New Name Plate Holders for National Techies Day, October 3rd!

New Name Plate Holders for National Techies Day, October 3rd!Throw out the image of the maligned, awkward, geeky nerd outcast. “Techies” are now the cool “in” crowd, a fact being celebrated October 3rd as National Techies Day. It’s a great opportunity to thank those who fix your computer bugs on a regular basis, keeping you productive and taking the stress out of your workday.

Kidding and imagery aside, National Techies Day is observed annually with a mission: to encourage students in the pursuit of careers in technology. It’s a job sector growing at high speed with opportunities projected in rapidly increasing numbers. Think of it as helping shape the work force of the future. Case in point, tech jobs in the U.S. are predicted to grow 22% by next year alone…far outpacing other sectors like service, retail, and manufacturing.

Increasing use of automation also plays a hand in this trend. In other words, expect fewer manual labor options in the future and more positions for those who know how to create, design, operate, handle, repair, and maintain driving technology.

As for the Techie or Techies in your office, there are a few ways to say thanks. Lunch is always an option. Cool, innovative Name Plate Holders are another! We have just the styles, too.

Clear Vinyl Computer Name Plate Holders are a nice way to say Happy Techies Day. The material is flexible, durable, and practically invincible. This Name Plate Holder fits computer monitors easily and securely, showcasing Techie names and titles with crystal clarity.

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Another dignified look in Name Plate Holders? Check out Cubicle People Spotters™ …Acrylic Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders in Silver, Black, or White. They add a dynamic look to modern as well as traditional partitions.

Bordered Wall Nameplates are also popular with Black and Silver options. Easy to install at eye level, the combination of color with polished, premium thickness acrylic makes quite an impression!

Consider the possibilities for National Techies Day. Individual recognition goes a long way in the Gratitude Department and nothing emphasizes it more than just the right Name Plate Holder!


Colored-Border Office Name Plate Holders – the Vibrant Look for Fall and Beyond!

Canyon-Redrock-BoardroomFeeling inspired by the colors of Autumn and the fall season ahead? Capture that colorful inspiration indoors with a serious upgrade in truly eye-catching new Name Plate Holders! Elevate the look to a dynamic, professional new level that also complements your décor.

Plastic Products Mfg recently released some incredibly unique new Name Plate Holders with colored border options.  Now those alternatives are even better with two distinctive standout additions in choices of black and silver, not to mention a variety of insert patterns!

Style NPA and Style NPBR both deliver the bold new look with entirely different approaches.  The Style NPA Colored-Border Name Plate Holder features a slant-back look with polished front edges in premium thickness acrylic. Card stock inserts slide in easily from either side’s 1/16” opening.  Add the black and silver choices and you have a sleek look in a perfect frame.

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With Style NPHA4 Acrylic Nameplate Holders, you have a clear choice with a satin silver or black border and vertical standing display.  Constructed of premium .092 acrylic thickness, Style NPHA4 is designed for stability AND user-friendliness…sliding inserts from either side is fast and easy!

Which style works best for your application might depend on something as simple as the height of the platform beneath it.  Want the face plate angled up or straight ahead?  No matter which you choose, these dynamic new colors make Name Plate Holders pop!

Better yet, you can customize both inserts AND border color how you want with minimum orders on Style NPHA4. Mix and match and choose a font…with custom inserts and new Colored-Border Name Plate Holders, you get office appeal that goes year-round.

The Tiered Shape of things to come…from Cubicle Name Plate Holders to new Office Stadium Seating

e2164c052f093e56e0b3e72ffb2694b7Heard about the new trend in office design? You probably didn’t think that it involves stadium seating, did you?

That’s exactly what is happening at a handful of tech companies, starting about five years ago in Silicon Valley. An act of defiance? Maybe. School bleachers were originally considered a sort of “counter corporate” snub to traditional cubicle layouts and “stiff boardrooms.” The use of physical space in high tech work campuses has also become a recruitment tool and it seems the nostalgic aspect of bleacher seating has a hook.

As the trend builds steam, so have some imaginative variations in stadium seating. The Malwarebytes office had the foresight to open a “secret” speakeasy-like cantina in stylish fashion BENEATH their stadium seating. California’s Workday HQ got an interesting wrinkle in their design by Form4 Architecture: a huge dry erase coloring book with fish on the wall, encouraging passersby to stop and draw.

