Name Plate Holders for the Citizens of BuzziVille


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It was 1966 when the Grinch first aired on TV, showing the world of Whos in Whoville beating their Trum-tookas, dancing with Jing-tinglers, and blowing their Floo-floobers. Now another “Ville” is celebrating in a fashion that’s making quite a splash! Welcome to BuzziVille.

BuzziVille is a unique village…one that’s well-suited to cutting edge offices. A “flexible and modular freestanding system,” BuzziVille serves as a more personal, freely developed kind of community within the office. It’s easy to rearrange and serves as both public and private space…a movable urban workspace that even includes informal meeting rooms.

Functional and fun, BuzziVille is part of the BuzziSpace brand…a group of products geared to improve worker well-being through “human centric design.” Buzzi acoustics, lighting, and furnishings for modern workplaces are gaining serious attention. BuzziWrap Desks, BuzziProp LEDs, BuzziBlinds, the BuzziHub – you get the idea – all innovatively designed with broad appeal for forward-thinking office managers.

PNH SSS (On Location)(1)
Cubicle Nameplate Holder


The perfect match for cutting edge office décor of the future? The finest name tags in BuzziVille deserve a modern look in Name Plate Holders. New Cubicle Name Plate Holders with colored border options in silver and black especially make a nice accent. These exclusive displays complement today’s upgraded professional look, in BuzziVille and beyond.

Name, title, and department ID inserts also get a pronounced designation in Desk Name Plate Holder displays. There’s nothing like acrylic to complement the overall eye appeal taking root in business centers and campuses.

And that brings us back to BuzziSpace and BuzziVille. A recent expo called Orgatec 2018 showcased products like BuzziBracks, another flexible new modular system in work spaces, and the BuzziHat, an attractive sound absorber that blends well in office surroundings. Pretty cool, right?


New Cubicle Name Plate Holders and Sign Holders with Stunning Silver and Black Borders!

New Cubicle Name Plate Holders and Sign Holders with Stunning Silver and Black Borders!Add heading(2)The subject of borders has been a hot topic of debate lately, especially in this recent election cycle. We’d like to share a different take on a different kind of border…a more colorful approach in borders that has nothing to do with geography or politics.

We speak of the new colored-border options now catching the eye and directing attention toward Cubicle Sign Holders and Double-Sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders. The choice to make in 2018 is not so much about red or blue: it depends on your preference for black or silver!

Our first two candidates are Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders with Silver Borders (CSHL SSS) and Black Borders (CSHL SSB). At 8-1/2” wide x 11” high, these standout Sign Frames deliver exceptional appeal and express your message vividly. These attractive displays effectively draw the eye to signage, from event promotions to timely sales info.

Double-Sided Cubicle Nameplate Holder


Of course, it’s important to consider perspective from both sides of the cubicle. Enter our next two candidates, giving a new meaning to name recognition. Double-Sided Cubicle Name Plate Holders really accentuate name and title inserts with Black Borders (PNH2 SSB) and Silver Borders (PNH2 SSS). Designed to fit securely on partition walls, these dynamic Cubicle Nameplates give prominence to both sides in an 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” spotlight. Casting a ballot for silver or black can also be good for your economy because free perforated card stock is included, too.

Whether for literature in a new sales campaign or highlighting the names in your organization, the popular vote is with Black Borders and Silver Borders framing Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders and Name Plate Holders. Stand out and get your message and people noticed…it’s the only way to win!



Acrylic Display Essentials and Trends for Functional, Productive, Good Looking Offices

BCG3_51602Hunting for ways to upgrade and enhance your office décor that simultaneously foster productivity and deliver functionality? The business publication Inc. recently discussed trends in office redesign as part of its search of the “World’s Coolest Offices.”

One trend points to offices creating more inviting casual spaces for individual work, partly in response to the growth of remote work environments. Seems that productivity often goes up when staff can operate someplace besides their assigned workstation, like in an onsite lounge or café.

Shaking up the floor layout can also “break up the monotony.” Inc. pointed to BCG Digital Ventures in NYC and the labyrinth employees navigate as opposed to less-inspiring rows of desks. The formula is simple: an engaged worker is a happier, more productive worker. A workplace lacking inspiration only stultifies creativity and initiative.

In-office visual accents also serve an important purpose. Wall art, furniture, signage, and even tapestries are all part of a movement to carve out a more distinctive identity – not just for customers/clients but also for those internally who build the business.

