Deck the Halls with Office Name Plate Holders!

Deck the Halls with Office Name Plate Holders!Are you ready for the holidays, both at home and in your work environment?  What’s in your office this season?  Photos, decorations, a splash of color?  While you’re in the spirit, consider capturing NEW colors in your office décor that will accentuate your holidays and look great even after the Christmas decorations come down.  Deck the Halls with Office Name Plate Holders!

The latest in Cubicle Nameplate Holders gives your office space a professional look that’s also incredibly attractive.  Polished edges in premium thickness .092 acrylic gives passersby an attention grabbing, aesthetically appealing, and modern. Cubicle Name Plates make a great fit in a professional atmosphere, giving your floor layout a new look and attitude for 2019.  Clear acrylic catches the eye and border colors keep them focused on your message.  There are multiple possibilities for usage, from name, title, and department inserts to directional signage.  Be seen in a whole new light!NPBR (On Location)

No matter what they say, inserts slide in easily…and Cubicle Nameplate Holders themselves are also easy to install.  Just be careful measuring partition width from the THICKEST POINTS so your Name Plates are unobstructed.

Holidays have you in a creative mode?  If you prefer designing your own name and title inserts on laser or ink jet printers, the perfect perforated card stock for the job is included FREE with standard sizes.  Let your design inspiration flow with unique fonts and graphics.

If you want to take that creativity in branding and customization to the next level, consider silk-screening and custom imprinting on your Desk or Cubicle Name Plate Holder.  Options are available with select quantity orders. Tis’ the Season!


Office Supplies and Giving Thanks for 6 this Thanksgiving

Office Supplies and Giving Thanks for 6 this Thanksgiving2018 has been quite a year. Doesn’t it seem like more than 9-1/2 months ago since the Eagles won the Super Bowl? A crazy year like this one gives us more reasons to pause and be grateful for all we have this Thanksgiving.

A collection of younger adult voices put their list together on a platform called Odyssey. Simple yet heartfelt and more meaningful than ever, their Top 6 went this way:

  1. Family…and appreciating those who surround you.
  2. Friends…always there for you, even when family is not.
  3. Opportunity to go to College…again, younger adults.
  4. Good Health…irreplaceable.
  5. A Home…never to be taken for granted.
  6. Food to Eat…for many, this is a luxury.

Around the office and in business applications, there are other things to be thankful for.

  1. Clear Sign Holders…especially valuable for busy holiday sales. Like pilgrims finding their way across the ocean, durable Acrylic Sign Holders point shoppers to spotlight specials.
  2. Poster Holders…for increased visibility in .100 premium thickness acrylic. Slanted back from countertop displays or wall-mounted with neodymium magnets, literature always gets noticed.
  3. Cubicle Sign Holders…now available in new designs, including a first with colored borders. Special events, promotions, and sales announcements really stand out!
  4. Name Plate Holders…for wall, desk, and cubicle displays. Several new options are available that were not last year, including border color alternatives and many with FREE perforated card stock included!
  5. Magnetic Sign Holders/Picture Frames…always in demand for the Holidays, now accentuated magnetically!
  6. Donation Boxes…maybe the most important on the list. The Holidays are when the giving spirit of generous people really shines. Acrylic Donation Boxes and Mini Donation Boxes always fill this time of year from charities to animal shelters bustling through the Season.

We hope we’ve given you something to consider for Thanksgiving. And don’t forget those who work to serve Thanksgiving Day, like emergency medical personnel, fire, police, and first responders, and certainly those in the military, always on guard.

Acrylic Name Plate Holders and the Story of the Cocoon Cubicle

brody1One of the most pressing issues facing office workers in a cubicle environment? Curbed productivity associated with open floor spaces and their inherent noise, interruptions, and commotion.

Enter the safety and serenity of the Cocoon Cubicle, a new design called “Brody” that was developed by furniture company Steelcase and featured in a recent blog at According to Steelcase Director of Product Design Mark McKenna, these new “space cocoons” give workers a quiet, comfortable place to concentrate on the task at hand.

