Trendy New Cubicles, Name Plate Holders, and Hip Open Plan Offices

Untitled design(8)The olden days of cubicle office layouts are giving way to exciting new interior office designs, elevating the ubiquitous cubicle into a dynamic personal workspace that also stands out aesthetically. A Fast Company article by Mark Wilson published earlier this year illustrates the next generation of cubicles…and the companies competing in cubicle reinvention.

This fight for the best new cubicle design has one common goal: transforming open air dividers into a different kind of space with fully self-contained rooms. The Cubicle of yesterday is the Pod, Micro-Office, Phone Booth, and Cubicle Nouveau of the future.

Wilson refers to a statistic from the International Facilities Management Association stating that as many as 70% of U.S. offices are “open plan.” Many are migrating from suburban parks back to more urban settings, often with less square footage requiring an imaginative new approach to space utilization.

Rather than repeating mistakes of the past (i.e., cramming too many people together in the hope for collaboration), the new cubicle is vastly different from mere partition dividers. Soundproof paneling, ventilation, and power sources for laptops and USB devices are featured in newer designs. Some cubicles have four walls, a roof, and total privacy, complete with a full-panel window!

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Don’t let the “Phone Booth” designation throw you, either.  These prefabricated, self-contained rooms can actually fit two to four people. Cubicall CEO Anthony Maraccini calls his company’s design “…a personal space that meets the four pillars of privacy: sound, visual, territorial, and informational.”

Other players in the new cubicle race? Zenbooth is the first to include an electrically adjusted desk and flat-pack shipping, ala IKEA. TalkBox boasts the largest interior, including the vertical footprint. Room offers the lowest price, $3,450 and free shipping.

The ideal complement to any new workspace design is the right Name Plate Holder for identification. People Spotter Name Plate Holders are geared perfectly for new-look offices with bold colored borders. They catch the eye and are so easy to install, they can easily accommodate staff “on the go” as inner-office modular use becomes more mobile.

No matter how you use Cubicle Name Plate Holders, remember that heavy gauge perforated card stock is included free on select orders so you can print your own inserts. Just talk to Plastic Products Mfg for more interior inspiration!


Name Plate Holders and CAALA 2019, the Largest Trial Lawyer Convention

Untitled designUnsafe products, bad medicine, shady business practices, negligent corporate conduct without scruples…it’s a sad-but-true fact of life that not every product and purveyor is 100% reliable. When consumers are wronged by practitioners who engage in unethical practices or with a purchase that’s not what was promised, it’s nice to know that there’s a vital segment of the legal community to help fight back.

Consumer Attorneys focus solely on the protection of ordinary consumers from those who try to take advantage or simply get away with nefarious products and/or services. In response, Southern California is home to the nation’s largest local association of plaintiffs’ attorneys, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA). It’s a powerful group of advocates united in one purpose: to protect victim’s rights with equal access to justice.

On Labor Day weekend, the CAALA 37th Annual Las Vegas Convention takes place. Over 2,000 visitors are expected to attend, including attorneys, law firm staff, trial lawyers, and legal consultants. Besides vendor exhibits and product demonstrations, the goal is to give attendees the latest educational advantages, networking sessions, and brainstorming opportunities…covering crucial areas from insurance and medical services to publishing and production.

Once finished, it’s back to the firm and business as usual, only with a sharper edge in a legal area that offers a valuable benefit to our society-at-large.

Also valuable inside each firm’s walls? New Acrylic Sign Holders and dynamic Poster Holders, cutting edge designs.

Office Name Plate Holders are also in especially high demand right now. Colored borders have been incorporated to deliver a clear view and sharper focus on 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” inserts. Desktop and Counter-top Name Plate Holders in slant-back clear, glass green, and Executive Series designs are also gaining popularity for blending function, style, and a nice complement to the décor.


Summer Cubicle Colors from Green Plants to Name Plate Holders

shutterstock_628870553If you work in an office or cubicle layout in general, do you ever feel like you’re missing summer greenery and blue skies? It’s only natural, especially if you live and work where winter gets nasty. Getting outside for summer does not just apply to kids on vacation.

Meanwhile, there are ways to at least bring that color indoors and “green up” cubicles. Certain plants not only deliver calming, aesthetic appeal and a little summer cheer, they can also be good for health and air quality. Spiky Aloe Vera, for example, removes airborne toxins from chemical cleaners. Philodendrons, too.

Snake Plant


One need not be a green thumb to have a greener cubicle, either. Resilient Ferns have been around since prehistoric times and require very little natural light, making them a good match for inner offices. Snake Plants only need watering every two to three weeks and thrive in low light. This sharp-leaved plant is also reputed to naturally filter carbon dioxide and formaldehyde.

