Amazing Office Name Plate Holders and their many Wonderful Benefits

PNH SSS Desk Setup Green BIt might not be the first item on your list of workplace accessories or interior office décor items. Yet, the traditional Name Plate Holder delivers a uniquely vital function that nothing else can. In fact, Office Nameplates are also taking on a new look to keep pace with today’s changing work environment…and the benefits are many!

Why is the Office Nameplate Holder so important? For one thing, it serves as the standout spotlight for personnel identification. Each Name Plate is the one personal identifier that gives employees a sense of identity. It might seem like a small token, but the Name Plate also gives the individual a sense of belonging within a larger family.

In a busy office, the Name Plate Holder as a People Spotter also helps with office navigation, especially in sectors frequented by unfamiliar foot traffic. To the uninitiated, a maze of cubicles can be daunting. Using dynamic Cubicle Name Plate Holders adds clear, distinctive visibility and diminishes bewildered confusion.8e95b9a5dc132ce158e819b26d4b3f34

Beyond the individual workstation, Office Name Plate Holders add aesthetic appeal and organization to a company’s overall appearance. Plain and simple, neatness makes an impression on visitors. Name Plate Holder People Spotters not only define individual workstations, they create a more uniformly designed office in general.

One more benefit of Name Plate Holders? Longevity. Tough, premium thickness acrylic is a fine investment because it virtually lasts forever, standing up to re-use and relocation. This is a key factor when personnel changes, transfers, and gets promoted.

As for those eye-catching new looks? Colored Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders are a prime example. Bold color options are taking that traditional look to brighter new levels in silver, black, bronze, and white.  Select orders also come with free card stock for do-it-yourself inserts to match easy installation of the Name Plate Holder itself – no tools required!

In addition to cubicle styles, Desktop and Wall-Mount Name Plate Holders are also hitting high marks in today’s modern office. Click a few pix and see for yourself!



Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer Cubicle

Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer CubicleStuck inside working on a beautiful summer day? If you find the ear-worm refrain of “Summertime Blues” in your head, it’s perfectly understandable. It’s also time to give the interior a little summer lift, especially in cubicle layouts.

Beyond the obvious 9 to 5 outdoor escapes for lunch and breaks, what else can you do? Comfortable enough to open a window for fresh air? That is, if you’re not windowless or hermetically sealed-in. The sure-fire key to happier summer workdays involves brightening up your indoors.

There are subtle ways to lighten your mood…flowers, different lighting, and even a new background on the computer screen can get the ball rolling. If you listen to music during the day, switch up the playlist – with or without Summertime Blues.

A change in décor should also include cubicles. Traditional partition walls and modern uptakes on cubicle design both look better with the latest in Name Plate Holders…premium thickness acrylic in dynamic new designs with colored border options to match.

In addition to eye-catching “People Spotter” Cubicle Name Plate Holders, new multi-tier options are elevating exposure for name/title inserts just in time for summer. Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Silver or Black Borders (Style PNHL SSS and PNHL SSB, respectively) also add a highly functional element with 2, 3, 4, and 5 slot variations.

That puts many flexible display options in your control. Bold color borders deliver the ideal frame for custom name and title inserts, with plenty of room for more name plates. Department identification and directional signage also slide into place, all in one convenient Name Plate Holder with multiple slots.

While looking around the workplace and imagining a more summer-y look, picture the added possibilities available in clear Acrylic Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders. Whether the insert announces a VP or Marketing head, specific department, or simply Enter and Exit, chances are, the aesthetic appeal of Combination Suite Identification Name Plate Holders can play a part in a summer interior upgrade!



New Computer Mount Name Plate Holders for National Clean Out Your Computer Day

New Computer Mount Name Plate Holders for National Clean Out Your Computer DayIf you think of computer cleaning in terms of air dusting keyboards and wiping down monitors, there are a few elements you might not be thinking about. National Clean Out Your Computer Day serves as a reminder about more comprehensive computer cleaning in ways that can help your machine run more efficiently all year long.

Always observed on the second Monday of February, this National Day is designated for internal cleaning and organizing of files and folders while deleting junk files, duplicates, old/obsolete files, and unused programs. Those older files and programs can clog up computer memory, slow down PCs, and create potential problems when downloading data you DO need.

