Name Plates and Perforated Card Stock for National Back-to-School Month

Back_to_School_BannerIt won’t be long before bells ring and a new school year gets underway. Parents are taking a closer look at sales on school clothes, supplies, and backpacks. Educational facilities are also getting ready with upgrades to classrooms and communal learning areas.

As part of National Back-to-School Month in August, Plastic Products Mfg is also in the groove. Ever mindful of tight school budgets and razor-thin operating costs, Name Plate Holders so popular this time of year are being offered with FREE perforated card stock on select orders. A cost-effective alternative to engraved nameplates, the perforated paper stock also delivers style options with faster DIY printing.

Printed Card-stock Name Plate inserts are as easy as 1, 2, 3 when downloading our Microsoft Office templates! copy
Perforated Card-Stock


While students and faculty settle into the 2019-2020 school year, there’s always a traditional “getting to know you” phase, putting names to faces. That’s why dynamic Cubicle, Wall-Mount, and Desktop Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders are all the rage on campus…and the addition of complementary nameplate card stock only sweetens the incentive.

Printing your own custom name plates is easy to do, right from your computer. The perforated paper stock is ready to load in your printer, and you can use our convenient Microsoft Word Template to add your text. From there, just print your nameplate and slide it in place…standard name plate inserts load quickly and easily. Businesses also prefer this flexibility for frequent sign changes.

2 Computer Name Plate Holder
Computer-Mount Name Plate Holder


Well-equipped classrooms and computer labs are also prime spots for Computer-Mount Name Plate Holders. They’re a different design in rugged vinyl…worth a look where monitors need name tags securely in place.

Did you know that Boston Latin School was the first public school in the colonies, opening in 1635? Clergyman John Harvard founded his namesake Ivy League school just one year later in nearby Cambridge. Ursuline Academy in New Orleans became the first school exclusively for girls in 1727. Back in Massachusetts, the first state compulsory education law was passed in 1852.

Fast forward to 2019, a time for “People Spotter” Name Plate Holders…and free perforated card stock to make printing inserts faster, easier, and more affordable!




Desktop and Computer Name Plate Holders for Today’s Collaborative Working, Learning, and Social Environments

Collaborative_Classroom_1From the Google campus to the college campus, work-share spaces to internet cafés, a distinctly collaborative type of environment has taken shape. Coinciding is a stronger demand for clear identification displays that stand out in a more clustered floor layout…and preferably with some aesthetic appeal to match the décor.

Interiors+Sources identified this trend toward collaborative environments in 2015 as part of the “Age of Transformation” to a “fully global 21st century.” Their writing on the subject detailed a “cultural shift” beyond corporate offices and into healthcare and education markets. The challenge to designers? How to translate a collaborative approach to physical spaces. Retrofitting central communication centers and common work areas has been the result.

NPBR (On Location)
Desk Name Plate Holder


Schools are also experiencing the shift. Classrooms are becoming increasingly shared, collaborative spaces…no longer rows of desks all facing an instructor. The goal is to guide learning – and shared social activities – in a more comfortable, connected atmosphere.

Also adapting to shared environments are the latest in Desktop Name Plate Holders and specially designed Computer Name Plate Holders.

Attractive NPBR, NPA, and NPAA Desk Name Plate Holders have had an upgrade of their own. Now accentuated with dynamic colored border options, the classic desktop approach has a bold new look. The framing lends distinctive visibility to name/title inserts.

VNPT 800 600 2
Computer Name Plate Holder


Finding the right fit for computer mounted Name Plate Holders has also been achieved. The development of VNPT Clear Vinyl Computer Name Plate Holders has opened a world of placement opportunities. The virtually indestructible material effectively spotlights inserts and secures tightly in place on monitors. Imagine the possibilities in shared spaces.

Such communal use of shared space is hardly a domestic phenomenon. You just might start seeing more Name Plate Holders like these around the world…after all, did you know that the Cybercafes database can guide you to 4,208 internet cafes in 141 countries?



Name Plate Displays and Office Accessories: a Modern Re-set in Traditional Office Environments

Purple Desk SettingIt’s a new day in modern office design as businesses figure out the formula for balancing worker productivity and comfort in a traditional setting. The basic tools haven’t changed – people still need desks, chairs, and organizational accessories. And don’t forget the Name Plate Holders! All are just as essential in 2019 as they were decades ago.

