Deck the Halls with Office Name Plate Holders!

Deck the Halls with Office Name Plate Holders!Are you ready for the holidays, both at home and in your work environment?  What’s in your office this season?  Photos, decorations, a splash of color?  While you’re in the spirit, consider capturing NEW colors in your office décor that will accentuate your holidays and look great even after the Christmas decorations come down.  Deck the Halls with Office Name Plate Holders!

The latest in Cubicle Nameplate Holders gives your office space a professional look that’s also incredibly attractive.  Polished edges in premium thickness .092 acrylic gives passersby an attention grabbing, aesthetically appealing, and modern. Cubicle Name Plates make a great fit in a professional atmosphere, giving your floor layout a new look and attitude for 2019.  Clear acrylic catches the eye and border colors keep them focused on your message.  There are multiple possibilities for usage, from name, title, and department inserts to directional signage.  Be seen in a whole new light!NPBR (On Location)

No matter what they say, inserts slide in easily…and Cubicle Nameplate Holders themselves are also easy to install.  Just be careful measuring partition width from the THICKEST POINTS so your Name Plates are unobstructed.

Holidays have you in a creative mode?  If you prefer designing your own name and title inserts on laser or ink jet printers, the perfect perforated card stock for the job is included FREE with standard sizes.  Let your design inspiration flow with unique fonts and graphics.

If you want to take that creativity in branding and customization to the next level, consider silk-screening and custom imprinting on your Desk or Cubicle Name Plate Holder.  Options are available with select quantity orders. Tis’ the Season!


Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders – Meet the Executive Series!

photo_corporate-executive-board-meeting-evaluationPlastic Products Mfg unveiled multiple Name Plate Holder styles over the last few months, great-looking designs that also feature incredible durability, affordability, and ease-of-use.  The next generation is now here: Executive Series Style PNH3 Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders!600px_PNH3085025020_Insert

This new launch is exceptionally unique, a modern presentation that truly showcases names and titles in a befitting way for your most valued staff members.  Essentially, name/title inserts are simply placed between two acrylic panels, then snapped together and held firmly in place with four neodymium magnets located in each corner.  The edges are polished with a 30-degree bevel for a clean, professional appearance.  And with 1/8” premium thickness, the Style PNH3 Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holder really stands the test of time, maintaining a crystal clear view with outstanding endurance.

Wondering what neodymium is?  Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available, according to Wikipedia.  It was developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals…a “rare-earth” magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron.  Its reputation for strength makes it popular in motors for cordless tools, hard disc drives, and magnetic fasteners.600px_PNH3085025020

With your Executive Series Acrylic Name Plate Holder securely magnetized, it then slides easily over any cubicle/partition wall.  It makes a dynamic spotlight for your most valued employees and introduces a nice accent to office décor.  Plus, custom sizing is yours upon request.  Plastic Products Mfg has perfected the manufacturing process with premium material thickness, so flexibility in customization is no problem.

Like all acrylic Name Plate Holders in the PNH Series, Style PNH3 is cost-effective and easy to install, straight out of the box.  Check out introductory pricing on the new Acrylic Executive Series in Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders.  It’s a solid investment for serious businesspeople!