Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week with Premium Name Plate Holders

Thank YouWhen asked which professions are most underappreciated, many responses are likely to include first responders, teachers, or both. As vital as first responders can be in life-threatening emergencies, it’s more likely that a teacher has cast a significant influence in your day-to-day.

To honor our fine educators, May 7th has been designated National Teacher Appreciation Day. Also called National Teacher Day, the National Education Association calls it not just a day for honoring teachers but also one that recognizes “the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Social media postings using #TeacherAppreciationDay or #NationalTeacherDay are encouraged to say thanks, and we have a nice tribute idea that’s even better!

Consider the one item almost as necessary to teachers as a desk and a syllabus: the Name Plate Holder. Acrylic Nameplate Holders make very personalized gifts that offer quality and distinction. Polished acrylic like this goes well in a classroom setting and never goes out of style!SBT085025ST w Insert(2)

These People Spotters™ make excellent tributes, giving each teacher a well-deserved individual spotlight. Desk Nameplate Holdershave a dynamic, modern look in slant-back, sloped, and stand-up styles. Nameplate Holders with Bold Silver or Black borders add a nice twist to a classic desk accessory, too!  Personalized inserts are also easy to load and never looked better in premium thickness acrylic.

Congress first declared March 7, 1980 as National Teacher Day. But the drive to make it happen began much earlier. Political and educational leaders started discussing the designation of a national day as far back as 1944. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt resumed the call and persuaded the 81st Congress to make the proclamation.

By the way, if you miss saying thanks to a teacher on Tuesday, May 7th, you can still avoid detention by saying it throughout the week. Technically speaking, National Teacher Day is part of Teacher Appreciation Week. Now you know!

Retailers Battling the Challenge of COVID-19 with Sign Holders

Retailers Battling the Challenge of COVID-19 with Sign HoldersFor American retailers still able to operate through the COVID-19 pandemic, challenges never hurdled before are reshaping day-by-day business. Who would have imagined trying to provide essential products and services in a climate with no contact? How does one help customers effectively from a safe social distance?

Heading into the second half of April, rapidly evolving protocols and high demand for products have retailers scrambling for ways to relay information to customers while also keeping shelves stocked. Eager eyes are looking for signs and Sign Holders to guide them in place of personal contact.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and building suppliers and box stores that support local infrastructure have been busily reorganizing their floors to keep customers distanced and safe. Signage is helping resolve distancing issues, so foot traffic stays safely spaced apart.

Strategically placed Acrylic Wall-Mount Sign Holders and Countertop Sign Holders are finding diverse usage, displaying new types of literature and instruction nobody thought would be the store standard. Simple reminders about product limits, directions about start-and-stop points for social distancing in-store, designating stations for hand sanitizing…you’ve likely seen them yourself.

Acrylic Sign Holders have always been a smart choice in wayfinding and directional guidance signage. Today, these Sign Holders are also serving to relay signs of calmness. Messages that appeal to our humanity are appearing in premium thickness acrylic showcases. So are Sign Holders reminding us that the hand sanitizer is right next to the keypad you just touched?

Whether using Countertop Sign Holders for product availability pronouncements or Wall-Mount Sign Holders for important changes to foot traffic direction and in-store procedures, acrylic delivers another key characteristic in these times of Coronavirus. It’s a surface that’s as easy to clean and sanitize as it is to load literature and signage, from 4 x 6 to 8-1/2 x 11 and a multitude of other popular dimensions!

Celebrate Administrative Professionals Week with Honorable Name Plate Holders

Administrative Professionals WeekWho keeps the office running? Sure, ultimate power and decision making belong to the boss. But chances are, it’s the Administrative Professionals who make day-to-day internal operations happen. They serve as a direct line of communication between the staff and executive level, and Administrative Professionals must also feel comfortable dealing with high-profile clients (in varying moods), all while juggling in-office demands.

Those who punch the office clock typically tackle specific duties within a department. Administrative Professionals deal with the entire staff, the higher-ups, vendors, customers…sometimes simultaneously with daily challenges that can change by the minute.

That’s why this often-underappreciated group is being celebrated during the last week of April, designated as Administrative Professionals Week.