McKenna determined that office workers get distracted every 11 minutes, often taking another “23 minutes to get back on task. Add those two things up, and most people never get into the flow.” Brody was designed to help eliminate those distractions with privacy screens on three sides, a footrest, armrest, and adjustable tilt work surface…all based on the “idea of flow” and creating longer periods of concentrated, productive time.

PNHG2 (On Location).jpg
PNHG2 Double-Sided Glass Partition Name Plate Holder


Now let’s take the concept a step further because a modern approach with Cocoon Cubicles deserves a dynamic name plate holder to match. NPW Flush Mount Name Plate Holders fit the bill nicely. These clear Acrylic Name Plates attach easily to cubicles – cocoon and otherwise – as well as doors, walls, and desks. Orders with Plastic Products Mfg include double-sided “magic tape” that doesn’t yellow or leave unsightly residue.

Aside from cocoons, glass partitions can also be enhanced. If your cubicle/floor layout is already fairly set with glass wall dividers and partitions, PNHG Cubicle Name Plate Holders help capture a modern office look in a more traditional setting.

If you’re considering a Brody-like Cocoon Cubicle approach OR need something to fit glass wall partitions, explore the visual appeal that goes with Flush Mount Name Plate Holders and Cubicle Name Plate Holders. Both deliver style and a crystal-clear view!



Cubicles, Name Plate Holders, and a more Collaborative Office Atmosphere

Untitled designDo you believe that an open floor plan in the office encourages a more collaborative team effort? Tech companies in particular are known for open-plan concepts, largely based on the premise that brilliant young minds will interact and spark even greater ideas.

But a recent Harvard study indicates quite the opposite! According to the research, interaction in wide open spaces actually makes many diligent workers self-conscious and unwilling to disrupt the work flow of others.

That research revolved around two Fortune 500 companies making the switch to open-plan offices. Interactions of 150 employees were measured before and after using a “sociometric badge,” a device that recorded wearer movements, locations, and conversations with colleagues via infrared and sound sensors.

The results? Over 15 days prior to the office redesign, participants averaged about 5.8 hours of face-to-face interaction a day. After switching to an open layout, the same participants’ interaction dropped to only 1.7 hours.

One could argue that maybe TOO MUCH time is spent interacting…i.e., messing around and gossiping. But those numbers are still significant, even if every second is not spent brainstorming. At least the opportunity is there.

If you’re considering ways to make your office more conducive to collaborative thought and creative ideas, one approach to be drawn from this Harvard study indicates a need for the semi-privacy cubicles deliver. An essential requirement for every cubicle is the Name Plate Holder that distinguishes each one.

PNH085025020 SSS-Insert1
Cubicle Name Plate Holder with Silver Border


Distinguished and dynamic with a modern flair is exactly what you get with new style Cubicle Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders. In a collaborative work environment with cubicles and pods in the floor layout, these Name Plate Holders help lend individual professional distinction in an eye-catching display.

Take a closer look at your Nameplate options with free heavy gauge perforated card stock included with select orders…a great way to customize inserts quickly!



Matching Name Plate Holders with Office Decor Essentials

170930 NPH GREYSummer conjures thoughts of vacation and outdoor fun as well as occasional DIY, landscaping, and home improvement projects. In the work place, that spirit of renovation is also popular this time of year, and for some offices, now’s the time to upgrade that interior look.

On the wilder side for summer, is offering office items like “Timeless Clocks in Retro Red,” “Classic Procrastinator Pen Sets,” and Unicorn Tape Dispensers. Even Highlighters shaped like T-Rex and Bluetooth Speakers disguised as Rubik’s Cubes are featured.

For those who want a bold office appearance with a more conventional approach, there are several options to match décor in distinctive, uniform ways, helping make details pop – including Name Plate Holders. New styles in colored borders are gaining a lot of notice and popular reviews in that regard!

