Executive Name Plate Holder Awards for National Salesperson Day, December 13th

Having a positive attitude is rewardingImagine your operation without an effective sales force, the women and men who quite often represent the face of a company. The personality that cements the bond with clients, earning the trust of that client and his or her choice to do business with you above all others. You can’t underestimate the value of a hard-working salesperson.

As a client liaison, a good salesperson must also answer questions about various operational aspects, requiring a deeper internal knowledge than is often required of other personnel. In recognition of their heroic efforts, Friday, December 13th is designated National Salesperson Day!

National Salesperson Day was first observed in 2000 and one could argue that this was long overdue. From the 1800s all the way through the 1950s, the “salesman” was often considered a disreputable manipulator using sly techniques to “trick” one into buying something. The image of peddlers promoting cure-all snake oil has basis in fact. Times have certainly changed.

Different sales techniques took shape from the 1920s-1950s. The psychology about understanding buyers and what makes each “tick” was first considered during this period. Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People coincided with the advent of “relationship selling.” The practice of overcoming objections also became known as barrier selling.NPA2085025 GG-Insert1200px

If you’ve ever seen Glengarry Glen Ross, you’ll recall the explanation of AIDA in a rather brutal sales “motivation” meeting. It’s a formula that also became popular in the ‘50s, standing for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. In theory, successfully convincing a sales prospect in all four areas adds up to signing the dotted line. AIDA was widely adopted from that point forward by telemarketers and door-to-door salesmen up to top execs.

You can make every salesperson feel like a top exec for National Salesperson Day with Executive Series Name Plate Holders.  Style NPA2 delivers exceptional class with Silver Posts. Clear Glass Green Executive Name Plate Holders take the elegance a notch higher. Think about it and be sure to thank your sales team!


Operation Santa Paws Brings Holiday Cheer to Animals in Shelters

Untitled design(8).jpgFor a time that conjures images of relaxing with family and peaceful contemplation, the holiday season for many is extremely chaotic and stressful. Aside from shopping and planning, the holidays are also typically busiest for animal rescue shelters.

Illustrating the need for adoptive forever homes and guardians, Operation Santa Paws is in force. Annually designated from December 1st through 24th, Operation Santa Paws aims to stock these shelters with critically needed food and supplies during the hustle-bustle of the holiday season.

The Operation reports that approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters every year. Adoptions are generally near their highest during the holiday season as families treat themselves to a furry family addition. And those not adopting also tend to share generously in the spirit of the season by donating to shelters. Treats, blankets, food, toys…you can bet these items are welcome.Acrylic Donation Box with Pet Flyer

Of course, animal shelters also need hard cash to stay afloat. Making every dollar count begins with the right approach to donation appeal, and acrylic is doing its part. Acrylic Donation Boxes are filling fast in kennels and shelters across the country…solid, tough, durable models like those in the Plastic Products Mfg PMBSC styles. These attractive Donation Boxes offer secure locking options and Sign Holders to help draw the eye to a worthy cause.

As Operation Santa Paws spreads its good work, note how much difference one person can make this holiday season. Justin Rudd originally put OSP together in 2001 for local shelters in Long Beach, California. In 2018, his philanthropic efforts are benefitting animals nationwide.

Tips and Must-Haves for Your Annual Holiday Office Party

holiday-office-party‘Tis the Season for gathering with friends and family, including those work families often seen more than each’s own. Of course, that means it’s also time for another annual event popular every holiday season: the office party.

Start with the official announcement and pronounce it visible for all to see. Top-Mount Cubicle Sign Holders (Style CSHH) and Cubicle Sign Frames (Style CSHL) capture the essence and showcase upcoming festivities clearly.

Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders make a brilliant display and fit perfectly on partition walls. The literature display stands out among the festive décor, right at eye level. It’s also why this dynamic Sign Holder is so popular for use in directional guidance and emergency signage displays. And check out the latest colored-border options that match so nicely with holiday decorations!CSHL Holiday Cropped

User-friendly Cubicle Sign Frames elevate party invitations and holiday festivities in high fashion. Other times of the year, this same Tiered Sign Holder delivers top visual acuity above cubicle/partition walls, grabbing attention from greater heights.