New York Magazine’s The Strategist also has a suggestion: Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, more easily known as the ZZ Plant. Will Creed, interior landscaper and owner of Horticultural Help, and Christopher Satch, resident scientist of NYC-based plant boutique The Sill, both call the ZZ “best in class for cubicle plants” because they actually rely on overhead lighting. ZZ’s low-light tolerant and rarely drops leaves.

PNH SSS (On Location)(1)
Cubicle Nameplate Holder


Another way to add cubicle color? People Spotters™ Colored-Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders complement cubicles with distinction. Premium thickness acrylic with polished edges provides a hi-vis showcase for name/title inserts in a bold, new look. Silver, black, bronze, or white, Cubicle Name Plates have never appeared sharper and select orders also qualify for free perforated card stock for DIY printing.

One more suggestion for summer cubicle upgrades? Try clear Acrylic Cubicle Brochure Holders to show off the latest in colorful slicks, brochures, and promotional literature. Combine green plants, Colored-Border Name Plate Holders, and the right Brochure Holders for a splash of color and brighter take on summer in the workplace!


Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer Cubicle

Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer CubicleStuck inside working on a beautiful summer day? If you find the ear-worm refrain of “Summertime Blues” in your head, it’s perfectly understandable. It’s also time to give the interior a little summer lift, especially in cubicle layouts.

Beyond the obvious 9 to 5 outdoor escapes for lunch and breaks, what else can you do? Comfortable enough to open a window for fresh air? That is, if you’re not windowless or hermetically sealed-in. The sure-fire key to happier summer workdays involves brightening up your indoors.

There are subtle ways to lighten your mood…flowers, different lighting, and even a new background on the computer screen can get the ball rolling. If you listen to music during the day, switch up the playlist – with or without Summertime Blues.

A change in décor should also include cubicles. Traditional partition walls and modern uptakes on cubicle design both look better with the latest in Name Plate Holders…premium thickness acrylic in dynamic new designs with colored border options to match.

In addition to eye-catching “People Spotter” Cubicle Name Plate Holders, new multi-tier options are elevating exposure for name/title inserts just in time for summer. Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Silver or Black Borders (Style PNHL SSS and PNHL SSB, respectively) also add a highly functional element with 2, 3, 4, and 5 slot variations.

That puts many flexible display options in your control. Bold color borders deliver the ideal frame for custom name and title inserts, with plenty of room for more name plates. Department identification and directional signage also slide into place, all in one convenient Name Plate Holder with multiple slots.

While looking around the workplace and imagining a more summer-y look, picture the added possibilities available in clear Acrylic Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders. Whether the insert announces a VP or Marketing head, specific department, or simply Enter and Exit, chances are, the aesthetic appeal of Combination Suite Identification Name Plate Holders can play a part in a summer interior upgrade!



Name Plate Holders and Workstation People Spotters – Welcome to NeoCon 2019!

AIS-ShowroomEvery June since 1969, “The Mart” in Chicago has been home to NeoCon, a premier destination for commercial design innovators. NeoCon’s 50th anniversary trade show June 10th – 12th is expecting big numbers in design professionals (50,000) and 500 leading manufacturers.

Companies represented include some emerging new hotshots in areas ranging from fabrics and flooring to furniture, interior building products, finishes, and technology. Also exhibiting is Herman Miller, the company that started the cubicle office layout revolution with the “Action Office” in 1968.

New open-floor office trends have inspired professionals to take a closer look at next-generation cubicles, like those being unveiled by Herman Miller. The modern workstation looks much different than those original partition panels. Now more streamlined, airy, and unconfined, today’s cubicle is a comfortable, ergonomic workstation that uses space and storage more efficiently for collaborative AND digital work environments.


Going hand-in-hand with contemporary office workstations and any cubicle style are the latest “People Spotter” Name Plate Holders. The blend of crystal-clear acrylic with a splash of color options has really been grabbing attention lately. These Colored Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders are in high demand as a perfect match for new interior décor and the modern professional aesthetic.

A stand-out look for standard 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” name plate inserts, bold-colored borders give a new twist to Name Plate Holders, thus earning its People Spotter designation in the dynamic office of tomorrow. Customizing inserts can also be accomplished quickly and easily with perforated heavy gauge card stock included free on select orders for cost-effective DIY printing. Polished edges and premium thickness material add durability to style.

As NeoCon celebrates show number 50, we thought you might enjoy a quick look at a Herman Miller NeoCon entry from the funky days of 1974: Don Chadwick Modular Furniture, five units connected in a “sinuous configuration!”