Black and silver borders are especially hot now. We’ve found NPAA Desktop Name Plate Holders in Silver or Black borders in high demand for desk and countertop placement. NPWW delivers tremendous appeal at eye-level in a wall-mounted version.

SBT085025ST w Insert(2)
Acrylic Desktop Name Plate


Another “mix-n-match” opportunity not to be missed in Colored-Border Name Plate Holders? The cubicle. Partition walls also make an excellent showcase for matching décor with PNH SSS (Silver) and PNH SSB (Black) Cubicle Name Plates. They are super easy to securely lock in place, too.

Desktops, walls, AND cubicles all make ideal presentation areas and the combination of colored borders with premium thickness acrylic complements a modern look in fine detail.

Once your floor layout is complete, where can you find the coolest items to personalize office space? Check out Etsy for photos, prints, magnets, and themed decorations for desks – from Hawaiian to Hemingway.

Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders, Number One in Combination Suite Identification!

Multi Tier Red InsertsDid you know that the multi-use Swiss Army Knife has been around since 1890? It was originally purchased by the Swiss Army for soldiers to use both in opening canned food and disassembling rifles. The Modell 1890 had a blade, reamer, can opener, screwdriver, and grips made out of dark oak. Today, the Swiss Army Knife still epitomizes multi-functionality and superior craftsmanship.

That same principle and quality can also apply to inner-office name plate holders. New Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders showcase up to five name plates and distinctive insert options, with patterns to add even more flair. And like the Swiss Army Knife, it all comes in one solid unit…or in this case, display.

Built to last in premium thickness acrylic, the new Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holder delivers maximum visual acuity in a choice of two, three, four, or five insert slots. Customizing the look with patterns and font choices really locks focus from even the busiest foot traffic.

Easy to hang on cubicle and partition walls, consider the possibilities for usage in your floor layout. Name/Title templates are a given. But in addition to name, title, and/or department identification, you can also use this name plate holder display simultaneously for directions, like This Way, A-M & N-Z, Enter, and Exit. Multiple signage display functions all in one sturdy acrylic unit – perfect for Combination Suite Identification!

By the way, Swiss Army Knives are not available for customization (according to Wikipedia). But they have produced many different tool combinations over the years to suit more users. That includes hoof cleaners, fish scalers, magnifying lenses, and USB sticks!

New Look Name Plate Holders for National Cubicle Day!

New Look Name Plate Holders for National Cubicle DayApril 28th marks one of our favorite holidays in the acrylic world. It’s National Cubicle Day and this year’s celebration should be the best yet with some bold new looks now available in dynamic, upscale Cubicle Name Plate Holders.

But first a little history. Did you know that cubicles were first introduced in 1967 to subdivide office space and afford workers more privacy? Robert Propst was the designer of these modular systems that were created for easy reconfiguration. While not known for exemplifying individuality, cubicle options today have grown to accommodate worker “pods” for groups.

Cubicle Sign Holder


For those who still feel confined in a small compartment, Cubicle Day represents an opportunity to stand out and customize cubes to reflect each worker’s individuality.

That’s where new styles in Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holders, Sign Holders, and Sign Frames enter the picture.

New options in acrylic like the Multi-Tiered PNHL and distinguished pattern choices for inserts are taking ordinary cubicles to levels anything but run-of-the-mill. Plus, they are no longer just showcases for “John Doe, Marketing VP.” Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders, for example, offer ideal Combination Suite identification capabilities. You can make a statement in personal staff identification and show directional signage for passing foot traffic.

PNHL085025020T2-w Insert
Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holder


How about a double-sided view that stands above the cubicle? The PNHT2 Cubicle Name Plate Holder fits snugly over cubicle/partition walls with the clear acrylic Name Plate sitting atop, offering a view from both sides of the wall.

Another innovative design making professional cubicles far from blasé? CSHL Cubicle Sign Holders and Sign Frames provide larger literature presentation alternatives for events, promotions, announcements, calendars, and emergency info.

Check out new patterns you can mix-n-match along with font choices that stand out…a unique way to make every day a happy National Cubicle Day!