Of course, honoring these engines of the office is a bit more difficult in a time when many offices are dark and their employees are working from home. Gifts, flowers, lunches, and tribute dinners will be missed in 2020 so- as in seemingly every other endeavor these days- resourceful ingenuity is required.

Honoring Administrative Professionals with a polished Acrylic Name Plate Holder is one way. It puts a sharp spotlight on the individual behind the title, whether your office is open, soon to re-open, or shifting gears to workplace-via-Zoom. Acrylic stays sturdy and clearly visible in any venue and makes a fine “thank you.”

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Even socially distanced, recognizing the value of such dedicated hard workers can also be celebrated through an online connection. Virtual Happy Hours are popping up and it never hurts to pay tribute with commendation company-wide on intranet pages, more publicly on social media, and with a quality Acrylic Name Plate Holder, safely delivered.

Did you know? Administrative Professionals Week has been celebrated annually since 1952. Created by “International Administrative Assistant Provisionals,” it was originally called National Secretaries Week and grew into its’ more accurate, comprehensive title and observance in 2000. Thank you APs, everywhere!

Tips for Upgrading Your Home Office

apple-devices-books-business-coffee-572056(1)While Americans buckle-up and adjust to the new Coronavirus normal, working from home is gaining traction. For some, it’s a dream come true. For others, it’s a scenario never imagined. If you’re accustomed to the routine of going to the workplace, such a dynamic sudden shift can be a shock to the system. It’s worse for those who doubt their self-discipline outside the structured work environment and those not fully equipped. For the latter, we offer a few suggestions to help lend that badly needed structure for your remote command center.

Start with the basics, like the right chair and desk. Standing tables are in high demand and you can likely get one delivered, with patience extended for shipping during these trying times. An ergonomic chair can also be your new best friend in the 9-to-5.

Next, lighting. This can be tricky if workrooms lack natural light or, conversely, create too much glare. Once balanced, using a soft desk lamp helps keep your eyes refreshed, even after a long day staring at screens.

Using a home computer that’s mostly idle otherwise? The right keyboard also makes a big difference in wrist and hand strain at the end of a long workday. Consider an ergonomic upgrade and avoid the pain!

Acrylic Nameplate Holder

Need an assistant? Alexa’s never been more popular, fielding questions, setting appointments, and making to-do lists. A virtual assistant can help sort out the clutter of details.

Still, there’s a segment of remote workers who still face anxiety from their new solitary stations, regardless of gadgetry. And there will always be those who succumb to the call of the couch all too easily. That’s where another addition can help in the motivation department.

An Acrylic Desk Name Plate Holder serves a valuable purpose in this regard. Adding inserts with positive quotes and motivational words in Desk Name Plate Holders can deliver just the right message for stressful times, making the home office a little brighter as we look forward to better days ahead!

Nameplate Holders for National Name Yourself Day April 9th

Nameplate Holders for National Name Yourself Day April 9thWith everyone keeping their distance, essential workers still serving the public are finding new ways to communicate without face-to-face interaction. There’s a sharp increase in signage to guide us through evolving protocols in grocery stores and doctor’s offices. Eyes are locking on Sign Holders and Name Plate Holders…and in tough times, we’re all looking for little outlets of happiness and distraction.

When 2020’s National Name Yourself Day was designated for April 9th, our new COVID-19 normal was never on the radar. But since they do coincide, what better time to have some fun and just be someone else for a day?

PNHT2 - SSB Office Background
Cubicle Nameplate Holder

That’s the point of National Name Yourself Day, the one day a year to reinvent your name entirely. The official description mentions that actors assume new names all the time and April 9th is the day when everyone can escape into an alter ego. Some are even adding a polished acrylic tribute to their new personalities with Name Plate Holders and custom inserts.

The best way to show off your temporary moniker is inside a Desk or Cubicle Nameplate Holder in premium thickness acrylic. Get inventive, share a laugh, and print your own “Name for a Day” on perforated card stock. We’ll hook you up with everything you need except the imagination!

Fun though it may be to assume a new identity for 24 hours, National Name Yourself Day has also struck a more philosophical note in the past. Many new parents have been guilty of hastily naming babies with cutesy alliterative or rhyming names. Just ask any Peter Parker, Carrie Terry, or Ronald-turned-Ron McDonald. To some, April 9th is a reminder that naming a newborn is no frivolous matter!