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There’s more to this tiered shape in the office than just seating. Beyond Silicon Valley, new cubicle designs are also shaking up traditional office floor layouts. And even older style partitions are getting a makeover with Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holders.

Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders in Black and Silver border options are really gaining notice. These colorful new “People Spotters” come in 2, 3, 4, and 5 different slot variations that rather resemble stadium seating when the inserts are loaded. The colored borders catch the eye and Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders are ideal for directional guidance and combination suite identification.

Also, if you are fortunate enough to have an in-office getaway like the Malwarebytes “secret speakeasy” – with or without stadium seating – you might want a Multi-Tier Name Plate Holder to point the way. Then announce your arrival with a brilliant Clear Acrylic Sign Holder!

Name Plate Holders and National Payroll Week

payroll-bannerNow here’s a celebration everyone can get behind…the commemoration of a common event so popular, it doesn’t just get a day: it gets an entire week. It’s time to pay homage to National Payroll Week! And why not? Who doesn’t love payday?

National Payroll Week always coincides with the week of Labor Day, September third through 7th, and celebrates payroll professionals. It’s these fine folks most of us rely upon one to four times a month, doling out the “reward” for hard work and helping keep the bills paid. If you substitute the word “pittance” for “reward,” you’re not alone.

As for payroll professionals themselves, National Payroll Week is intended to raise awareness of their efforts with an additional “educational component.” The hope is that workers look closer at their paychecks, learn more about the payroll withholding system, and take full advantage of payroll-related benefits.

Another way to honor payroll professionals? Give each one in your Payroll Department well-deserved individual recognition with a People Spotter Name Plate Holder. It’s an appropriate gesture and a nice way to honor those who make payday happen!

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Several distinctive new Name Plate variations are hitting high popularity now, including Cubicle and Desk Name Plate Holders with color border options. Premium thickness acrylic with polished edges lends a distinguished look to these stellar spotlights. Some orders also include free perforated card stock for DIY insert printing.

Wall Mount Name Plate Holders are also easy to install at eye level. Framing name and title inserts in a black or silver bordered framework adds nice aesthetic appeal to the office, too. Obviously, you have choices!

While we’re on the subject of payday, did you know that the Payday candy bar got its name in 1932 when the creator at the Hollywood Candy Company couldn’t come up with a name…and it just happened to be payday? It’s also said that – according to ancient “paystubs” – Egyptian and Mesopotamian employees used to get paid in beer and commodities. THAT must have been an interesting Payroll Department!



Trendy New Cubicles, Name Plate Holders, and Hip Open Plan Offices

Untitled design(8)The olden days of cubicle office layouts are giving way to exciting new interior office designs, elevating the ubiquitous cubicle into a dynamic personal workspace that also stands out aesthetically. A Fast Company article by Mark Wilson published earlier this year illustrates the next generation of cubicles…and the companies competing in cubicle reinvention.

This fight for the best new cubicle design has one common goal: transforming open air dividers into a different kind of space with fully self-contained rooms. The Cubicle of yesterday is the Pod, Micro-Office, Phone Booth, and Cubicle Nouveau of the future.

Wilson refers to a statistic from the International Facilities Management Association stating that as many as 70% of U.S. offices are “open plan.” Many are migrating from suburban parks back to more urban settings, often with less square footage requiring an imaginative new approach to space utilization.

Rather than repeating mistakes of the past (i.e., cramming too many people together in the hope for collaboration), the new cubicle is vastly different from mere partition dividers. Soundproof paneling, ventilation, and power sources for laptops and USB devices are featured in newer designs. Some cubicles have four walls, a roof, and total privacy, complete with a full-panel window!

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Don’t let the “Phone Booth” designation throw you, either.  These prefabricated, self-contained rooms can actually fit two to four people. Cubicall CEO Anthony Maraccini calls his company’s design “…a personal space that meets the four pillars of privacy: sound, visual, territorial, and informational.”

Other players in the new cubicle race? Zenbooth is the first to include an electrically adjusted desk and flat-pack shipping, ala IKEA. TalkBox boasts the largest interior, including the vertical footprint. Room offers the lowest price, $3,450 and free shipping.

