Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer Cubicle

Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer CubicleStuck inside working on a beautiful summer day? If you find the ear-worm refrain of “Summertime Blues” in your head, it’s perfectly understandable. It’s also time to give the interior a little summer lift, especially in cubicle layouts.

Beyond the obvious 9 to 5 outdoor escapes for lunch and breaks, what else can you do? Comfortable enough to open a window for fresh air? That is, if you’re not windowless or hermetically sealed-in. The sure-fire key to happier summer workdays involves brightening up your indoors.

There are subtle ways to lighten your mood…flowers, different lighting, and even a new background on the computer screen can get the ball rolling. If you listen to music during the day, switch up the playlist – with or without Summertime Blues.

A change in décor should also include cubicles. Traditional partition walls and modern uptakes on cubicle design both look better with the latest in Name Plate Holders…premium thickness acrylic in dynamic new designs with colored border options to match.

In addition to eye-catching “People Spotter” Cubicle Name Plate Holders, new multi-tier options are elevating exposure for name/title inserts just in time for summer. Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Silver or Black Borders (Style PNHL SSS and PNHL SSB, respectively) also add a highly functional element with 2, 3, 4, and 5 slot variations.

That puts many flexible display options in your control. Bold color borders deliver the ideal frame for custom name and title inserts, with plenty of room for more name plates. Department identification and directional signage also slide into place, all in one convenient Name Plate Holder with multiple slots.

While looking around the workplace and imagining a more summer-y look, picture the added possibilities available in clear Acrylic Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders. Whether the insert announces a VP or Marketing head, specific department, or simply Enter and Exit, chances are, the aesthetic appeal of Combination Suite Identification Name Plate Holders can play a part in a summer interior upgrade!




Name Plate Holders and Workstation People Spotters – Welcome to NeoCon 2019!

AIS-ShowroomEvery June since 1969, “The Mart” in Chicago has been home to NeoCon, a premier destination for commercial design innovators. NeoCon’s 50th anniversary trade show June 10th – 12th is expecting big numbers in design professionals (50,000) and 500 leading manufacturers.

Companies represented include some emerging new hotshots in areas ranging from fabrics and flooring to furniture, interior building products, finishes, and technology. Also exhibiting is Herman Miller, the company that started the cubicle office layout revolution with the “Action Office” in 1968.

New open-floor office trends have inspired professionals to take a closer look at next-generation cubicles, like those being unveiled by Herman Miller. The modern workstation looks much different than those original partition panels. Now more streamlined, airy, and unconfined, today’s cubicle is a comfortable, ergonomic workstation that uses space and storage more efficiently for collaborative AND digital work environments.


Going hand-in-hand with contemporary office workstations and any cubicle style are the latest “People Spotter” Name Plate Holders. The blend of crystal-clear acrylic with a splash of color options has really been grabbing attention lately. These Colored Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders are in high demand as a perfect match for new interior décor and the modern professional aesthetic.

A stand-out look for standard 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” name plate inserts, bold-colored borders give a new twist to Name Plate Holders, thus earning its People Spotter designation in the dynamic office of tomorrow. Customizing inserts can also be accomplished quickly and easily with perforated heavy gauge card stock included free on select orders for cost-effective DIY printing. Polished edges and premium thickness material add durability to style.

As NeoCon celebrates show number 50, we thought you might enjoy a quick look at a Herman Miller NeoCon entry from the funky days of 1974: Don Chadwick Modular Furniture, five units connected in a “sinuous configuration!”

Herman Miller Don Chadwick Modular Seating


Cubicles Then and Now: from Name Plate Holders to People Spotters™

Untitled design(3)We recently touched on the origin of the office cubicle, first introduced in 1968 as an “Action Office” system by the Michigan furniture manufacturing company, Herman Miller. Herman Miller, which opened in 1905, turned to Robert Probst for a design “not to keep us apart while at work, but to set us free.” The Action Office was thus proclaimed as the world’s first open-plan modular system of flexible panels…with a revolutionary ability to reconfigure in changing office layouts.

