New Computer Mount Name Plate Holders for National Clean Out Your Computer Day

New Computer Mount Name Plate Holders for National Clean Out Your Computer DayIf you think of computer cleaning in terms of air dusting keyboards and wiping down monitors, there are a few elements you might not be thinking about. National Clean Out Your Computer Day serves as a reminder about more comprehensive computer cleaning in ways that can help your machine run more efficiently all year long.

Always observed on the second Monday of February, this National Day is designated for internal cleaning and organizing of files and folders while deleting junk files, duplicates, old/obsolete files, and unused programs. Those older files and programs can clog up computer memory, slow down PCs, and create potential problems when downloading data you DO need.

The computer security experts at Norton have also offered a check list of cleaning essentials for National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Norton’s two-prong approach comprehensively covers hardware and how to carefully clean the exterior. The second area moves from the computer’s “body” to its “mind,” i.e. backing up data, updating or removing software, and making sure antivirus software is adequately protecting against malware.

VNPT 800 600 1
Computer Name Plate Holder


While giving your computer a day of much-needed and well-deserved (hopefully) attention and TLC, here’s something new to add: Style VNPT Computer Mount Name Plate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg. The clear rigid vinyl is practically indestructible and ideal for re-use. It attaches easily to a variety of monitor sizes, making Computer Mount Name Plate Holders especially desirable in open office concepts, call centers, and school and business campuses.

Designed primarily to showcase inserts 6” wide x 2” high, this new introduction also comes with a bonus. Quality heavy-gauge 67 lb white perforated card stock and user-friendly templates are included FREE, giving end users the capability to custom print individual name plates. From there, each Computer Mount Name Plate Holder handles identification durably and with universal appeal.

By the way, National Clean Out Your Computer Day is not a recent development in light of the latest discussions about hacking and privacy. It actually began in 2000…not long after the Y2K scare.



Acrylic Name Plate Holders vs Metal & Aluminum in Cost Savings and Benefits

20180530194716-GettyImages-865293688Weighing the benefits of Acrylic Name Plate Holders against their counterparts in aluminum or another metal? While both deliver their own style and visual appeal, there are some distinct differences to debate in the cost/benefit analysis.

First, the bottom line. From the standpoint of sheer material costs, metal is more expensive, hands-down. The composition of clear acrylic can be manufactured for significantly less money…hence, a lower price tag. Then there’s the added cost of the name plates themselves where metal is concerned.

Brushed, anodized, and powder coated aluminum Name Plate Holders require more money for individual displays with printing and engraving costs. Many styles of Acrylic Name Plate Holders for desk, wall, and cubicle displays come with free card stock for convenient, eye-catching DIY Name Plates.

One area where metal has traditionally held an edge is also changing. Flexibility in colors has long been a strong suit for metal. New looks in acrylic are starting to tip the scale the other way, however. Acrylic Name Plate Holders now come with colored border options in silver, black, white, and bronze. Different multi-textured patterns are also making an impact with acrylic in modern office décor and functionality.

NPBR (On Location)
Acrylic Nameplate Holder with Silver Border


Both metal and plastic get high marks for longevity and durability. Both can perform long tours of duty without showing signs of wear, providing a strong return on investment. Premium thickness acrylic with polished edges can especially stand the test of time without yellowing or fading.

And that brings us back to cost. No matter which material you prefer, acrylic is the clear winner when it comes to dollars and cents. It costs less than aluminum and metal with the added bonus of saving time and printing costs with free card stock for personalized inserts. And the new acrylic name plate holder styles with flashes of color?  Magnificent!




Acrylic Display Essentials and Trends for Functional, Productive, Good Looking Offices

BCG3_51602Hunting for ways to upgrade and enhance your office décor that simultaneously foster productivity and deliver functionality? The business publication Inc. recently discussed trends in office redesign as part of its search of the “World’s Coolest Offices.”

One trend points to offices creating more inviting casual spaces for individual work, partly in response to the growth of remote work environments. Seems that productivity often goes up when staff can operate someplace besides their assigned workstation, like in an onsite lounge or café.

Shaking up the floor layout can also “break up the monotony.” Inc. pointed to BCG Digital Ventures in NYC and the labyrinth employees navigate as opposed to less-inspiring rows of desks. The formula is simple: an engaged worker is a happier, more productive worker. A workplace lacking inspiration only stultifies creativity and initiative.

In-office visual accents also serve an important purpose. Wall art, furniture, signage, and even tapestries are all part of a movement to carve out a more distinctive identity – not just for customers/clients but also for those internally who build the business.