New challenges today crop up in multiple ways. Ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and   desks adjustable to different heights make it easier for office workers to do their jobs with less strain on the body. One office supply company also pointed to the greater number of those in the workforce with disabilities. Designing workspaces with easily reachable sockets and incorporating color-coded keyboards for those having trouble seeing certain keys are just two ways offices have changed.

This kind of “Assistive Technology” makes work environments more inclusive for talented individuals whose contributions might have been missed otherwise. A provision in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 even addresses the requirement for telecommunications upgrades, for example, to include those with hearing or speech impairments.

Orange Desk Setting NPBR
Desktop Name Plate Holder


Beyond function, modern offices are also becoming more adaptable without sacrificing style. This is where upgrades to the traditional office look take on unique appeal. Just look at the Name Plate.

Originally, Desktop Name Plate Holders were largely uniform wood or metal. Today’s Office Name Plates still share the most popular standard size (2” high x 8” wide) but depart vastly in other ways. Bordered Desk Nameplate Holders are now available in Silver or Black. New pattern selections also lend a more textured appearance over the old standard.

Wall Mount Nameplate Holders in clear acrylic also take identification from desktops to eye level, including models with stainless steel standoffs for added appeal. Easy-to-install Office Name Plate Holders also mount to doors and cubicles. Some even come with free card stock for DIY custom printing.

If your office environment is due for an upgrade, be sure to account for everyone. As for those working with disabilities, recently departed President George H. W. Bush said it best upon enactment of the ADA: “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.”


Name Plate Holders, Food, and National Deskfast Day, March 19th!

ional Deskfast Day March 19thMarch 19th is a big day for people dedicated to both their jobs and breakfast. It’s National “Deskfast” Day, which as you may have guessed, combines the words “desk” and “breakfast.” It’s a term for the first meal of the day being eaten at the work desk and, believe it or not, “deskfast” is an official trend that even caught the attention of nutritionists.

Skeptical at first, many of those nutritionists reportedly changed their tune after discovering that people ate healthier “deskfasts” than they did with home or restaurant breakfasts…or no breakfast at all.

According to, this fad called Deskfast came into prominence in 2008 as the European economy went into recession. Workers worried about their jobs began clocking in earlier and staying later, creating the need for early morning sustenance. To be more energized and avoid sloppy syrups, dripping milk, and unavoidable grease on keyboards, most “deskfasts” are supposedly healthier than traditional breakfasts.

Now that we’ve covered the breakfast part, what about the desk? Doesn’t this home away from home for 40 hours or more a week deserve to look good for Deskfast? One way to do it is with Desk Name Plates. Thick acrylic plates hold name/title inserts, accentuated by stainless steel Standoffs for a classy, dignified, professional look.600px-style-npws_insert-2

A2 Curved Acrylic Sign Holders and related Picture Frames stand out, too. Beautifully curved acrylic plates, also with metal Standoffs, deliver dynamic appeal and the consummate professional appearance. Make a statement and enjoy your “deskfast” in style!

Just how does one celebrate National Deskfast Day? Provided you have the freedom to do so, why not make a morning picnic-like get-together with workmates? It could be a good opportunity to connect with co-workers you don’t typically see or talk to on a regular basis with morning bonding over food on March 19th!


Name Plate Insert Templates and How to Create your Own

How-to-Creaste-an-Automated-Process-to-deploy-a-new-virtual-machinePlastic Products Mfg has unveiled several attractive additions to our Name Plate Holder line in recent months, like Style NPA3 Desktop Magnetic Name Plate Holders or our Style PNH3 Executive Series Acrylic Name Plate Holder.  Naturally, many inquisitive customers have also been asking if we offer the templates for the inserts themselves.  While creating name plate inserts is more of a printing specialty, we do have some “how-to” advice to help you make your own in Microsoft Word.600px_PNH3085025020_Insert

It’s really a simple “DIY” process.  Once you have Word open, here’s what to do.

Step 1: Click Mailings and then the Labels button in the ribbon.

Step 2: Click Options.  If you use pre-printed labels from a Label vendor, this is where you can select the appropriate pre-formatted template by clicking the label vendor and the product number, then personalize it accordingly and click OK.

Step 3: Click New Document and a new, formatted document will appear with rectangles where names can be added (even if you don’t have a label “default” like in Step 2).

