POP-UP Shops, Sign Holders, and Christmas Retail

Coca-Cola-POP-UP-STORE-1Holiday sales are officially in full force, including a wave of retail “pop-up” shops that are becoming an increasingly familiar sight for busy Christmas shoppers. Citing Forbes 2017 statistics in a March 2018 article, TotalRetail pointed to one of particular interest. Retail store openings are outpacing closures by the greatest numbers in years…2.7 to 1 last year…and that’s good news for pop-ups.

Small Business Trends also reported significant growth worth billions in the pop-up segment. Even with the convenience of digital shopping, customers are still flocking to nearby brick-n-mortar establishments. The closer, the better apparently…store proximity is what’s trending now.

The pop-up itself is typically a store within a store. What starts as a vacant space becomes a dollar generating enterprise, welcomed by its larger host who benefits from the added foot traffic. And sometimes the pop-up’s unique nature and merchandise becomes seed for a more permanent operation with roots.

Independent boutique pop-ups and larger retail bases alike are getting a much-needed sales assist this season. Demand is at a year-long high for Retail Sign Holders and special Pop-Up Sign Holders that ship flat and “pop-up” on an easel stand…easily maneuverable, serviceable, and portable for user friendliness.

Fred Segal Pop-Up Shop


VACP Vinyl Sign Holders are designed with tough, rigid vinyl that’s light and inexpensive. It slants back to meet the eye from countertops and flat “pop-up” surfaces, and the foldable easel makes it easy to wrap up at the end of the day. Plus, it features a clear brochure pocket so vendors can use a “grab-n-go” approach with bustling Christmas shoppers. Hook ‘em with a catchy sign and give them information to-go.

Table Tents and other Acrylic Sign Holders are also in the spotlight, including multi-sided displays especially popular on larger retail floors.

As for the future of Pop-Up stores beyond the holidays? TotalRetail quoted consultant Stephen Brooks, who specializes on the subject. Brooks cited what’s “already happening in the U.K.” as businesses work cooperatively. Sharing retail and pop-up space is not necessarily dividing square footage…it’s multiplying sales potential in ways that are “great for the town, great for employment, great for coffee shops and restaurants, and great for the community in general.”



Display Options for Indoor vs Outdoor Events

LED-550x389From trade shows to pop-ups, we’re heading into the busiest time of year for huge indoor conventions as well as outdoor festivals, charity events, concerts, and markets. They all require a certain approach to signage for product displays, directional guidance, and promotions…only with vastly different variables.

As many weekly Farmers Market vendors can testify, wind and rain are the most obvious factors in outdoor display setup. Tent and booth stability are paramount; securing banners, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, and literature holders take the same type of consideration.

Vinyl banners hold up well to nasty weather conditions and acrylic also offers durability and protection.  Table tent literature displays in block form, for example, stand up to wind better than some lighter displays.

Q040060ST 4-Sided Acrylic Cube Sign Holder


Weather can also be a strong benefit for outdoor event vendors. Tying in promotions with summer (custom t-shirts, cold drinks/snacks, sun visors, etc.) can bring attention and foot traffic your way, not to mention added word-of-mouth advertising.

Indoor events offer a much different allure. Once broader general advertising brings visitors through the door, capturing the eye takes a completely different focus. With weather-related concerns out of the picture, more display options become possible.  Electrical signage and engaging, eye-popping lighting are just a couple.

Countertop displays and sign holders can also take on a more exquisite, classy approach. Sturdy premium thickness acrylic offers strength and durability with heavy indoor foot traffic. Insert patterns and colored borders also catch the eye – finer details you might not otherwise think of.

Personal branding applies to a different selection of giveaways for indoor venues, too. Gift items and accessories for electronics (think flash drives and tablet cases) will draw bigger crowds to your stage and help add to the buzz!

Inside or out, one secret to a successful booth applies either way: avoid clutter. Past experiments have shown that TOO many choices on a “busy” table can actually be intimidating and drive customers away…clear selections in a more spacious presentation drive sales!

The Funny and Serious Sides of Vinyl and Unbreakable Sign Holders

Vinyl Record Spinning on Turn Table

If you listened to vinyl in the 60’s and 70’s, there’s a good chance you listened to the latest comedians on your stereo or record player.  If that era pre-dates you, just know that some of the greatest comedy of the day was heard among friends who played records until they scratched and skipped beyond recognition.  In a world of music, comedy albums showed respectably on Billboard charts…names like Bob Newhart, the Smothers Brothers, Bill Cosby, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Cheech and Chong, Monty Python, Firesign Theatre, and Steve Martin all got a lot of laughs on vinyl.600px_vafb_1

The lighter side of vinyl also has a serious side.  And a sturdy one.  Vinyl record albums were fragile, susceptible to breakage, melting, and scratching.  Not so with today’s vinyl.  Plastic Products Mfg has transformed it into something that’s virtually unbreakable and never cracks.  Introducing Style VACH Slanted Vinyl Sign Holders, practically indestructible and light weight at the same time.