Ironically, it was the changing office landscape that led to conflicting reviews of the Action Office. In the 70s and 80s, those who chose a partition pattern that simply crammed more workers into a smaller footprint brought about a stinging rebuke among discontent staff.

Today’s push for newer, more open-air floor plans is helping inspire another look at the trusty cubicle. Imagination and ingenuity are creating interior office designs unlike anything around when Action Office was first introduced.

Cubicle Name Plate Holder


Innovative office designs now approach cubicles much differently. No longer a mind-numbing labyrinth of partitions, technological developments have made it possible to create independent work pods out of cubicles. Wireless and paperless work environments offer more freedom and require less cumbersome forms of storage. Modern workstations are increasingly taking the form of a mini-living room, not a cage.

One element that’s still essential, regardless of partition layout? That’s the Cubicle Name Plate Holder so key to identification. New People Spotters are keeping pace with office dynamics, adding style and distinction to spotlight the individual. Polished acrylic with bold Colored Border Name Plate Holders makes name and title inserts pop!

Silver, black, bronze, or white, Cubicle Name Plate Holders provide a fine showcase for personalized 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” inserts with polished edges and superior color detail. That makes a sharp contrast against the partition wall and an aesthetically appealing addition to the cubicle.


Gifts of Thanks for National Teacher Appreciation Day May 7th

1280x720_80507C00-XMTOG-1068x601When asked which professions are most underappreciated, underpaid, and undervalued, many responses are likely to include first responders, teachers, or both. As vital as first responders can be in life-threatening emergencies, it’s more likely that a teacher has cast a significant influence in your day-to-day.

To honor our fine educators, May 7th has been designated National Teacher Appreciation Day. Also called National Teacher Day, the National Education Association calls it not just a day for honoring teachers but also one that recognizes “the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Social media postings using #TeacherAppreciationDay or #NationalTeacherDay are encouraged to say thanks, and we have a nice tribute idea that’s even better!

Consider the one item almost as necessary to teachers as a desk and a syllabus: the Name Plate Holder. Colored Border Desk Name Plate Holders make very personalized gifts that offer quality and distinction. Polished acrylic like this goes well in a classroom setting and never goes out of style!IMG_0031-w

These People Spotters™ make excellent tributes, giving each teacher a well-deserved individual spotlight. Bordered Desk Nameplate Holders have a dynamic, modern look in slant-back, sloped, and stand-up styles. Bold Silver or Black borders add a nice twist to a classic desk accessory. Personalized inserts are also easy to load and never looked better in premium thickness acrylic.

Congress first declared March 7, 1980 as National Teacher Day. But the drive to make it happen began much earlier. Political and educational leaders started discussing the designation of a national day as far back as 1944. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt resumed the call and persuaded the 81st Congress to make the proclamation.

By the way, if you miss saying thanks to a teacher on Tuesday, May 7th, you can still avoid detention by saying it throughout the week. Technically speaking, National Teacher Day is part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Now you know!


New Name Plate Holders for New Interns in National Internship Awareness Month

Untitled design(3)The undervalued, underappreciated intern…that eager, ambitious “go-fer,” stuck doing the grunt work for little or, quite often, no pay. Except for the compensation part, there are many misperceptions and myths about internships – something National Internship Awareness Month hopes to dispel throughout the month of April.

According to a U.S. Department of Labor survey, 92% of interviewed employers hosted internship programs, adding that two out of three interns received full-time offers. That includes lucrative fields in technology, finance, law, politics, government, health care, and human services.

It’s that entry through opportunity’s front door that makes internships so advantageous, especially for those just getting into the work world with little or no experience. Those behind National Internship Awareness Month claim that internships are key for job seekers breaking into the workforce as a way to “gain meaningful experience.”

Real-world professional experience is a huge benefit for interns. It’s a hands-on way to strengthen “soft skills” critical to future success, like teamwork, communication, and problem solving.

Are interns a part of your business or firm? Now’s a fine time to recognize the hard work and value of each, something with a personal touch that reflects their individuality. A Desk Nameplate Holder with Borders is a nice idea, a dynamic, professional frame for custom inserts announcing the “New Intern” by name.

