Executive Name Plate Holders for National Boss’s Day, Oct 16

the-office-1Many may not sympathize, but the truth is that bosses are people too. Sure, some are better than others and, chances are, you’ve had your share of bad ones. If you’re not a boss yourself, hopefully you have one of the good ones…a fair, smart, objective, hard-working leader who sets a good example.

That’s the kind of person who serves as inspiration for National Boss’s Day, October 16th. Often unheralded, underappreciated, and even the butt of jokes, this one day every year is designated as a time of thanks.

The term “boss” entered the English vernacular in 1640, according to the holiday’s background info, when it was used as a reference to a ship’s captain. Remember American Graffiti and Happy Days? If so, you likely recall that “boss” was also 1950’s slang for something cool or great. Turns out that “boss” was also commonly used with the same intent…only decades earlier in the 1880s.

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What’s the most appropriate way to celebrate National Boss’s Day and what kind of gift should you get? Suggestions range from a collective lunch with other staff contributions to a favorite photographic print or maybe a nice espresso maker. We have a pretty “boss” suggestion of our own!

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Style NPA2 Executive Series Name Plate Holders with Silver Posts make a truly dignified expression of appreciation. Classy and professional, these Desk Name Plates deliver exceptional visual appeal any boss will love, premium thickness acrylic showcasing his or her name and title with panache! The stainless-steel standoffs provide both structural support and a complementary aesthetic.

Really love your boss? Consider Clear Glass Green Name Plate Holders in the NPA2 Executive Series. Glass Green accentuates the look elegantly…an upper-scale Name Plate Holder for the number one executive in the office – the Boss!  

One more Boss’s Day idea? For the stressed Boss with a sense of humor, use a little imagination and create a Mini-Zen Garden out of Altoids’ tins! Happy Boss’s Day!


Cubicle Sign Holders and Fire Prevention Week, Oct 6-12

Untitled design(10)Did you know that a typical home fire leaves just one to two minutes to escape once the alarm sounds? This rather scary statistic comes directly from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and makes a perfect segue to the theme of the NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, October 6th through the 12th.

The theme for 2019 is “Not Every Hero Wears a Cape. Plan and Practice Your Escape!” In other words, planning and practicing a smart fire escape plan with your family can help make the most of that limited time, getting out to safety and making each member their own kind of hero.

Planning a smart fire escape plan in the workplace can be a little trickier. We all remember orchestrated school fire drills but, chances are, you don’t likely have them at work. This is where signage needs to be prominently displayed with the highest visibility possible. Laws and building codes require clearly marked fire exits, and proper usage of Sign Holders can provide a valuable assist in case disaster strikes.

CSHL SSS (On Location)2(1)
Cubicle Sign Frame


New Cubicle Sign Holders can indeed play a part in your own observance of Fire Prevention Week. Style CSHL Cubicle Sign Holders/Sign Frames are ideal for displaying emergency signage, instructions, and directional guidance. At 8-1/2” x 11”, premium thickness acrylic at eye level delivers the message with exceptional clarity.

Another alternative? Dynamic colored borders that accentuate vital information and draw the eye. Take a look at Black Border and Silver Border Cubicle Sign Frames, for example. They’re a can’t-miss with passing foot traffic.

The NFPA has several family tips for Fire Prevention Week, like planning escape routes, designating an outside rendezvous point, testing smoke alarms, and practicing home fire drills. The public observance of Fire Prevention Week goes back to 1922 and was formally proclaimed by President Calvin Coolidge in 1925, making it the nation’s longest running public health observance. The week of October 9th was chosen to honor the Great Chicago Fire of October 8, 1871.

At home or at work with the assistance of Sign Holder displays, be sure your fire escape plan is firmly in mind!

New Name Plate Holders for National Techies Day, October 3rd!

New Name Plate Holders for National Techies Day, October 3rd!Throw out the image of the maligned, awkward, geeky nerd outcast. “Techies” are now the cool “in” crowd, a fact being celebrated October 3rd as National Techies Day. It’s a great opportunity to thank those who fix your computer bugs on a regular basis, keeping you productive and taking the stress out of your workday.

