Identifying Workplace-Inclusive “Mother’s Rooms” with Wall Nameplate Holders

existenceIn case you didn’t know, women make up more than half of the American workforce for the first time. While the debate continues about pay equity (or inequity), changes are afoot in America’s evolving workplaces.

One issue gaining attention concerns breastfeeding mothers. Working nursing mothers make up a growing percentage of the general workforce and some employers have become a bit inventive in the creation of designated spaces. Gone are repurposed supply closets and less-than-hygienic restrooms, not to mention the “cover versus no cover” debate. Enter the “Mother’s Room!”

NPW SSB Mothers Room
Wall-Mount Nameplate Holder

One company featured in a interview has been producing specially designated “Lactation Suites” since 2013. Mamava’s innovative rooms for breastfeeding and pumping mothers come in several styles and sizes. Some are considered “comfortably compact” for size-challenged workplaces and larger models offer more room for public spaces and larger offices.

Regardless of the dimensions, these units are smartly designed and equipped. Ventilated and well connected with occupant activated lighting, Mamava calls each pod “mom-ready the day it’s delivered.” They even supply a Smart Access app for security and some Mother’s Rooms come with fridge-ready units.

How to designate these unique new spaces so they’re easily identifiable? That’s where Acrylic Wall Mount Name Plate Holders enter the picture.

Acrylic Wall Mount Nameplate Holders display signage for Mother’s Rooms in crystal clear, premium thickness acrylic. This aesthetically appealing Name Plate Holder line delivers identification with sharp visual acuity in a material that’s easy to clean…a benefit as we attempt to make workplace surfaces as anti-septic as possible in the face of COVID-19.

Mamava Mother’s Room Pod

Versatile enough for duty in other office signage scenarios, Wall Name Plate Holders are simply attached with Velcro, Magnetic Strips, or Dual-Sided Foam Tape. Name Plate inserts slide into place securely and custom printing them is a breeze.

Curious what a Mamava Mother’s Room pod exterior looks like? This model was sighted in Phoenix…as you might have guessed from the vista.



Effective Signage and Sign Holders Point the Way to Safer Health

Blurred Food Dining Report Blog BannerFrightening, deadly, and highly contagious: this is the shadow of Coronavirus covering every aspect of our personal and professional lives. It’s hard to escape. Where we eat, how we shop, the minimal company we keep…everything is different. For now. Sooner or later, some sense of normal life will return. Until then, spreading proper information is vital to make sure you and those closest to you come through healthy.

Uncertainty is one of the scariest characteristics of COVID-19, reflected in everything from panic buying at the store to panic selling on the stock market. That uncertainty is why the dissemination of information is so key.

By now you’ve heard the messages about handwashing and social distancing a million times. But they can be easy to forget in the moment and reminders can be downright lifesaving. For businesses and essential services that must remain open, high visibility signage and literature is essential. In addition to the CDC, for example, the Red Cross offers recommended steps to limit the spread of germs and prevent infection.

Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holder

Combining these printable materials for health guidance in addition to more location-specific signage can stand out more visibly with Acrylic Sign Holders that allow foot traffic to absorb information while keeping their distance. Acrylic delivers clarity, sharp visual acuity, and a surface that’s also easy to keep clean and sterile. Desktop and wall-mount Sign Holders offer placement versatility in strategic locations to help foot traffic avoid gathering, no matter how minimal the number of people.

Once Coronavirus is under control, there will likely be new ways of everyday living. Advancing higher use of telemedicine can help relieve overburdened emergency rooms, thus reducing the chances of infection. More point-of-purchase payment scanning could minimize hand-to-hand transactions and germ spreading. And displaying vital signage in solid, sanitary Acrylic Sign Holders can help keep information flowing, even when social distancing.

Stay safe and healthy. Be smart. And if you’re among those on the front lines from grocers and pharmacists to hospital triage, thank you.

Celebrate National Deskfast Day with Name Plate Holders, Sign Holders, and Food

The Sailor's ClubMarch 19th is a big day for people dedicated to both their jobs and breakfast. It’s National “Deskfast” Day, which as you may have guessed, combines the words “desk” and “breakfast.” It’s a term for the first meal of the day being eaten at the work desk and, believe it or not, “deskfast” is an official trend that even caught the attention of nutritionists.