PNHU2085025020 double name office-3
Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holder


If you’re upgrading, here are a few other vital visual essentials for modern, aesthetic appeal. Transforming cubicle layout into new pods? Consider options in Acrylic Name Plate Holders, including new Colored Borders. Adjustable Cubicle Name Plate Holders are worth a look, as well as CMB10 Cubicle Business Card Holders…durable, strong, and attractive with 10 different slots for cards.

Clear acrylic lends solid visual appeal in other ways. Cubicle Sign Holders and Sign Frames feature larger dimensions and an ideal showcase for literature displays that draw the eye AND help keep desks clutter-free. Once your display captures attention, the Acrylic Sign Holder conveys each message clearly with tremendous visual acuity, almost like glass.

Time for a dynamic office upgrade? You don’t have to wait for 2019 to get a jump on a design that makes the team happier and more productive…nor the acrylic display accents that complement them!

Making a Healthier, Dynamic Work Environment

workplace-health-promotionThere’s a lot of discussion about divisiveness across many segments of American society. Ironically, “us vs. them” debates are also fostering a notion of sticking together…a key component in the workplace where millions of Americans spend so much of their daily lives. Regardless of beliefs about politics or a myriad of other topics, creating a cohesive work environment is more critical and potentially challenging than ever.

Large offices, floor layouts with cubicle divisions, and areas separated by departments that rarely if ever interact can leave staff feeling disengaged from co-workers they pass every day. Sparking a sense of camaraderie helps make work feel more welcoming, and that can be critical to both worker happiness and productivity.

Dr. Bill Morrison of The Globe and Mail recently cited research in positive psychology identifying “key conditions essential for building healthy and effective workplace environments” that directly affect employee well-being and how he/she thrives.

The first of those conditions ties directly to that “sense of ‘relatedness’ or connectedness among employees,” according to Morrison. Simple greetings and friendly exchanges help “people gain a sense of positive connectedness” and that can translate into a family-like support system. Work results tend to be better and more people feel better about their involvement.

How to connect staff in work environments that tend to be otherwise anonymous? Something as simple as your office name plates can help put a name to a face. Addressing individuals by name creates a sense of belonging and makes exchanges more probable: starting with “hello” is more easily accomplished by name identification.

NPAA Glass Green

When workers see one another as nameless drones, office morale and a sense of teamwork can suffer. NPBR Desktop Name Plates in Silver or Black Borders can help break the ice, or a slanted look in NPAA Glass Green. Several exceptional Name Plate options are now available!

Keeping your work team cohesive is important…especially when you consider that some people spend more hours in the office per week than they do with their own families!

Matching Name Plate Holders with Office Decor Essentials

170930 NPH GREYSummer conjures thoughts of vacation and outdoor fun as well as occasional DIY, landscaping, and home improvement projects. In the work place, that spirit of renovation is also popular this time of year, and for some offices, now’s the time to upgrade that interior look.

On the wilder side for summer, is offering office items like “Timeless Clocks in Retro Red,” “Classic Procrastinator Pen Sets,” and Unicorn Tape Dispensers. Even Highlighters shaped like T-Rex and Bluetooth Speakers disguised as Rubik’s Cubes are featured.

For those who want a bold office appearance with a more conventional approach, there are several options to match décor in distinctive, uniform ways, helping make details pop – including Name Plate Holders. New styles in colored borders are gaining a lot of notice and popular reviews in that regard!

Black and silver borders are especially hot now. We’ve found NPAA Desktop Name Plate Holders in Silver or Black borders in high demand for desk and countertop placement. NPWW delivers tremendous appeal at eye-level in a wall-mounted version.

SBT085025ST w Insert(2)
Acrylic Desktop Name Plate


Another “mix-n-match” opportunity not to be missed in Colored-Border Name Plate Holders? The cubicle. Partition walls also make an excellent showcase for matching décor with PNH SSS (Silver) and PNH SSB (Black) Cubicle Name Plates. They are super easy to securely lock in place, too.

Desktops, walls, AND cubicles all make ideal presentation areas and the combination of colored borders with premium thickness acrylic complements a modern look in fine detail.

Once your floor layout is complete, where can you find the coolest items to personalize office space? Check out Etsy for photos, prints, magnets, and themed decorations for desks – from Hawaiian to Hemingway.