Series delivers a polished, professional look that slants back to reach eye level comfortably.

Press and industry analysts from an estimated 150+ countries will be in Las Vegas for CES. Here’s where you can get an advantage. “CES Unveiled” takes place Sunday, January 7…a huge media event BEFORE the show. It could be your chance to get ahead and develop worldwide connections, whether you’re a start-up or well-established name already.

On the show floor or at “CES Unveiled,” your tabletop display says a lot about your operation. Just be sure they get a good look with clear Acrylic Sign Holders and Brochure Holders!



Converting Brick-and-Mortar Retail into Customer Fulfillment Hubs

hand of young woman with multi-coloured bagsWhile some brick-and-mortar retail stores scramble to keep pace with online commerce, others are finding a new niche in the supply chain…and customers are taking notice. Satisfying immediate demand with a new wave of product delivery options, traditional retail outlets are discovering new revenue sources through conversion to omnichannel fulfillment centers.

By serving as a fulfillment hub, retailers are filling a critical link in the customer shopping experience. While giants like Amazon have changed the shopping and ordering experience, that immediate purchase gratification for customers can disappear quickly with poor/slow delivery. Enter the retailer for “final mile” delivery.

According to a recent Total Retail article, increased demand for BOSS (“buy online, ship from store”) is something retailers face in an area where they’re traditionally prone: the downstream delivery network from store to consumer (upstream logistics going from supplier to distribution center to stores).

To tackle the challenge, retailers are developing new relationships with smaller but tenacious third-party delivery networks like Instacart, Lyft, and Uber. Operators also realize, according to the article, that consumers don’t mind pick-up of online orders if they have already arranged and paid for products and can save on delivery. Facilitating that process quickly enough for instant customer satisfaction may test inventory management skills but a well-trained staff that can integrate the digital approach, smooth out initial pratfalls, and engage customers with orders almost as fast as ordering a pizza, bodes well for repeat business.cubicle setting PNHLT4R

Total Retail also points out that “new technologies like heat mapping, embedded sensors, digital store tags and connected assets allow customers, associates, and store managers to interact with each other based on geographic location and inventory availability.” Using these tools helps retailers co-exist with customer-controlled fulfillment…and with the e-commerce market.

Physical brick-and-mortar establishments also deliver a customer’s need to see a tangible product in-store – 75% of customers, according to Alliance Data. And that ties into something else up-close-and-personal: how signage is displayed once they arrive. Essential for new customer fulfillment hubs? Brochure Holders for informational pamphlets…Sign Holders for cross-promotions and policy statements…and Name Plate Holders for department/staff ID and directional signage. Nothing fits this modern landscape better than acrylic!

Top Trade Shows for July 2018

TOP TRADE SHOWSJuly is right at the top of peak trade show season and some of the biggest are taking place from San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas to Chicago, Miami, and overseas. Cigar aficionados converge on Vegas for The International Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association’s premier event of the year. “Swim Show” in Miami seems the perfect place for a worldwide exhibition in swim wear and lingerie. And the IFT Food Expo in Chicago is termed “the single most important event for professionals involved in food science and technology.”

One of the most renowned conventions by any standard also takes place in July: Comic Con in San Diego. Comic Con started in 1970 as an inspiration of comic, movie, and science fiction fans. Its popularity has exploded with attendees and celebrities on hand, many dressed for the experience as their favorite characters.Comic-Con-2017-Saturday-Schedule

Comic Con has become part of the social culture lexicon, popularized even further in TV and movies from The Big Bang Theory to Ted 2. According to the official Comic Con website, attendance has topped 130,000 in recent years, getting so big that it has even spawned mini one-day events across the country.

Do you have a trade show or convention in your immediate future? If you plan to run a booth, be sure to grab attention and add to the allure with the latest in Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and literature displays. Draw passing eyes and foot traffic to your promotions with the professional Executive Series. Swivel Base Sign Holders also deliver maximum visibility and appeal.

If you really want to know what time it is, check out the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, the “World’s Preeminent Timepiece Event.” Albena, Bulgaria is your destination for geo-science research at the International Multidisciplinary Scientific Geo-Conference and Expo. As for AMTEX, the Asian Machine Tool Exhibition? Sorry, you just missed it in New Delhi, India. Maybe next year!