Acrylic Displays Shine on Video Game Product Launches at E3 in June!


Gaming fans at the Sony PlayStation display on the first day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, California, June 11, 2013. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry, runs from June 11-13. AFP PHOTO / ROBYN BECKROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images


Headed to LA for E3 this June, the world’s premier event for the video gaming industry? This widely attended event is an annual showcase for new product launches and “ground-breaking technology,” according to With video game technology, popularity, and sales booming, E3 will connect tens of thousands of “the best, brightest, and most innovative in the interactive entertainment industry.”

If you’re in the business or merely curious to attend, mark your calendar for June 12-14 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. If you ARE in the video game industry, you’ll be glad to know that market value has been on the rise significantly since 2012. According to Statista, the market was worth an estimated $16.97 billion (USD) in 2015 and will reach $20.28 billion by 2020!

Whether player or provider, here’s another interesting finding: monthly time spent per capita with a game console in the United States from the 2nd quarter of 2014 to the 1st quarter of 2017 grew from 22 hours, 16 minutes to 29 hours, 27 minutes. Think about that. Per capita, that’s nothing to ignore!

A3 Gaming Insert
Style A3085110CB


As for this year’s E3 Expo, attendees will find that video gaming goes far beyond stereotypes that it’s primarily a source of teenage distraction. For instance, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have found that the narrative video game “Night Shift,” which focuses on treating patients with severe injuries, better prepares doctors for trauma triage than traditional text-based learning (ESA Newsletter, January 2018).

Leading edge, never-before-seen products will be in the spotlight for a myriad of applications at E3, on display for fans and vendors alike from around the world. If you’re among those displaying, be sure to stand out with a look that accentuates the futuristic atmosphere. New Swivel Base Sign Holders, Magnetic Slant Back Sign Holders, and Double-Sided Sign Holders on Oval Bases deliver eye-catching, crystal-clear results!


Magnetic Black Sign Holders…THE Summer Blockbuster in POP Displays!

Illuminated stage podium for award ceremony vector illustrationAs retailers, foodservice operations, the hospitality industry, and entertainment venues gear up for Summer promotions, a revolutionary new look in POP displays is really getting rave reviews!  Introducing Style A3B Magnetic Black Sign Holders, the latest addition to Plastic Products Mfg’s new Magnetic Series.

Summer movie releases are coming soon and Hollywood hopefuls have fingers crossed for the next big blockbuster.  It’s that kind of red carpet spotlight that’s also turning heads toward this incredibly sharp looking Photo/Sign Holder…a dynamic blend of Clear Acrylic with a Black Acrylic back panel.  Style A3B’s Clear Acrylic front panel edges are polished at a 30-degree bevel for added movie star good looks.  Your promotional literature, signs, and photos are placed simply between the two 1/8” thick panels, with four neodymium magnets sealing those panels in place.  The slant-back design creates the perfect angle for grabbing attention and holding it, especially with the stunning Clear/Black Acrylic effect!  The visual appearance speaks for itself.

A strong supporting cast can make a huge difference in both on-screen success and effective marketing.  Eye-catching displays deliver that support in promotional advertising, drawing foot traffic to countertops and tabletops for true revenue-producing results.A3B085110

But the value of Style A3B goes beyond aesthetic appeal.  That 1/8” premium thickness is tough and durable for the long haul, making your investment a sturdy one.  It’s also flexible so your custom sizing requests are easy to accommodate going into the manufacturing process.  Strong Acrylic stands up to hard knocks and maintains that crystal clear viewing acuity with high resistance to scratching, smudges, and cracks.

By the way, curious what’s hitting the theaters over the next few weeks?  Johnny Depp’s back in the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment and a new Baywatch team led by The Rock heats up the beach for the big screen.  Wonder Woman is getting a lot of attention; Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are featured in Universal’s reboot of The Mummy.  Action?  Check out King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.  Comedy?  Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn team up in Snatched.  There’s plenty of horror flicks like 47 Meters Down, 2017’s take on Jaws.  The third Cars and Despicable Me should also be huge draws with kids and families.

Want to take your Summer big-ticket sales promotions to blockbuster heights?  Give them the perfect backdrop for your audience.  Magnetic Black Sign Holders offer ideal screens with a magnetic combination of clear and black acrylic.  And that enhanced visual appeal can also be a major benefit at non-profit Summer events and fundraisers as well as busy trade shows, outdoor festivals, and special events.  It’s time for stars to shine…on the big screen and at your place!