Here’s something the new Vinyl Sign Holder has in common with those classic comedy albums: custom covers.  Back in the day, record sales often reflected the artwork or photos on the cover.  Same is true still in CDs.  The new Vinyl Sign Holder can also be a canvas for your eye-catching graphics and artwork.  In standard form, the white foam board-type backing has a clear vinyl slip covering for your inserts.  But if you’d rather opt out of the vinyl cover, Plastic Products Mfg can print your graphics on the front face.  It’s a nice option to consider if you want to grab attention in high foot traffic areas. vafb_insert

Here’s another appealing quality of Style VACH.  Notice it’s a Slanted Vinyl Sign Holder, which gives it the perfect angle to meet the eye.  At 8-1/2” wide x 11” high, your material gets an ideal spotlight and total visibility.  Of course, this type of plastic is versatile, easily formed, and sizes can be customized on higher quantities.

Two more attractive features of this slanted white plastic sign holder with its clear rigid cover: price and ease-of-use.  Vinyl is a very economical material that keeps your cost down.  Plus, the light weight makes shipping a minimal expense.  Upon arrival, Slanted Vinyl Sign Holders can be put to work straight out of the box.  Inserts slide in easily from the bottom, keeping your print material protected.  Plus, it never falls over on the countertop!

As always, a Plastic Products Mfg Customer Service Specialist will be glad to help with dimensions and a quote on Style VACH Slanted Vinyl Sign Holders.  And don’t think we’d leave you without at least a one-liner, here’s one from the great Flip Wilson: “If you think nobody cares if you’re alive, try missing a couple of car payments.”  Mic drop.

Smart Reasons to Sharpen your Marketing Edge with Custom POP Displays

POPDisplayAs the economy continues to rebound, retailers find themselves facing more challenges than ever with other brick-and-mortar operations as well as online sales.  Every detail counts to get that extra marketing edge and capture customer’s eyes.  In a visual world that’s crowded with consumer choices, making yourself memorable means adding some “zing” to those details.

That’s where customizing your Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays, Poster Holders, and Sign Holders enters the picture.  Consider a few simple points and you can gain some distinct advantages with minimal expense and effort!  Here are just a few advantages within easy reach you can attain by using Custom POP Displays:

Increased brand/name recognition – Shoppers compare.  Count on it.  While your brands and prices are being scrutinized, seize the opportunity to be first in your comparison shoppers’ memory.  Your competition’s POP Displays just might look a lot like yours…but customizing can give you the edge with a little “wow” factor and a more memorable association, connecting that advertised product to you.

Attention Grabber – Launching a new promotional campaign?  Customization helps draw attention above and beyond.  In large and/or “busy” showrooms, this approach can help stop foot traffic to showcase that promo.  You might be surprised how strategically placed acrylic displays highlighting your graphics, colors, and text make in-store ads more effective.

Flexibility – The variety in acrylic Literature Displays does not have to be confined to countertops.  Poster Holder styles can be screen-printed with store or manufacturer logos in Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount versions, giving you broader reach at eye level and even slightly above in more crowded spaces.  Consider the benefits of double-sided advertising in custom Ceiling Mount Poster Holders to maximize the coverage.custom_acrylic_brochure_holders_literature_sign_holder

Digital Printing – Take your custom graphics and design to the next level and make your POP Displays undeniably attractive.  Plastic Products Mfg (PPM) offers Digital Printing to complement traditional silk-screening and screen-printing capabilities.  It’s the next generation in optically pure acrylic and plastics…adding near-artistic brilliance to Sign Holders, Brochure Holders, and Sign/Brochure Holder Combos.  You may have seen it already with names from Bayer to Pfizer.

Cost Effective – Nearly ¾ of shopping decisions are made in-store.  Are you conveying the right information to inspire a “call to action?”  Do your displays offer that subtle suggestive marketing push?  Customizing POP Displays can help seal a purchase and it costs surprisingly little.  All it takes is an e-file to get started, and from there, customization is easy to replicate…a clean, crisp look in high volume runs.  That makes for a minimal investment and return with unlimited potential!