PNHU2085025020 double name office-3
Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holder


If you’re upgrading, here are a few other vital visual essentials for modern, aesthetic appeal. Transforming cubicle layout into new pods? Consider options in Acrylic Name Plate Holders, including new Colored Borders. Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders are worth a look, as well as CMB10 Cubicle Business Card Holders…durable, strong, and attractive with 10 different slots for cards.

Clear acrylic lends solid visual appeal in other ways. Cubicle Sign Holders and Sign Frames feature larger dimensions and an ideal showcase for literature displays that draw the eye AND help keep desks clutter-free. Once your display captures attention, the Acrylic Sign Holder conveys each message clearly with tremendous visual acuity, almost like glass.

Time for a dynamic office upgrade? You don’t have to wait for 2019 to get a jump on a design that makes the team happier and more productive…nor the acrylic display accents that complement them!

Wall-Mount Colored-Border Name Plate Holders Make Better Walls!

Wall-Mount Colored-Border Name Plate Holders Make Better Walls!There’s been much discussion about walls the last two years. Of course, the world’s best-known is the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was originally a series of smaller, disconnected structures dating back to the 7th century BC. It took the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to connect, rebuild, and fortify it. After centuries of grueling construction, the Great Wall and all its’ branches today measure nearly 21,200 miles!

Wall Name Plate Holder with Black Border


That’s a lot of wall space and hard to say just how many Colored-Border Name Plate Holders it would fit. But no matter how large or small the wall space in your facility, there’s a unique new look available to showcase name and title inserts: Style NPW Wall-Mount Colored-Border Name Plate Holders.

Composed with polished edges and premium thickness .092 acrylic, this Name Plate Holder mounts flush to walls with an eye-catching bend at the bottom. Inserts slide in from the side, framed in stylish Silver or Black.

The colorful new look of this Bordered Name Plate Holder is easy to install straight out of the box, delivering a dynamic look at eye level that both blends into your décor with a flush approach yet stands out with your choice of color schemes.

Flexibility’s another nice benefit: sizing can be customized to your specifications. Regardless of name plate dimensions, inserts are easy to replace and complement your interior nicely with Colored-Border Name Plate Holders adorning your walls. They stand up well to fading, scratches, and discoloration, making Style NPW a smart investment.

NPW SSS Brian J Facl Mangr
Wall Name Plate Holder with Silver Border


By the way, wondering how the Great Wall was maintained post-Ming Dynasty to present day? The Qing (Manchu) Dynasty (1644-1912) largely neglected it to try and pacify nationalities like Mongolia. Hard to believe, but it’s estimated that nearly 1/3 of the Great Wall has disappeared entirely!



Cool Cubicles and their Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders


Google Office in Zurich

Have you seen the unique approach some companies have taken with their cubicle layouts? Some are rather…imaginative, like those at Google Zurich.


More privacy? How about a unique design with four walls, vaulted ceiling, bookshelves, and look-out portals?

Google Office in Zurich


Whimsical design aside, chances are that cubicles in most operations tend to be more traditional. What they all have in common is the need for proper identification in Name Plate Holders and the need to adjust them when cubicles are modified.

Introducing Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders. Universal Single-Sided Name Plate Holders deliver a clearly defined spotlight on individual name/title inserts. Adjustable Double-Sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders are comprised of premium thickness acrylic with crystal clear visual acuity…on both sides of the display.

What sets these Name Plate Holders apart is the Magic Tape that makes each style adjustable over and over with no residue. This clear, removable Magic Tape does not yellow and gives users added flexibility from 2” to 3” wide. Polished acrylic catches the eye and conveys a professional looking image – no matter how conventional or outlandish the cubicle.

Regardless of style, maneuverability and the capability to remove and adjust the size of the holder makes both single-sided and double-sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders a wise investment.

Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holder


Speaking of office floor layouts that go beyond the conventional, have you seen the Madrid office of Selgas Cano Architecture?

Nestled in a forest setting, this aerodynamic tube incorporates a long, curved window/wall that reaches into the ceiling. Cubicles there are more like stations without walls…and all part of the Spanish woods, brought indoors with plenty of natural light.

Redesigning your own work environment? Don’t forget the Name Plate Holders, adjustable for cubicles time and again!

Nameplate Holders, Menu Holders, and a Smart Marketing Plan Calendar through Summer

Pineapple-compositeReady or not, Summer’s here.  Are your promotional campaigns intact?  Have you begun planning for back-to-school and early fall promotions?  The most effective marketing plan starts with a comprehensive look at the calendar NOW!