Step 4: This is where you can use different formatting options to give your name plate inserts a unique look.  Select all the labels/inserts you’ve included in your document, then click Table Tools under Layout.  In the Alignment section, click “Align Center.”  This will align your name plate both horizontally and vertically.

Step 5: Choose your font and print size.  This is accomplished under the Home menu just as you would in a Word writing format.  Same principle, same procedure.

Step 6: Save and print!  Your name plate inserts are ready.600px_NPA3085020_Insert

Here’s another way to create your name plate template.  Under Insert on a Word doc, go to Text Box and choose any of the available selections.  Simply type your name/title and adjust your font/size as desired.   You can even add Clip Art under Insert if you want to enhance your name plate beyond text.  Use the ruler at the top to control the horizontal print area, and your template is set.

Of course, if you are using an older version of Windows, your Word functions and capabilities may vary from those described in either method above.  But if you use Office 365, Windows 10, or any version more recent that Windows 7, you should be ready to make your DIY name plate templates.

Then the only major decision left is the type of paper stock or insert material you want to use for the finished result.  Avery Consumer Products offers Perforated Laser Inkjet Tent Cards that work especially well.  You can use a laser or inkjet printer for your custom inserts and the perforated sheets make it easy to separate the inserts cleanly.  Avery even has a few design ideas of their own you might want to use.  Just look up Avery Perforated Name Plate online.

Hopefully these tips will help you make the perfect template for name plate inserts with little time or fuss invested.  And when you need the right showcase to show those names in the best light possible, think about the new Name Plate Holders at Plastic Products Mfg.  It’s a great match for a classy, dignified look your staff deserves!



The Tiered Look: From Ancient Rome to the 49ers to 3-Tier Name Plate Holders!


Rome Colosseum

Getting to the top tier means you’ve reached the highest of heights.  In social and political terms, it’s the top rank, class, or position.  In a classic tiered stadium design, it means you either have the best view in the house…or you’re stuck in the nosebleeds.  So who came up with this tiered design in the first place?

The ancient Greeks first developed the stadium concept, likely around 600 BC.  Makes sense since they gave us the first Olympiad.  But according to Sports Illustrated, it was the Romans who gave stadiums “a monumental shift” in 80 AD with the Colosseum in Rome.  With 50,000 seats and 80 entrances, the Romans developed the first tiered seating with prime seats awarded according to social status for the often grisly events.

Bloody gladiator battles may be a thing of the past, but the ancient Colosseum’s design is still alive and well today.  Even the NFL’s newest venue, the 49ers Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, was modeled after a Roman Amphitheater, according to stadium architect Tim Cahill in an interview with

The tier concept that provides a better view for watching sports also provides optimal viewing when being looked AT rather than FROM.  Plastic Products Mfg has taken this concept to new heights in the latest Style NPH3 3-Tier Name Plate Holder.  Its eye-catching design features three tiers in a slant back configuration.  When strategically placed as a Desktop or Countertop Name Plate Holder, Style NPH3 easily reaches eye level and commands attention!style-am3-1

That makes the 3-Tier Name Plate Holder a preferred choice in areas busy with foot traffic.  Visual aids, signage, and directional guidance in office buildings and business centers?  Tier Name Plate Holders show visitors the way to go effectively.  Financial institutions, banks, and hospitality environments are also turning increasingly to the innovative yet practical look of Style NPH3.

This unique Acrylic Name Plate Holder is more than a pretty face.  Side loading capability makes it user-friendly for your staff.  Inserts are fast and easy to replace and showcase them in crystal clear acrylic with exceptionally high visual acuity.

Another clear advantage with acrylic is the flexibility factor.  Need a custom size?  Plastic Products Mfg can work with you on special dimensions, prototypes, and a custom-tailored quote.  At any size, acrylic also delivers strength.  Hard knocks are bound to happen in those heavily foot trafficked areas and sturdy Acrylic Name Plate Holders can take the punishment!

Here’s one final piece of amazing proof that the tiered design can deliver extraordinary results.  At Rome’s Circus Maximus, 250,000 spectators could fit comfortably in a stone structure…only three stories high!  On a smaller scale, you can put the “terraced,” tiered look to work as visual guidance for your customers, visitors, and guests.  It gets the job done cost-effectively, adding a look that’s more than meets the eye!