Classic Single-Sided…Silver or Black Borders…a slanted acrylic face or style that stands upright: these are just a few options that will make interns feel welcome. And that’s just in the Desktop Name Plate Holder selection. Cubicle and Wall-Mount Nameplates are in-demand, too.

The most coveted internships in America? Business Insider confirms what will surprise few. Number 3 is Facebook, second is Apple, and Google comes in first. Be sure to thank your interns!

Cubicle Sign Holders, Name Plate Holders, and Brochure Holders for National Cubicle Day 2019, April 28

National Cubicle Day_ April 28th!It’s a big day at Plastic Products Mfg: National Cubicle Day. And in case you missed previous Cubicle Days, be sure to mark your calendar for this annual event, every April 28th.

2019’s “Holiday” is a little extra special because we’ve recently unfurled an exciting new selection of Cubicle Sign Holders and Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders to give those cubicles a dynamic new look, adding a nice complement to professional décor.

But why give cubicles their own day in the first place? Good question. Office cubicle layouts have gotten their share of harsh criticism. The now cult-classic movie Office Space got a ton of laughs out of the cubicle workplace. Beyond the big screen, cubicles have also been maligned as a way to cram as many people into a smaller footprint.

The first cubicle was introduced in 1968 as an “Action Office” alternative to the open “bullpen” office style common in newsrooms and detective offices. Herman Miller’s Action Office system became the world’s first open-plan modular system of panels and attaching components. Designed to give flexibility in configuration(s), “Action Office” partitions were meant to give workers push-pin walls that delivered privacy…with plenty of desk space and height. Need to change the layout? Just reconfigure. That was, and continues to be, the beauty of the cubicle.

Adding more functionality and aesthetic appeal? New Cubicle Name Plate Holders with Silver, Black, Bronze, and White Border options. Premium thickness acrylic with polished edges provides the ideal framework for custom name/title inserts. Since we’re celebrating National Cubicle Day, FREE heavy-gauge card stock is included with select orders to make printing easy and economical.

On a larger scale, Cubicle Sign Holders with Borders make events and special pronouncements more vivid and appealing, perfect for 8-1/2” x 11” inserts. Clear Acrylic Cubicle Brochure Holders also showcase literature attractively, giving foot traffic a clear invitation to “grab-n-go.”

Now you know! Happy Cubicle Day!



Inspiring People Spotters, Name Plate Holders, and Cool 2019 Office Design Trends

Untitled design(2)Boring, generic work spaces are becoming as increasingly passé as the 9 to 5 work day. That’s according to Décor Mag, which recently listed employee lifestyle and wellness as focal points in new office design trends. A DM “Décor Aid” entry even claims that office décor and the environment it represents has become “part of the decision-making process when future employees are considering whether or not to accept a job offer.”

How to achieve that trendy look in 2019? The Décor Aid article pointed to several areas, like incorporating a homier feel in common work areas with coffee tables, sofas, and throw cushions. Layered textures are also big, blending materials ranging from leather and sheepskin to wool, metal, and stone…in a range of colors and finishes.

PNHG2 (On Location)
Partition Name Plate Holder

Details count. Accentuating a new office look also demands the right People Spotters…modern Name Plate displays that complement the latest design trends, textures, and themes. Colored Border Desktop Name Plates in Black or Silver, for example, make a bold statement in reinvigorated offices. Inserts are also easy to customize for DIY printing with heavy gauge perforated card stock included free on select orders.

New People Spotters aren’t confined to desk and countertops, either. Cubicle layouts are being reconfigured into more attractive work pods…and the partitions still need their Cubicle Name Plates with Borders. Polished edges and premium thickness acrylic lend a dynamic showcase for traditional 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” Name Plates.

Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders can also play a part in a new-look décor. Exclusive Sign Frames with Borders really make event pronouncements and essential literature displays pop with eye appeal.

Desktop Name Plate with Silver Border

People Spotter Name Plate Holders also fit other design trends in DM’s Décor Aid. Imaginative use of geometric patterns is one instance. And how about offsetting acrylic and colored borders with shimmering metallics, like in wall coverings? In futuristic offices, reflecting light this way can only make work days brighter!