Inspiring People Spotters, Name Plate Holders, and Cool 2019 Office Design Trends

Untitled design(2)Boring, generic work spaces are becoming as increasingly passé as the 9 to 5 work day. That’s according to Décor Mag, which recently listed employee lifestyle and wellness as focal points in new office design trends. A DM “Décor Aid” entry even claims that office décor and the environment it represents has become “part of the decision-making process when future employees are considering whether or not to accept a job offer.”

How to achieve that trendy look in 2019? The Décor Aid article pointed to several areas, like incorporating a homier feel in common work areas with coffee tables, sofas, and throw cushions. Layered textures are also big, blending materials ranging from leather and sheepskin to wool, metal, and stone…in a range of colors and finishes.

PNHG2 (On Location)
Partition Name Plate Holder

Details count. Accentuating a new office look also demands the right People Spotters…modern Name Plate displays that complement the latest design trends, textures, and themes. Colored Border Desktop Name Plates in Black or Silver, for example, make a bold statement in reinvigorated offices. Inserts are also easy to customize for DIY printing with heavy gauge perforated card stock included free on select orders.

New People Spotters aren’t confined to desk and countertops, either. Cubicle layouts are being reconfigured into more attractive work pods…and the partitions still need their Cubicle Name Plates with Borders. Polished edges and premium thickness acrylic lend a dynamic showcase for traditional 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” Name Plates.

Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders can also play a part in a new-look décor. Exclusive Sign Frames with Borders really make event pronouncements and essential literature displays pop with eye appeal.

Desktop Name Plate with Silver Border

People Spotter Name Plate Holders also fit other design trends in DM’s Décor Aid. Imaginative use of geometric patterns is one instance. And how about offsetting acrylic and colored borders with shimmering metallics, like in wall coverings? In futuristic offices, reflecting light this way can only make work days brighter!



Name Plate Holders and NYC Trend-Setting Office Designs


“Breakout Spaces” Office Design

When it comes setting trends in style and design, many eyes naturally turn to see what’s happening in New York City. For good reason, as it turns out. Some bold, exciting changes are in the works at several NYC businesses, shaping a new approach in office interiors and workspaces.


That’s the topic of a recent Robin Powered blog by Gabrielle Dalvet. Investigation for her writing began with January’s 3-day Future Offices event geared, in part, to office designs and the strategies behind them. This inspired a closer look at specific examples of interior design across Manhattan.

A recent expansion at Yelp garnered attention by incorporating iconic neighborhood features around Soho and Hell’s Kitchen, including Grand Central Station in a new café and lounge area.

“Breakout spaces” are also part of the new Yelp design. Free-standing enclosures like these are “replacing cubicles and closed doors” with elevated platforms and without walls.

The CFA Institute for investment management professionals also got a facelift, replacing “a stuffy reception desk blocking the entryway” with an upscale, open kitchen/lounge area. Full height windows were added to help fuse the outdoors inside. Employees at CFA also have options in shared workbenches and specially designated “private focus rooms.”

Desktop Name Plate Holder


Another “must” for the modern professional? Classic Name Plate Holders are also getting a trendy new twist or two. Desk Nameplate Holders with Borders in different color options are part of the approach. Customization with inserts can make names and titles stand out with superior visibility and select orders could qualify for free card stock included to help with D-I-Y printing. Desktop Name Plate Holders are also exceptional for guidance signage.

As for those shared work spaces, a new development in name plates has culminated in the creation of a Computer-Mount Name Plate Holder. Made of a rigid vinyl, this Name Plate Holder mounts securely to computer monitors and provides a great way to showcase identification in more mobile inner offices.

Who knows? Today could be the day you start a trend of your own!

Desktop and Computer Name Plate Holders for Today’s Collaborative Working, Learning, and Social Environments

Collaborative_Classroom_1From the Google campus to the college campus, work-share spaces to internet cafés, a distinctly collaborative type of environment has taken shape. Coinciding is a stronger demand for clear identification displays that stand out in a more clustered floor layout…and preferably with some aesthetic appeal to match the décor.

Interiors+Sources identified this trend toward collaborative environments in 2015 as part of the “Age of Transformation” to a “fully global 21st century.” Their writing on the subject detailed a “cultural shift” beyond corporate offices and into healthcare and education markets. The challenge to designers? How to translate a collaborative approach to physical spaces. Retrofitting central communication centers and common work areas has been the result.