Cardstock Image 2
Perforated Card-Stock

Whether you love, hate, or feel indifferent about your name, be anybody you want for a day and put your temporary new name in the spotlight in an Acrylic Name Plate Holder with perforated card-stock!


Identifying Workplace-Inclusive “Mother’s Rooms” with Wall Nameplate Holders

existenceIn case you didn’t know, women make up more than half of the American workforce for the first time. While the debate continues about pay equity (or inequity), changes are afoot in America’s evolving workplaces.

One issue gaining attention concerns breastfeeding mothers. Working nursing mothers make up a growing percentage of the general workforce and some employers have become a bit inventive in the creation of designated spaces. Gone are repurposed supply closets and less-than-hygienic restrooms, not to mention the “cover versus no cover” debate. Enter the “Mother’s Room!”

NPW SSB Mothers Room
Wall-Mount Nameplate Holder

One company featured in a RobinPowered.com interview has been producing specially designated “Lactation Suites” since 2013. Mamava’s innovative rooms for breastfeeding and pumping mothers come in several styles and sizes. Some are considered “comfortably compact” for size-challenged workplaces and larger models offer more room for public spaces and larger offices.

Regardless of the dimensions, these units are smartly designed and equipped. Ventilated and well connected with occupant activated lighting, Mamava calls each pod “mom-ready the day it’s delivered.” They even supply a Smart Access app for security and some Mother’s Rooms come with fridge-ready units.

How to designate these unique new spaces so they’re easily identifiable? That’s where Acrylic Wall Mount Name Plate Holders enter the picture.

Acrylic Wall Mount Nameplate Holders display signage for Mother’s Rooms in crystal clear, premium thickness acrylic. This aesthetically appealing Name Plate Holder line delivers identification with sharp visual acuity in a material that’s easy to clean…a benefit as we attempt to make workplace surfaces as anti-septic as possible in the face of COVID-19.

Mamava Mother’s Room Pod

Versatile enough for duty in other office signage scenarios, Wall Name Plate Holders are simply attached with Velcro, Magnetic Strips, or Dual-Sided Foam Tape. Name Plate inserts slide into place securely and custom printing them is a breeze.

Curious what a Mamava Mother’s Room pod exterior looks like? This model was sighted in Phoenix…as you might have guessed from the vista.



Effective Signage and Sign Holders Point the Way to Safer Health

Blurred Food Dining Report Blog BannerFrightening, deadly, and highly contagious: this is the shadow of Coronavirus covering every aspect of our personal and professional lives. It’s hard to escape. Where we eat, how we shop, the minimal company we keep…everything is different. For now. Sooner or later, some sense of normal life will return. Until then, spreading proper information is vital to make sure you and those closest to you come through healthy.

Uncertainty is one of the scariest characteristics of COVID-19, reflected in everything from panic buying at the store to panic selling on the stock market. That uncertainty is why the dissemination of information is so key.

By now you’ve heard the messages about handwashing and social distancing a million times. But they can be easy to forget in the moment and reminders can be downright lifesaving. For businesses and essential services that must remain open, high visibility signage and literature is essential. In addition to the CDC, for example, the Red Cross offers recommended steps to limit the spread of germs and prevent infection.

Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holder

Combining these printable materials for health guidance in addition to more location-specific signage can stand out more visibly with Acrylic Sign Holders that allow foot traffic to absorb information while keeping their distance. Acrylic delivers clarity, sharp visual acuity, and a surface that’s also easy to keep clean and sterile. Desktop and wall-mount Sign Holders offer placement versatility in strategic locations to help foot traffic avoid gathering, no matter how minimal the number of people.

Once Coronavirus is under control, there will likely be new ways of everyday living. Advancing higher use of telemedicine can help relieve overburdened emergency rooms, thus reducing the chances of infection. More point-of-purchase payment scanning could minimize hand-to-hand transactions and germ spreading. And displaying vital signage in solid, sanitary Acrylic Sign Holders can help keep information flowing, even when social distancing.

Stay safe and healthy. Be smart. And if you’re among those on the front lines from grocers and pharmacists to hospital triage, thank you.