Kidding and imagery aside, National Techies Day is observed annually with a mission: to encourage students in the pursuit of careers in technology. It’s a job sector growing at high speed with opportunities projected in rapidly increasing numbers. Think of it as helping shape the work force of the future. Case in point, tech jobs in the U.S. are predicted to grow 22% by next year alone…far outpacing other sectors like service, retail, and manufacturing.

Increasing use of automation also plays a hand in this trend. In other words, expect fewer manual labor options in the future and more positions for those who know how to create, design, operate, handle, repair, and maintain driving technology.

As for the Techie or Techies in your office, there are a few ways to say thanks. Lunch is always an option. Cool, innovative Name Plate Holders are another! We have just the styles, too.

Clear Vinyl Computer Name Plate Holders are a nice way to say Happy Techies Day. The material is flexible, durable, and practically invincible. This Name Plate Holder fits computer monitors easily and securely, showcasing Techie names and titles with crystal clarity.

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Another dignified look in Name Plate Holders? Check out Cubicle People Spotters™ …Acrylic Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders in Silver, Black, or White. They add a dynamic look to modern as well as traditional partitions.

Bordered Wall Nameplates are also popular with Black and Silver options. Easy to install at eye level, the combination of color with polished, premium thickness acrylic makes quite an impression!

Consider the possibilities for National Techies Day. Individual recognition goes a long way in the Gratitude Department and nothing emphasizes it more than just the right Name Plate Holder!

How to Create an Eye-Catching Trade Show Booth.

How to Create an Eye-Catching Trade Show BoothDo you have one or more trade shows coming up?  Looking for new ways to engage your visitors so they remember you and stay interested?  Here are some ideas to help you along.

When laying out your display, put yourself in the shoes of those you hope to attract.  Do your graphics stand out, making your brand visible and aesthetically appealing?  Give inquisitive eyes something to latch onto with color and artful design.  Integrate products, services, and giveaways with clear, concise benefits to draw qualified buyers.  Attractive signage and banners create the draw; your Brochure Holders and Sign Holders help seal the deal.

Give your trade show audience something to see, feel, and engage interactively.  A table full of documents might provide the info, but a more hands-on display can make a more significant impact immediately.  Even your Display Stands can lend a feeling of mobility, like Plastic Products Mfg’s Swivel Base Sign Holders.  Style BS GG Swivel Base Acrylic Display Stands deliver movement and eye-appeal in a range of width and height options with custom sizing available.

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Geometrical shapes and symmetrical design can also play a pivotal role in stopping foot traffic for a look at your operation.  Literally, think outside-the-box-shape and incorporate cylindrical displays.  Add angles and triangles.  Your signage display options can also build on that idea.  Check out the Double-Sided Sign Holder with an Oval Base, and Magnetic Slant Back Sign Holders. The A3 Magnetic Series adds a special dimension with black and tinted green options for more visual appeal.  They’re also user friendly for switching promotional literature.

Another key to successful trade shows?  KISS: “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  Visually speaking, visual overload with too much signage and/or cluttered display conveys a message to keep moving.  But don’t leave empty space, either.  Just make it count with fine detail and a stellar Acrylic Display or Sign Holder!


Colored-Border Office Name Plate Holders – the Vibrant Look for Fall and Beyond!

Canyon-Redrock-BoardroomFeeling inspired by the colors of Autumn and the fall season ahead? Capture that colorful inspiration indoors with a serious upgrade in truly eye-catching new Name Plate Holders! Elevate the look to a dynamic, professional new level that also complements your décor.

Plastic Products Mfg recently released some incredibly unique new Name Plate Holders with colored border options.  Now those alternatives are even better with two distinctive standout additions in choices of black and silver, not to mention a variety of insert patterns!

Style NPA and Style NPBR both deliver the bold new look with entirely different approaches.  The Style NPA Colored-Border Name Plate Holder features a slant-back look with polished front edges in premium thickness acrylic. Card stock inserts slide in easily from either side’s 1/16” opening.  Add the black and silver choices and you have a sleek look in a perfect frame.