Incredible Versatility, Savings, and Functionality Options in Vinyl Sign Holders

Turn Table
Turn Table

Vinyl may not be as widely seen and heard as records and turntables fade into history, but this extremely tough, durable, and versatile plastic is stronger than ever in other areas…like Vinyl Sign Holders at Plastic Products Manufacturing (PPM). As we continue to upgrade and innovate economical, user-friendly styles in our Vinyl Sign Holder line, their list of practical business applications is also growing even beyond countertop POP Displays.

economy sign holders, sign holders, acrylic sign holders
Vinyl Sign Holder with Chipboard Back

One style in particular delivers easy pop-up assembly with a vinyl front and chipboard easel back. VACH085110 is an extremely cost-effective design with protective attributes for your print material…whether it’s promotional OR for internal applications in busy corporate facilities, office complexes, warehouses, shipping areas, schools, and laboratories. At 8-1/2 x 11 inches, the Vertical Slanted Vinyl Sign Holder is the optimal size for promotions, signage, and directional guidance. The options really are endless. Three-sided closure with bottom entry also keeps print items secure and makes loading simple. Plus, they never break!

That virtual indestructability is a key feature in Vinyl Sign Holders, one reason why they make such an affordable investment. The easel backing folds flat to make them easy to store and save on shipping. They’re lightweight and that too keeps shipping rates lower…especially when you consider consolidated shipping and bulk order price breaks.

Vinyl Sign Holder
Vinyl Sign Holder

Other Vinyl holder benefits? Earlier we mentioned going beyond the countertop, and this is where the durability and versatility factors once again enter the picture. Vinyl Sign Holders can easily mount to any available wall space, opening more options through in-store marketing and signage applications. If you have limited counter space but plenty of empty wall space, you can target specific areas to guide foot traffic accordingly.

Add another dimension using Vinyl Sign Holders with a clear Brochure Pocket attachment. This value-added feature is excellent for use in “grab and go” environments like trade shows and kiosks. Use your 8-1/2” x 11” slicks in the Sign Holder to grab attention…and the 4” x 5” Brochure Pocket to disseminate info “to go.” This Vinyl Sign Holder is perfectly slanted to meet the eye and provides an inexpensive way to get the word out.

When budgets are tight and operational costs are on a shoestring, you don’t have to sacrifice marketing and internal signage. PPM’s Vinyl Sign Holders deliver the functionality, versatility, and durability you need, yet in a most budget-friendly, cost-efficient manner. If you’re among our many long-time customers, you already know what to expect from our 30 years in POP Display experience.

Vinyl Sign Holder with Pocket
Vinyl Sign Holder with Pocket

Check out your Vinyl Sign Holder options in our online catalog and grab a cart because never closes and products are ready to ship now!

The Sign says: Gaze into the Acrylic Sign Holder

     When it’s time to put your best face forward, be sure you look your best.  Well, maybe not YOUR face, but the face of your business.  Nothing showcases a logo, company name, and marketing material better than crystal clear acrylic, particularly Acrylic Sign Holders.  They’re wildly popular…easy to load, inexpensive, and they really capture the essence of anything they show. 

     Designed for both horizontal and vertical ad copy, we’ve seen many sell sheets, promotions, and flyers become best-selling reading, right from the counter top.  These sign holder displays are available in a versatile array of sizes and styles that not only offer their own visual appeal, but accentuate the dynamic elements of your advertising, too.  They’re also slanted to meet the eye and give your customers optimum legibility, a fancy way of saying “LOOK AT ME, READ ME…I’M RIGHT HERE.”  
     One important factor to remember with all these slanted sign holders is that they’re meant for showing one side…that’s why we say “put your BEST FACE forward.”  Let’s use a flyer for a jet ski as an example.  An eye-catching front lures a customer already making a purchase at the counter.  The back is filled with less eye-appealing specifications and small print.  One side sells itself, the other side covers information your sales team can answer after the hook’s been set.  With a little help from this relatively inexpensive sign holder, a jet ski may be sold!  The point is, when one side is where you really want customers and prospects focused, these displays are extremely cost-effective…especially if they help garner a sale.  For any promotional material that only requires one-sided exposure, Acrylic Sign Holders display them at their best with a very minimal investment. 

      Flyers, signs, and promos captured in black border sign frames do more than highlight in-store bargains, doctor office policies, and lower rental car rates.  Though not the most common sight, black border frames do add a stylish element to store and office settings.  Clubs, too…very classy!    

     Gaze into the future of Acrylic Sign Holders when you want to put your best material in the spotlight.  They’re easy to load and ready for work.  A perfect slant awaits, without costing an arm and a leg!