Herman Miller Don Chadwick Modular Seating


Nameplate Holders, Menu Holders, and a Smart Marketing Plan through Summer and Beyond!

summerReady or not, Summer’s here.  Are your promotional campaigns intact?  Have you begun planning for Summer events and early back-to-school fall promotions?  The most effective marketing plan starts with a comprehensive look at the calendar NOW!

The first stop on the calendar is Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of Summer.  It’s the lead-in to summer vacation and outdoor pop-up displays, particularly in food establishments and markets going al fresco.  It could be patio dining with burgers and margaritas.  It could be retail shopping for designer sunglasses or summer dresses.  Either way, the ideal showcase for each is in the Point-of-purchase diplay or retail sign holder…like a classic Style Q for a clear four-sided acrylic display stand.  If your campaigns have not yet accounted for the great outdoors, consider the added revenue potential.  Sturdy, premium thickness acrylic that can stand up to the elements is also a nice benefit.

A2C Flamingo Insert Cocktail Menu
Style A2C Magnetic Black Sign Holder


June’s spending spotlight falls on Father’s Day and retailers will want to focus eyes toward special product roll-outs in a masculine fashion.  Retail trade estimates for 2019 predict an average of $113.80 spent for Father’s Day, and here’s a great new way to create your share of the appeal.  Style A2C Magnetic Black Sign Holders combine a glossy black back panel with a clear acrylic front panel…a real head-turner in 2nd quarter marketing campaigns.

Next on the calendar, the 4th of July and a general shifting of gears into August.  Food service again should capitalize, as will the hospitality industry at the peak of travel season.  Going hand-in-hand, commerce flows heavily in trade show season during July and August: August is the third busiest and July the fourth busiest trade show month of the year respectively.  Otherwise, traditional holiday-related spending is relatively slow then, but for those in hospitality and the restaurant/bar industry, it’s a juicy opportunity to incentivize!  Thick Acrylic Sign Frames are the new gold standard…the elite among literature and signage displays.  It’s exceptionally tough in busy venues like those described above, and really grabs the eye!

PNHL SSS 2-Red Chairs A
Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holder with Silver Border


Labor Day is September 4th and Back-to-School marketing will already be well under way.  University and College campuses will also spring to life as fall term commences for the 2019-2020 school year.  Planning ahead for a lot of new names and faces should include the next generation in nameplate holders: Style PNHL SSS/SSB Multi-Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holders with Black and Satin Silver Borders!.  It’s the latest of many new Nameplate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg, and especially unique because name/title inserts are held firmly in place by sparkling crystal clear acrylic. And don’t blink!  It’s never too early to think about what’s at the end of the calendar…yes, Halloween and the Holiday Season.  Get your POP Literature Displays in line now, then relax and reward yourself with a weekend getaway. Acrylic is your clear seasonal choice the rest of the year!

Cubicles Then and Now: from Name Plate Holders to People Spotters™

Untitled design(3)We recently touched on the origin of the office cubicle, first introduced in 1968 as an “Action Office” system by the Michigan furniture manufacturing company, Herman Miller. Herman Miller, which opened in 1905, turned to Robert Probst for a design “not to keep us apart while at work, but to set us free.” The Action Office was thus proclaimed as the world’s first open-plan modular system of flexible panels…with a revolutionary ability to reconfigure in changing office layouts.

Ironically, it was the changing office landscape that led to conflicting reviews of the Action Office. In the 70s and 80s, those who chose a partition pattern that simply crammed more workers into a smaller footprint brought about a stinging rebuke among discontent staff.

Today’s push for newer, more open-air floor plans is helping inspire another look at the trusty cubicle. Imagination and ingenuity are creating interior office designs unlike anything around when Action Office was first introduced.

Cubicle Name Plate Holder


Innovative office designs now approach cubicles much differently. No longer a mind-numbing labyrinth of partitions, technological developments have made it possible to create independent work pods out of cubicles. Wireless and paperless work environments offer more freedom and require less cumbersome forms of storage. Modern workstations are increasingly taking the form of a mini-living room, not a cage.

One element that’s still essential, regardless of partition layout? That’s the Cubicle Name Plate Holder so key to identification. New People Spotters are keeping pace with office dynamics, adding style and distinction to spotlight the individual. Polished acrylic with bold Colored Border Name Plate Holders makes name and title inserts pop!

Silver, black, bronze, or white, Cubicle Name Plate Holders provide a fine showcase for personalized 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” inserts with polished edges and superior color detail. That makes a sharp contrast against the partition wall and an aesthetically appealing addition to the cubicle.