The ideal complement to any new workspace design is the right Name Plate Holder for identification. People Spotter Name Plate Holders are geared perfectly for new-look offices with bold colored borders. They catch the eye and are so easy to install, they can easily accommodate staff “on the go” as inner-office modular use becomes more mobile.

No matter how you use Cubicle Name Plate Holders, remember that heavy gauge perforated card stock is included free on select orders so you can print your own inserts. Just talk to Plastic Products Mfg for more interior inspiration!

Name Plates and Perforated Card Stock for National Back-to-School Month

Back_to_School_BannerIt won’t be long before bells ring and a new school year gets underway. Parents are taking a closer look at sales on school clothes, supplies, and backpacks. Educational facilities are also getting ready with upgrades to classrooms and communal learning areas.

As part of National Back-to-School Month in August, Plastic Products Mfg is also in the groove. Ever mindful of tight school budgets and razor-thin operating costs, Name Plate Holders so popular this time of year are being offered with FREE perforated card stock on select orders. A cost-effective alternative to engraved nameplates, the perforated paper stock also delivers style options with faster DIY printing.

Printed Card-stock Name Plate inserts are as easy as 1, 2, 3 when downloading our Microsoft Office templates! copy
Perforated Card-Stock


While students and faculty settle into the 2019-2020 school year, there’s always a traditional “getting to know you” phase, putting names to faces. That’s why dynamic Cubicle, Wall-Mount, and Desktop Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders are all the rage on campus…and the addition of complementary nameplate card stock only sweetens the incentive.

Printing your own custom name plates is easy to do, right from your computer. The perforated paper stock is ready to load in your printer, and you can use our convenient Microsoft Word Template to add your text. From there, just print your nameplate and slide it in place…standard name plate inserts load quickly and easily. Businesses also prefer this flexibility for frequent sign changes.

2 Computer Name Plate Holder
Computer-Mount Name Plate Holder


Well-equipped classrooms and computer labs are also prime spots for Computer-Mount Name Plate Holders. They’re a different design in rugged vinyl…worth a look where monitors need name tags securely in place.

Did you know that Boston Latin School was the first public school in the colonies, opening in 1635? Clergyman John Harvard founded his namesake Ivy League school just one year later in nearby Cambridge. Ursuline Academy in New Orleans became the first school exclusively for girls in 1727. Back in Massachusetts, the first state compulsory education law was passed in 1852.

Fast forward to 2019, a time for “People Spotter” Name Plate Holders…and free perforated card stock to make printing inserts faster, easier, and more affordable!




Amazing Office Name Plate Holders and their many Wonderful Benefits

PNH SSS Desk Setup Green BIt might not be the first item on your list of workplace accessories or interior office décor items. Yet, the traditional Name Plate Holder delivers a uniquely vital function that nothing else can. In fact, Office Nameplates are also taking on a new look to keep pace with today’s changing work environment…and the benefits are many!

Why is the Office Nameplate Holder so important? For one thing, it serves as the standout spotlight for personnel identification. Each Name Plate is the one personal identifier that gives employees a sense of identity. It might seem like a small token, but the Name Plate also gives the individual a sense of belonging within a larger family.

In a busy office, the Name Plate Holder as a People Spotter also helps with office navigation, especially in sectors frequented by unfamiliar foot traffic. To the uninitiated, a maze of cubicles can be daunting. Using dynamic Cubicle Name Plate Holders adds clear, distinctive visibility and diminishes bewildered confusion.8e95b9a5dc132ce158e819b26d4b3f34

Beyond the individual workstation, Office Name Plate Holders add aesthetic appeal and organization to a company’s overall appearance. Plain and simple, neatness makes an impression on visitors. Name Plate Holder People Spotters not only define individual workstations, they create a more uniformly designed office in general.

One more benefit of Name Plate Holders? Longevity. Tough, premium thickness acrylic is a fine investment because it virtually lasts forever, standing up to re-use and relocation. This is a key factor when personnel changes, transfers, and gets promoted.

As for those eye-catching new looks? Colored Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders are a prime example. Bold color options are taking that traditional look to brighter new levels in silver, black, bronze, and white.  Select orders also come with free card stock for do-it-yourself inserts to match easy installation of the Name Plate Holder itself – no tools required!

In addition to cubicle styles, Desktop and Wall-Mount Name Plate Holders are also hitting high marks in today’s modern office. Click a few pix and see for yourself!