NPBR (On Location)
Desk Name Plate Holder


Schools are also experiencing the shift. Classrooms are becoming increasingly shared, collaborative spaces…no longer rows of desks all facing an instructor. The goal is to guide learning – and shared social activities – in a more comfortable, connected atmosphere.

Also adapting to shared environments are the latest in Desktop Name Plate Holders and specially designed Computer Name Plate Holders.

Attractive NPBR, NPA, and NPAA Desk Name Plate Holders have had an upgrade of their own. Now accentuated with dynamic colored border options, the classic desktop approach has a bold new look. The framing lends distinctive visibility to name/title inserts.

VNPT 800 600 2
Computer Name Plate Holder


Finding the right fit for computer mounted Name Plate Holders has also been achieved. The development of VNPT Clear Vinyl Computer Name Plate Holders has opened a world of placement opportunities. The virtually indestructible material effectively spotlights inserts and secures tightly in place on monitors. Imagine the possibilities in shared spaces.

Such communal use of shared space is hardly a domestic phenomenon. You just might start seeing more Name Plate Holders like these around the world…after all, did you know that the Cybercafes database can guide you to 4,208 internet cafes in 141 countries?



Name Plate Holders for National Name Tag Day March 8th!

the bascs ofIsn’t it time for a little name recognition? Believe it or not, March features an officially recognized celebration of the Name. “Celebrate Your Name Week” runs March 4 – 10, culminating with National Name Tag Day on March 8th. According to Mental Floss, the only hard rule is that you wear a “Hello, my name is…” tag and the name you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be your real one!

Once the Name Tag Day party is over however, there remains the essential task of everyday name and title identification – and the best way to spotlight inserts with a dynamic new look and a modern flair for the aesthetic in professional office environments.

PNH SSS (On Location)(1)
Cubicle Name Plate Holder


The next generation of superior acrylic name plate holders has hit the scene for 2018. Unique designs in cubicle name plate hangers open a world of options, including the latest in Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders that can accommodate up to five inserts. Imagine the possibilities, not only with department identification but also in directional signage and rotating on-site event announcements.

Making an even more colorful splash on desktop and countertops, NPAA Name Plate Holders combine a traditional slant back display in premium thickness with bold borders in black or silver, or sparkling glass-green acrylic. It’s an eye-catching frame for names…and an effective way to grab attention in busy foot traffic to show passersby directional signs and departmental designations.

Desk Name Plate Holder


NPS Name Plate Holders accentuate that look even more with stainless steel standoff posts. The metallic posts in each corner help draw attention and lock focus on your insert templates, securing those inserts between polished acrylic plates while adding support to the display itself. Black and silver color options reach more eyes, more effectively.

All these models are built to last with clear acuity. And what better time to order than National Name Tag Day? By the way, there’s another early March holiday that features just ONE name: National Alfred Hitchcock Day, March 12th!

Name Plate Holders and March 2019 Employee Spirit Month

howtoentrylevelemployees-750xx5350-3021-0-451In case you didn’t know, March is officially Employee Spirit Month. As the name implies, the month is designated as a time to boost employee morale and make the workplace a more fun environment. After all, it’s no secret that people enjoying their time on the clock are more productive and less subject to absenteeism.

What can supervisors and managers do to boost morale? Inc. Magazine tossed out a few ideas. One involved organizing staff members according to common traits they share, like those attending the same college or biking to work, for example. Then bring the groups together and see if they can figure out that common denominator. Include a prize and see what happens!

For many Americans, March symbolizes a lingering winter and longing for spring. All the more reason to battle low morale and lagging performance/productivity. The HR specialists at Kelly Services are also believers that celebrating Employee Spirit Month can certainly help remedy the situation. Perhaps an office dinner with recognition for individual and team achievements? How about a St. Patrick’s Day party? Some companies also organize office charities with paid time off for volunteers.NPBR085025-SSS-Insert-600px

Recognizing the people who help make operations successful can also be accomplished in more subtle ways. Accessorizing individual cubicles and workspaces can brighten the surroundings for those who spend so much of their lives in them. And what better way to acknowledge the individual than by each one’s Name Plate Holder?