The computer security experts at Norton have also offered a check list of cleaning essentials for National Clean Out Your Computer Day. Norton’s two-prong approach comprehensively covers hardware and how to carefully clean the exterior. The second area moves from the computer’s “body” to its “mind,” i.e. backing up data, updating or removing software, and making sure antivirus software is adequately protecting against malware.

VNPT 800 600 1
Computer Name Plate Holder


While giving your computer a day of much-needed and well-deserved (hopefully) attention and TLC, here’s something new to add: Style VNPT Computer Mount Name Plate Holders from Plastic Products Mfg. The clear rigid vinyl is practically indestructible and ideal for re-use. It attaches easily to a variety of monitor sizes, making Computer Mount Name Plate Holders especially desirable in open office concepts, call centers, and school and business campuses.

Designed primarily to showcase inserts 6” wide x 2” high, this new introduction also comes with a bonus. Quality heavy-gauge 67 lb white perforated card stock and user-friendly templates are included FREE, giving end users the capability to custom print individual name plates. From there, each Computer Mount Name Plate Holder handles identification durably and with universal appeal.

By the way, National Clean Out Your Computer Day is not a recent development in light of the latest discussions about hacking and privacy. It actually began in 2000…not long after the Y2K scare.


Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, Display Options and the National Stationery Show

national stationery show 2019It’s anticipated that some 10,000 trade professionals from around the world will converge on the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in NYC February 3rd through 6th for 2019’s National Stationery Show. More than 400 companies will be exhibiting, ranging from card and gift shops, party stores, and big box retailers to importers and special event planners.

If you’re not familiar with it, you might be surprised to know that the NSS is actually 73 years old. Coined as “the place for all things paper,” NSS spotlights the visual from industries that create greeting cards, custom invitations, and “lifestyle gifts.” Thousands of new products will be displayed from “the launching pad for 100+ emerging, trend-leading businesses…a true discovery zone!”

PNHL T4 (On Location)2
4-Slot Cubicle Name Plate Holder


In the spirit of competition, creativity at NSS can also be rewarding. The 3rd Annual “Design Our Valentines” contest could not be timed better. The highest honor however is the Best New Product display in multiple categories…like All Things Wedding (Invitation Suites, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Gifts, Favors, etc.), Cause-Related products, All Things Paper, and Life/Style (candles, soaps, pillows). These are just a few.

As the year’s largest industry show, NSS calls itself “The Home for New Stationery Trends.” It’s the time and place for those “emerging designers” to show their flair alongside familiar, well-known brands. And when it comes to print displays, we’re setting a few new trends for 2019 ourselves.

Acrylic Name Plate Holder


Clear Acrylic Brochure Holders from Glass Green to the Elite Series provide a classy complement to superb print products. Crystal Clear Sign Holders increase visibility, making a fine vehicle for retail promotions including the specific niche businesses NSS attracts.

Even name plate displays are getting a bold new look in print, beyond the ubiquitous black-and-white. In keeping with NSS creative inspiration, Name Plate Holders with pattern alternatives, colored borders, and free card stock options are the cutting edge of a new trend on a traditional display.

Give it some thought…standing out with customer appeal takes more ingenuity than ever now and the “same old” approach can leave eyes glazed instead of engaged!


Making a Healthier, Dynamic Work Environment

workplace-health-promotionThere’s a lot of discussion about divisiveness across many segments of American society. Ironically, “us vs. them” debates are also fostering a notion of sticking together…a key component in the workplace where millions of Americans spend so much of their daily lives. Regardless of beliefs about politics or a myriad of other topics, creating a cohesive work environment is more critical and potentially challenging than ever.

Large offices, floor layouts with cubicle divisions, and areas separated by departments that rarely if ever interact can leave staff feeling disengaged from co-workers they pass every day. Sparking a sense of camaraderie helps make work feel more welcoming, and that can be critical to both worker happiness and productivity.

Dr. Bill Morrison of The Globe and Mail recently cited research in positive psychology identifying “key conditions essential for building healthy and effective workplace environments” that directly affect employee well-being and how he/she thrives.