Tried and True Method –  So you’ve launched a new promotional campaign and marketed accordingly to bring customers through the door.  What next?  You can target in-store buyers better and spotlight your brand and promo more effectively building on a familiar, traditional approach.  Acrylic POP Displays are nothing new.  It’s all in the custom look that takes them to the next level, adding function and aesthetic appeal to the latest acrylic cuts and shapes.  With a personalized look and style, the possibilities are endless!

How to Design an Eye-Catching Poster

PosterDesignTrying to stand out in a visually crowded world can be tricky, especially when the goal is to inspire a call-to-action. The solution just might be in an effective poster campaign, from the design to the Poster Holder that displays it.

Of course, advertising with posters is hardly a new concept. But it remains a tried-and-true method that gets undeniable results. It’s a fact that’s not lost on college campuses or at car dealerships where auto sales are resurgent, especially in the Truck/SUV market. So what’s the secret to success?

It all starts with design, and thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, you have more options than ever in texture, color, backlighting, and background patterns. This is where capturing images can be deployed in an endless, imaginative array of combinations…as simple or complex as you like. If you have a graphic designer or artist involved with your campaign, great. If you want to explore Photoshop possibilities on your own, we suggest a look-up of vector patterns and background designs.

Next comes the display and that’s where PPM Poster Holders enter the picture. After all, the most visually stunning poster of all time is no good without the proper support. Most sizes fit Style WW Wall Certificate Holders. This unique Poster Holder style delivers great visibility ideal for brand recognition and drawing attention in a positive light. It’s very popular, due in part to its ease of mounting out of the box with brackets included.

If the budget’s a little tight, don’t disregard poster campaigns altogether. You can’t build awareness OR profits if you don’t show your stuff. Vinyl Poster Holders can accomplish the mission in most affordable fashion. Style VW, for example, is made of a rigid vinyl and comes with a variety of mounting alternatives. Add the fact that the material is practically indestructible and you’ve discovered a worthy investment for the dollar!

One of the most versatile Poster Holders in stock also offers far-reaching visibility. Style WC is a Ceiling Mount Poster Display that’s geared perfectly for retail operations and businesses with extensive floor space. Why? Customer eyes tend to gravitate upward when navigating large stores. Think “big box” stores in this regard, or where you look to find certain products in a particular aisle. If you want to provide an effective visual display to a larger audience all at once, definitely consider a Ceiling Mount Poster Display. It hangs easily with an S hook and chain. If the ceiling’s not a practical spot, that’s where the versatility comes in because Style WC can also mount easily to walls.

Feeling inspired? The best combination takes your stellar graphic design and displays it with an eye-catching Poster Holder from PPM. Explore the possibilities!

Incredible Versatility, Savings, and Functionality Options in Vinyl Sign Holders

Turn Table
Turn Table

Vinyl may not be as widely seen and heard as records and turntables fade into history, but this extremely tough, durable, and versatile plastic is stronger than ever in other areas…like Vinyl Sign Holders at Plastic Products Manufacturing (PPM). As we continue to upgrade and innovate economical, user-friendly styles in our Vinyl Sign Holder line, their list of practical business applications is also growing even beyond countertop POP Displays.

economy sign holders, sign holders, acrylic sign holders
Vinyl Sign Holder with Chipboard Back

One style in particular delivers easy pop-up assembly with a vinyl front and chipboard easel back. VACH085110 is an extremely cost-effective design with protective attributes for your print material…whether it’s promotional OR for internal applications in busy corporate facilities, office complexes, warehouses, shipping areas, schools, and laboratories. At 8-1/2 x 11 inches, the Vertical Slanted Vinyl Sign Holder is the optimal size for promotions, signage, and directional guidance. The options really are endless. Three-sided closure with bottom entry also keeps print items secure and makes loading simple. Plus, they never break!

That virtual indestructability is a key feature in Vinyl Sign Holders, one reason why they make such an affordable investment. The easel backing folds flat to make them easy to store and save on shipping. They’re lightweight and that too keeps shipping rates lower…especially when you consider consolidated shipping and bulk order price breaks.

Vinyl Sign Holder
Vinyl Sign Holder

Other Vinyl holder benefits? Earlier we mentioned going beyond the countertop, and this is where the durability and versatility factors once again enter the picture. Vinyl Sign Holders can easily mount to any available wall space, opening more options through in-store marketing and signage applications. If you have limited counter space but plenty of empty wall space, you can target specific areas to guide foot traffic accordingly.