As for the holiday office party itself? Here are a few other tips, courtesy of Create & Cultivate, an “online platform and offline conference for women looking to create and cultivate the career of their dreams.”

Spread the cheer with music…and you don’t need a DJ. Spotify, Apple Music, and a Bluetooth speaker can take care of the Silent Night.

Cocktails beyond the ubiquitous beer and wine? There are plenty of tasty recipes online you can easily make your own, or even do a mulled punch in a crockpot, wafting aromas of clove and orange.

Set aside a “photo booth.” It’s almost always a draw (eventually). Garlands are festive and easy to hang. Edison string lights, too. As for the food? A charcuterie board adds upscale flavor to easy-snacking finger food.

No matter what, you can show all the details in Cubicle Sign Holders/Sign Frames. We hope your holiday office party’s a hit!

Deck the Halls with New Office Name Plate Holders!

Deck the Halls with New Office Name Plate HoldersAre you ready for the holidays, both at home and in your work environment?  What’s in your office this season?  Photos, decorations, a splash of color?  While you’re in the spirit, consider capturing NEW colors in your office décor that will accentuate your holidays and look great even after the Christmas decorations come down.  Deck the Halls with Plastic Products Mfg.’s New Color Bordered Name Plate Holders!

The latest in Bordered Cubicle Nameplates give your office space a professional look that’s also incredibly attractive.  Polished edges in premium thickness .092 acrylic give passersby an attention-grabbing, aesthetically appealing showcase with colored-border edges providing the frame.  And check out the exciting new colors, like festive holiday-ish Gold, Satin Silver, and White.  You also have bold Black and Bronze options.

These Cubicle Name Plates make a great fit in a professional atmosphere, giving your floor layout a new look and attitude for 2020.  Clear acrylic catches the eye and border colors keep them focused on your message.  There are multiple possibilities for usage, from name, title, and department inserts to directional signage and office announcements.  Be seen in a whole new light!

Easy to install securely atop partition walls, Top-Mount Cubicle Name Plate Holders elevate displays with a view from both sides. It’s not only the perfect spotlight for Name/Title inserts framed in stunning silver Cubicle Name Plate Holders can also guide passing foot traffic with Directional Signage and Combination Suite Identification. You can use your imagination if you want to express your need for privacy.

Holidays have you in a creative mode?  If you prefer designing your own name and title inserts on laser or inkjet printers, the perfect perforated card stock for the job is included FREE with standard sizes.  Let your design inspiration flow with unique fonts and graphics.

If you want to take that creativity in branding and customization to the next level, consider silk-screening and custom imprinting on your Bordered Cubicle Name Plate Holder.  Options are available with select quantity orders.

Go ahead and think bold-n-colorful!  ‘Tis the Season!

How Point-of-Purchase Displays and Sign Holders Help Boost Black Friday Sales

How Point-of-Purchase Displays and Sign Holders Help Boost Black Friday SalesAnticipation is building as the big day nears. Yup, Black Friday…traditionally the single biggest sales event of the year for hopeful retailers. In recent years, Black Friday has been challenged by Cyber Monday online sales, creating a sense of urgency for brick-and-mortar establishments trying to capitalize on motivated in-store shoppers.

Every detail counts when your most profitable projected period of the year boils down to one specific day, more or less. As sales personnel prepare for the overwhelming hordes, visual aids from Sign Holders can serve as most capable “sales assistants.”

Numbers have shown in the past that just about 70% of in-store sales are impulse buys. Black Friday shoppers in force are eager to spend and visual guides can single-handedly spotlight any number of hot products, ringing the register and building buzz among other shoppers.

Classic Style A Sign Holders perform admirably. Strategically placed, these Point-of-Purchase displays create an eye-catching showcase that makes promotional literature stand out nicely.

The Crystal Clear A085110ST Sign Holder is in especially high demand this time of year, checking in at 8-1/2” wide by 11” high. Made of sturdy, premium-thickness acrylic, this Sign Holder slants back to make sales inserts pop out and reach the eye. It can take hard knocks and swapping out inserts on a busy Black Friday floor is fast and easy!