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With Style NPHA4 Acrylic Nameplate Holders, you have a clear choice with a satin silver or black border and vertical standing display.  Constructed of premium .092 acrylic thickness, Style NPHA4 is designed for stability AND user-friendliness…sliding inserts from either side is fast and easy!

Which style works best for your application might depend on something as simple as the height of the platform beneath it.  Want the face plate angled up or straight ahead?  No matter which you choose, these dynamic new colors make Name Plate Holders pop!

Better yet, you can customize both inserts AND border color how you want with minimum orders on Style NPHA4. Mix and match and choose a font…with custom inserts and new Colored-Border Name Plate Holders, you get office appeal that goes year-round.

The Tiered Shape of things to come…from Cubicle Name Plate Holders to new Office Stadium Seating

e2164c052f093e56e0b3e72ffb2694b7Heard about the new trend in office design? You probably didn’t think that it involves stadium seating, did you?

That’s exactly what is happening at a handful of tech companies, starting about five years ago in Silicon Valley. An act of defiance? Maybe. School bleachers were originally considered a sort of “counter corporate” snub to traditional cubicle layouts and “stiff boardrooms.” The use of physical space in high tech work campuses has also become a recruitment tool and it seems the nostalgic aspect of bleacher seating has a hook.

As the trend builds steam, so have some imaginative variations in stadium seating. The Malwarebytes office had the foresight to open a “secret” speakeasy-like cantina in stylish fashion BENEATH their stadium seating. California’s Workday HQ got an interesting wrinkle in their design by Form4 Architecture: a huge dry erase coloring book with fish on the wall, encouraging passersby to stop and draw.

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There’s more to this tiered shape in the office than just seating. Beyond Silicon Valley, new cubicle designs are also shaking up traditional office floor layouts. And even older style partitions are getting a makeover with Tiered Cubicle Name Plate Holders.

Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders in Black and Silver border options are really gaining notice. These colorful new “People Spotters” come in 2, 3, 4, and 5 different slot variations that rather resemble stadium seating when the inserts are loaded. The colored borders catch the eye and Multi-Tier Cubicle Name Plate Holders are ideal for directional guidance and combination suite identification.

Also, if you are fortunate enough to have an in-office getaway like the Malwarebytes “secret speakeasy” – with or without stadium seating – you might want a Multi-Tier Name Plate Holder to point the way. Then announce your arrival with a brilliant Clear Acrylic Sign Holder!

Photo Protectors and Picture Frames for National Save Your Photos Month!

open-uri20190915-23153-soodgoThose who collect, organize, catalog, and take pictures just might tell you that September is National Save Your Photos Month. This unique annual event was created by APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, as a public service outreach campaign to teach the importance of preserving “life’s irreplaceable photos” and how to protect them from unforeseen incidents. Craft-related businesses on the supply end are also in tune with Save Your Photos Month.

APPO is a professional membership organization that puts an emphasis on the “passion for telling other people’s stories.” Every September, APPO brings other photo organizers together with companies and retailers in a collective network to raise awareness about the benefits of safeguarding traditional photos.

In that vein, we have a few “hi-viz” items of our own for the cause. Nifty Style VW Top-Loader Photo Protectors are a prime example. Constructed with tough, rigid vinyl, this material delivers superior photo protection in economical fashion.

Clear Vinyl Photo Preservers and Protectors come in more than a dozen size variations, many ideal for Save Your Photos Month. In Style VW Vinyl Photo Protectors, we highly recommend 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, and 8” x 10” for photo preservation and organization.IMG_2568

From scrapbooking family photographic collections to individual photo showcases, Clear Acrylic Picture Frames are also popular this time of year, as are Designer Series Curved Picture Frames. These models represent a distinctive look for those special shots.

Another facet of Save Your Photos Month? The extension of a life preserver for photos already damaged due to unforeseen circumstances or downright disaster. Multiple online resources have been gathered in one place under the broader topic of Disaster Help on the event website.

Course titles like “Working with Water Damaged Photos” and “Helping Photos Weather the Storm” might help with restoration. It’s the Vinyl Photo Protectors that help those images stay magical!