The first stop on the calendar is Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of Summer.  It’s the lead-in to summer vacation and outdoor pop-up displays, particularly in food establishments and markets going al fresco.  It could be patio dining with burgers and margaritas.  It could be retail shopping for designer sunglasses or summer dresses.  Either way, the ideal showcase for each is in the Menu Holder…like a Style G three-sided Menu Holder or Style Q for a clear four-sided display.  If your campaigns have not yet accounted for the great outdoors, consider the added revenue potential.  Sturdy, premium thickness acrylic that can stand up to the elements is also a nice benefit. Style-G-Vert-400-x-400

June’s spending spotlight falls on Father’s Day and retailers will want to focus eyes toward special product roll-outs in a masculine fashion.  Retail trade estimates for 2017 predict an average of $113.80 spent for Father’s Day, and here’s a great new way to create your share of the appeal.  Style A3B Magnetic Black Sign Holders combine a glossy black back panel with a clear acrylic front panel…a real head-turner in 2nd quarter marketing campaigns.

Next on the calendar, the 4th of July and a general shifting of gears into August.  Food service again should capitalize, as will the hospitality industry at the peak of travel season.  Going hand-in-hand, commerce flows heavily in trade show season during July and August: August is the third busiest and July the fourth busiest trade show month of the year respectively.  Otherwise, traditional holiday-related spending is relatively slow then, but for those in hospitality and the restaurant/bar industry, it’s a juicy opportunity to incentivize!  May we suggest Style WFT Magnetic Picture Frames?  This Thick Acrylic Picture Frame is the new gold standard…the elite among literature and signage displays.  It’s exceptionally tough in busy venues like those described above, and really grabs the eye!A3B085110

Labor Day is September 4th and Back-to-School marketing will already be well under way.  University and College campuses will also spring to life as fall term commences for the 2017-2018 school year.  Planning ahead for a lot of new names and faces should include the next generation in nameplate holders: Style PNH3 Executive Series Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders.  It’s the latest of many new Nameplate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg, and especially unique because name/title inserts are held firmly in place between two acrylic panels with four neodymium magnets.  Check out some other 2017 releases, like Style NPWS Wall Mount Name Plate Holders with Standoffs.  Faculty, students, staffs, valued new employees…don’t leave anyone behind!

As for those Back-to-School promotions, did you know that families with children in grades K-12 plan to spend an average of $673 on apparel, accessories, electronics, shoes, and school supplies, according to the National Retail Federation?  Show them the way in your Point-of-Purchase (POP) marketing with the effective use of Sign Holders and Poster Holders.

And don’t blink!  It’s never too early to think about what’s at the end of the calendar…yes, Halloween and the Holiday Season.  Get your POP Literature Displays in line now, then relax and reward yourself with a drink from a Style BD Table Tent Menu Holder.  Acrylic is your clear seasonal choice the rest of the year!

Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders – Meet the Executive Series!

photo_corporate-executive-board-meeting-evaluationPlastic Products Mfg unveiled multiple Name Plate Holder styles over the last few months, great-looking designs that also feature incredible durability, affordability, and ease-of-use.  The next generation is now here: Executive Series Style PNH3 Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders!600px_PNH3085025020_Insert

This new launch is exceptionally unique, a modern presentation that truly showcases names and titles in a befitting way for your most valued staff members.  Essentially, name/title inserts are simply placed between two acrylic panels, then snapped together and held firmly in place with four neodymium magnets located in each corner.  The edges are polished with a 30-degree bevel for a clean, professional appearance.  And with 1/8” premium thickness, the Style PNH3 Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holder really stands the test of time, maintaining a crystal clear view with outstanding endurance.

Wondering what neodymium is?  Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available, according to Wikipedia.  It was developed in 1982 by General Motors and Sumitomo Special Metals…a “rare-earth” magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron.  Its reputation for strength makes it popular in motors for cordless tools, hard disc drives, and magnetic fasteners.600px_PNH3085025020

With your Executive Series Acrylic Name Plate Holder securely magnetized, it then slides easily over any cubicle/partition wall.  It makes a dynamic spotlight for your most valued employees and introduces a nice accent to office décor.  Plus, custom sizing is yours upon request.  Plastic Products Mfg has perfected the manufacturing process with premium material thickness, so flexibility in customization is no problem.

Like all acrylic Name Plate Holders in the PNH Series, Style PNH3 is cost-effective and easy to install, straight out of the box.  Check out introductory pricing on the new Acrylic Executive Series in Magnetic Partition Nameplate Holders.  It’s a solid investment for serious businesspeople!