Here are a few suggestions. Those cubicles will look much nicer when the Cubicle Name Plate Holder has polished edges and colored borders, say in silver, bronze, black, or white. Desk Nameplate Holders with Borders will also be well-received, as well as easy-to-mount Wall Nameplate Holders. Cool patterns, textures, and potentially free card stock included for custom inserts can make for a pretty sweet “thank you.”

Want to foster a more positive work culture the rest of the year? Inc. Magazine also suggests fun, creative rewards for goal achievements: a dinner-for-two certificate, massages, concert tickets, audio books…the possibilities are endless!


Name Plate Displays and Office Accessories: a Modern Re-set in Traditional Office Environments

Purple Desk SettingIt’s a new day in modern office design as businesses figure out the formula for balancing worker productivity and comfort in a traditional setting. The basic tools haven’t changed – people still need desks, chairs, and organizational accessories. And don’t forget the Name Plate Holders! All are just as essential in 2019 as they were decades ago.

New challenges today crop up in multiple ways. Ergonomic chairs, keyboards, and   desks adjustable to different heights make it easier for office workers to do their jobs with less strain on the body. One office supply company also pointed to the greater number of those in the workforce with disabilities. Designing workspaces with easily reachable sockets and incorporating color-coded keyboards for those having trouble seeing certain keys are just two ways offices have changed.

This kind of “Assistive Technology” makes work environments more inclusive for talented individuals whose contributions might have been missed otherwise. A provision in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 even addresses the requirement for telecommunications upgrades, for example, to include those with hearing or speech impairments.

Orange Desk Setting NPBR
Desktop Name Plate Holder


Beyond function, modern offices are also becoming more adaptable without sacrificing style. This is where upgrades to the traditional office look take on unique appeal. Just look at the Name Plate.

Originally, Desktop Name Plate Holders were largely uniform wood or metal. Today’s Office Name Plates still share the most popular standard size (2” high x 8” wide) but depart vastly in other ways. Bordered Desk Nameplate Holders are now available in Silver or Black. New pattern selections also lend a more textured appearance over the old standard.

Wall Mount Nameplate Holders in clear acrylic also take identification from desktops to eye level, including models with stainless steel standoffs for added appeal. Easy-to-install Office Name Plate Holders also mount to doors and cubicles. Some even come with free card stock for DIY custom printing.

If your office environment is due for an upgrade, be sure to account for everyone. As for those working with disabilities, recently departed President George H. W. Bush said it best upon enactment of the ADA: “Let the shameful wall of exclusion finally come tumbling down.”


New Computer Mount Name Plate Holders for National Clean Out Your Computer Day

New Computer Mount Name Plate Holders for National Clean Out Your Computer DayIf you think of computer cleaning in terms of air dusting keyboards and wiping down monitors, there are a few elements you might not be thinking about. National Clean Out Your Computer Day serves as a reminder about more comprehensive computer cleaning in ways that can help your machine run more efficiently all year long.

Always observed on the second Monday of February, this National Day is designated for internal cleaning and organizing of files and folders while deleting junk files, duplicates, old/obsolete files, and unused programs. Those older files and programs can clog up computer memory, slow down PCs, and create potential problems when downloading data you DO need.

The computer security experts at Norton have also offered a check list of cleaning essentials for National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Norton’s two-prong approach comprehensively covers hardware and how to carefully clean the exterior. The second area moves from the computer’s “body” to its “mind,” i.e. backing up data, updating or removing software, and making sure antivirus software is adequately protecting against malware.

VNPT 800 600 1
Computer Name Plate Holder


While giving your computer a day of much-needed and well-deserved (hopefully) attention and TLC, here’s something new to add: Style VNPT Computer Mount Name Plate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg. The clear rigid vinyl is practically indestructible and ideal for re-use. It attaches easily to a variety of monitor sizes, making Computer Mount Name Plate Holders especially desirable in open office concepts, call centers, and school and business campuses.

Designed primarily to showcase inserts 6” wide x 2” high, this new introduction also comes with a bonus. Quality heavy-gauge 67 lb white perforated card stock and user-friendly templates are included FREE, giving end users the capability to custom print individual name plates. From there, each Computer Mount Name Plate Holder handles identification durably and with universal appeal.

By the way, National Clean Out Your Computer Day is not a recent development in light of the latest discussions about hacking and privacy. It actually began in 2000…not long after the Y2K scare.