Add another dimension using Vinyl Sign Holders with a clear Brochure Pocket attachment. This value-added feature is excellent for use in “grab and go” environments like trade shows and kiosks. Use your 8-1/2” x 11” slicks in the Sign Holder to grab attention…and the 4” x 5” Brochure Pocket to disseminate info “to go.” This Vinyl Sign Holder is perfectly slanted to meet the eye and provides an inexpensive way to get the word out.

When budgets are tight and operational costs are on a shoestring, you don’t have to sacrifice marketing and internal signage. PPM’s Vinyl Sign Holders deliver the functionality, versatility, and durability you need, yet in a most budget-friendly, cost-efficient manner. If you’re among our many long-time customers, you already know what to expect from our 30 years in POP Display experience.

Vinyl Sign Holder with Pocket
Vinyl Sign Holder with Pocket

Check out your Vinyl Sign Holder options in our online catalog and grab a cart because www.plasticproductsmfg.com never closes and products are ready to ship now!

Vinyl – OFF the Charts and ON Display with Vinyl Sign Holders, Poster Holders, and Brochure Pockets!

A few months ago, the Huffington Post released a “World Giving Index” – results from a study of 153 countries by the Charity Aid Foundation. The study measured just how giving these countries are based on three criteria: volunteerism, the helping of strangers, and money donations. According to the study’s results, America catapulted from fifth in 2010 to first in 2011 as the world’s most generous country with about $212 billion in charitable contributions. The U.S. was followed by Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Netherlands, and Canada.

Charities Aid Foundation Map
Charities Aid Foundation Map

Americans have always had a giving nature and not just during the Holiday Season or when a natural disaster brings out America’s best – apparent during the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy slammed the northeast. It’s proven time and again all throughout the year as a wide spectrum of worthwhile charitable organizations tirelessly help those in need.

It’s also true that many charities get by on a shoestring-and-a-prayer kind of budget.  With slim margins available for a number of operational necessities, establishing good vendor partnerships with flexible suppliers can be crucial. Display holder options are a prime example. When called upon for a cost-effective sign holder that’s unbreakable and gets the message across yet is also inexpensive and costs little to ship, we were ready to answer the call. The solution?  Vinyl…vinyl sign holders, vinyl poster holders, and vinyl brochure holder pockets, to name a few.

Vinyl Sign Holders
Vinyl Sign Holders

Like some of our heavier duty acrylic display stands, Clear Slant Back Rigid Vinyl Sign Holders are highly functional in countertop advertising and the foldable easel makes them easier to store, move, and ship. They’re also easily mounted to prime wall space.  Three sides are enclosed to protect signs, promotional features, and slicks with its loadable opening at the top “short side.”  Unbreakable vinyl sign holders in this style come 3” x 4”, 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, and 8-1/2” x 11” and ship in quantities

Vinyl Poster Holders
Vinyl Poster Holders

at a low cost…they’re very lightweight.

Economy Vinyl Poster Holders also deliver protective qualities in clear vinyl for posters, signs, and promos. We’ve geared this durable poster holder to accommodate a large range of sizes –some 15 standard sizes to be exact.  4” x 6” is the smaller end but

larger versions for high visibility items 30” x 40” and even 43” x 32” are available.

Charities aren’t the only organizations who find versatile, low-cost vinyl ideal in their operations. In many display applications, clear vinyl provides optimum visual acuity in settings where harder acrylic simply may not be the most practical option. Those slant back vinyl sign holders are in high demand by a number of our regular customers, from Goodwill to See’s Candies, the legendary California based confectioners who have been making sweets for over 90 years!

Vinyl Brochure Holder Pockets
Vinyl Brochure Holder Pockets

Added appeal comes with additional features…like the dimension Vinyl Brochure Holder Pockets provide. They peel and stick to almost any surface – great and functional attachments to sign holders, poster holders, and of course, brochure holders themselves. They ship flat at bargain rates and fold easily upon arrival. We also have a PRE-Folded Vinyl Brochure Holder Pocket, ready for use straight out of the box in five standard sizes. Like their unfolded counterparts, this holder pocket simply peels and sticks to almost any surface. Quantity shipments of as many as 252 pre-folded brochure holder pockets in the smallest 3-1/2” x 1-1/2” size are further proof of their cost-effective value.

We know operational costs and tight budgets come into play a lot this time of year. But that doesn’t mean you have to rein in the good word your organization stands for! The holiday season is especially important to those we’ve described here, including everyone from our great friends at Goodwill to the amazing candy makers at See’s Candies, and helping them broaden their appeal is our pleasure. When you need an alternative display that still looks great but costs a little less, think VINYL!  It’s not just for record players but can still inspire everyone in sight like every chart-topper!