When exactly did the day after Thanksgiving become known as Black Friday? The informal name for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season was first used in 1952, according to some. Others believe it originated in 1961 in Philadelphia, describing unusually disruptive traffic that day after Thanksgiving. It was another 20 years before the term Black Friday came fully into vogue, representing the difference between being “in the red” and “in the black.” If you’re in retail, make Black Friday count!

Tips on How to Clean Acrylic and Plexiglass

DINING ReportWith proper care, you can extend the life of your plastic products like Acrylic Name Plate Holders, Sign Holders and Poster Holders indefinitely.  Keep them clean and you’ll get a great return on your investment.  But watch out because some common cleansers and methods you’d THINK would work can actually do more harm than good.  So save the Windex for windows and try the following instead.

Start with the basics.  A simple mix of mild soap or detergent with warm water and a light touch with a soft cloth is very effective.  Give your acrylic a thorough rinse and dry it by blotting with a damp cloth or chamois to avoid residual spots and marks that can interfere with the clear visual acuity.  Be sure to avoid those window cleaning sprays, abrasives, and/or kitchen cleaners.  The composition of acrylic sheet is more sensitive than you might realize no matter how tough the sheet itself…and seemingly harmless household and industrial-strength cleansers can be damaging.  Other solvents like acetone, alcohol, carbon tetrachloride, and lacquer thinner can also leave scratches and weaken the sheet’s structure, causing it to crack.

This is where specially formulated plastic polishes can enhance surface gloss.  Novus Plastic Polishes, for example, contain no harsh chemicals or abrasives and leave a lustrous shine.  Applied with a Polish Mate Polishing Cloth, your Acrylic Displays will maintain a well-buffed, crystal clear appearance…and so will the promotional materials they’re designed to showcase.  No fading, no hazy reflection. Non-abrasive Polish Mate Polishing Cloths also eliminate dust-attracting static. Image-2

Of course, scratches can still occur no matter how diligent your level of care.  In that event, it’s time to break out the Novus 2 Fine Scratch Remover…or for heavier abrasions, Novus 3 Heavy Scratch Remover.  These acrylic-specific solutions contain restorative properties that are extremely effective at scratch and abrasion removal.

When it comes to projecting a professional image and presentation, it’s important to keep your acrylic display products clean and polished.  With a simple, careful, and consistent cleaning approach and the right polishes, scratch removers, and polishing cloths, your acrylic display products can keep their like-new appearance – devoid of haze, discoloration, fading, fingerprints, residue, and scratch marks!



Celebrating National American Education Week!

CELEBRATINGIt’s been a busy Fall for students and teachers as we look forward to upcoming breaks for Thanksgiving and December’s holidays before resuming the 2019-2020 school year. It’s a perfect time to take stock of what’s happened so far and what to expect during American Education Week, observed this time of year since 1921!

This year’s American Education Week is designated for the week before Thanksgiving. Schools across the country are planning events geared to promote a stronger collaboration between parents and educators. The National Education Association (NEA) is lending a hand, providing themes that sharpen focus in areas like classroom practices, the use of technology, and goal identification.

Some schools are also encouraging students to celebrate…poster designs to band concerts and technology demonstrations. This is the ideal time to show off progress made since the school year began just weeks ago and how to best support advancement over the next few months.

What’s happening at your school for American Education Week? Active participation from every angle can go a long way toward a brighter future for students and inspiration for teachers. Volunteers will no doubt be welcome. Such collaborative interest and genuine enthusiasm rubs off more than you might think!

For many, these face-to-face meetings represent the first between parents, teachers, and administrators. Sorting out names and remembering who’s who reminds us of another integral part of school classrooms and offices: the Name Plate Holder. Especially Desk Name Plate Holders.

New NPBR, NPA, and NPAA Desk Name Plate Holders make fine options as part of American Education Week tributes or simple upgrades. Colored border options accentuate the front acrylic face, drawing attention to name and title inserts. Slant back, stand-up, and sloped designs lend distinction in a choice of styles, including Name Plate Holders with Black or Silver borders.

Free perforated card stock is also included with select orders for in-house insert printing…a cost-effective alternative helpful to tight budgets.

As mentioned earlier, American Education Week started in 1921. After World War One, it was learned that 25% of drafted young men were illiterate and 29% unfit. Thus began the nationwide movement to bolster both literacy and physical education, 98 years ago!