The first of those conditions ties directly to that “sense of ‘relatedness’ or connectedness among employees,” according to Morrison. Simple greetings and friendly exchanges help “people gain a sense of positive connectedness” and that can translate into a family-like support system. Work results tend to be better and more people feel better about their involvement.

How to connect staff in work environments that tend to be otherwise anonymous? Something as simple as your office name plates can help put a name to a face. Addressing individuals by name creates a sense of belonging and makes exchanges more probable: starting with “hello” is more easily accomplished by name identification.

NPAA Glass Green

When workers see one another as nameless drones, office morale and a sense of teamwork can suffer. NPBR Desktop Name Plates in Silver or Black Borders can help break the ice, or a slanted look in NPAA Glass Green. Several exceptional Name Plate options are now available!

Keeping your work team cohesive is important…especially when you consider that some people spend more hours in the office per week than they do with their own families!

Name Plate Holders, Food, and National Deskfast Day, March 19th!

ional Deskfast Day March 19thMarch 19th is a big day for people dedicated to both their jobs and breakfast. It’s National “Deskfast” Day, which as you may have guessed, combines the words “desk” and “breakfast.” It’s a term for the first meal of the day being eaten at the work desk and, believe it or not, “deskfast” is an official trend that even caught the attention of nutritionists.

Skeptical at first, many of those nutritionists reportedly changed their tune after discovering that people ate healthier “deskfasts” than they did with home or restaurant breakfasts…or no breakfast at all.

According to, this fad called Deskfast came into prominence in 2008 as the European economy went into recession. Workers worried about their jobs began clocking in earlier and staying later, creating the need for early morning sustenance. To be more energized and avoid sloppy syrups, dripping milk, and unavoidable grease on keyboards, most “deskfasts” are supposedly healthier than traditional breakfasts.

Now that we’ve covered the breakfast part, what about the desk? Doesn’t this home away from home for 40 hours or more a week deserve to look good for Deskfast? One way to do it is with Desk Name Plates. Thick acrylic plates hold name/title inserts, accentuated by stainless steel Standoffs for a classy, dignified, professional look.600px-style-npws_insert-2

A2 Curved Acrylic Sign Holders and related Picture Frames stand out, too. Beautifully curved acrylic plates, also with metal Standoffs, deliver dynamic appeal and the consummate professional appearance. Make a statement and enjoy your “deskfast” in style!

Just how does one celebrate National Deskfast Day? Provided you have the freedom to do so, why not make a morning picnic-like get-together with workmates? It could be a good opportunity to connect with co-workers you don’t typically see or talk to on a regular basis with morning bonding over food on March 19th!


New Name Plate Holders for National Name Tag Day March 8th!

National Name Tag DayIsn’t it time for a little name recognition? Believe it or not, March features an officially recognized celebration of the Name. “Celebrate Your Name Week” runs March 4 – 10, culminating with National Name Tag Day on March 8th. According to Mental Floss, the only hard rule is that you wear a “Hello, my name is…” tag and the name you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be your real one!

Once the Name Tag Day party is over however, there remains the essential task of everyday name and title identification – and the best way to spotlight inserts with a dynamic new look and a modern flair for the aesthetic in professional environments.NPA SSB with Insert

The next generation of superior acrylic name plate holders has hit the scene for 2018. Unique designs in cubicle name plate hangers open a world of options, including the latest in Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders that can accommodate up to five inserts. Imagine the possibilities, not only with department identification but also in directional signage and rotating on-site event announcements.

Making an even more colorful splash on desktop and countertops, NPA Name Plate Holders combine a traditional slant back display in premium thickness acrylic with bold borders in black or silver. It’s an eye-catching frame for names…and an effective way to grab attention in busy foot traffic to show passersby directional signs and departmental designations.NPS SSB With insert

NPS Name Plate Holders accentuate that look even more with stainless steel standoff posts. The metallic posts in each corner help draw attention and lock focus on your insert templates, securing those inserts between polished acrylic plates while adding support to the display itself. Black and silver color options reach more eyes, more effectively.

All these models are built to last with clear acuity. And what better time to order than National Name Tag Day? By the way, there’s another early March holiday that features just ONE name: National Alfred Hitchcock Day, March 12th!