Skeptical at first, many of those nutritionists reportedly changed their tune after discovering that people ate healthier “deskfasts” than they did with home or restaurant breakfasts…or no breakfast at all.

According to, this fad called Deskfast came into prominence in 2008 as the European economy went into recession. Workers worried about their jobs began clocking in earlier and staying later, creating the need for early morning sustenance. To be more energized and avoid sloppy syrups, dripping milk, and unavoidable grease on keyboards, most “deskfasts” are supposedly healthier than traditional breakfasts.

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Now that we’ve covered the breakfast part, what about the desk? Doesn’t this home away from home for 40 hours or more a week deserve to look good for Deskfast? One way to do it is with stylish Desk Nameplate Holders. Thick acrylic plates hold name/title inserts, accentuated by stainless steel Standoffs for a classy, dignified, professional look.

Acrylic Sign Holders and classic Acrylic Picture Frames stand out, too. Beautifully crafted and also with metal standoffs, deliver dynamic appeal and the consummate professional appearance. Make a statement and enjoy your “deskfast” in style!

Just how does one celebrate National Deskfast Day? Provided you have the freedom to do so, why not make a morning picnic-like get-together with workmates? It could be a good opportunity to connect with co-workers you don’t typically see or talk to on a regular basis with morning bonding over food on March 19th!

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Office

Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier OfficeThe Coronavirus pandemic has Americans and the world focusing on airborne particles and those left on surfaces. The debate continues but as of mid-March, it’s estimated that the virus can live on surfaces for 48 to 72 hours. The focus on deep cleaning also coincides with the beginning of Spring on March 19th and, yes, the unofficial beginning of the traditional Spring Cleaning season.

How deeply one gets into scrubbing surfaces at work or home depends on personal preference and willingness. Where office cubicles are concerned, it all starts with clearing clutter and getting organized. And that’s our area of focus with a few tips we’ve accumulated.

Is there an idle project on your desk you’ve been leaving out as a “to do” reminder? Find a compartment and leave digital reminders for yourself to resume later or shelve it a little longer.

It’s also a time to find a home for loose papers, catalogs, and reference literature. Categorizing binders and hanging files with acrylic Cubicle Brochure Holders can all help in this regard. For paper material no longer relevant, shred and/or recycle. There’s likely a document (or many) at the bottom of any stack that was once pertinent and is no more.

Organizing drawers and clearing clutter can be strangely liberating. So can breaking habits, like collecting personal grooming objects and bills from home on your desk.

Pictures and knick-knacks help make the 9-to-5 more pleasurable and put an individualized touch on personal workspace. But Spring is the time to assess: is there too much? It could be time for a change. De-clutter cubicle walls…scrap obsolete memos, calendars, and last year’s birthday cards. Consolidate what DOES need keeping in easy-to-install Cubicle Brochure Holders, highly visible and well-protected in premium thickness acrylic. And if it’s time to upgrade name and title identification, complement office Spring Cleaning with a Colored Border Name Plate Holder…a perfect touch of much-needed brightness!


Getting to know Pizza with Nameplate Holders at The International Pizza Expo

Getting to know Pizza with Nameplate Holders at The International Pizza Expo(1)Do you love pizza? The question is practically rhetorical as pizza’s popularity both domestically and worldwide continues hitting new heights. Americans consume about three BILLION pies every year and, not counting frozen pizza from the store, Wikipedia states that the U.S. pizza restaurant industry is worth $37 billion.

The introduction of the modern pizza is generally credited to Naples, Italy where flatbread was topped with oil and tomatoes in the 16th century. In the late 1880s, Neapolitan pizzamaker Raffaele Esposito honored the visiting Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, with a tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza representing Italy’s national colors.

The Margherita morphed into the unofficial base for pizza as we typically know it: with tomato sauce and cheese as the foundation. Americans began devouring pizza in the early 20th century, setting off regional debates about the best style (New York vs. Chicago being a prime example).

Around the world, cultural cuisines are also putting their own stamp on the pie. You could get a chicken satay pizza with peanut sauce in Indonesia. Kimchi, crab, or shrimp in Korea. Russians often prefer higher class ingredients like caviar and fish roe, salmon, beef fillets, and truffles.

Pizza lovers are getting a chance to see what the world is baking at the International Pizza Expo, March 31 through April 2 in Las Vegas. Celebrating its 36th year, International Pizza Expo 2020 showcases numerous events, demonstrations, and competitions, like the amazing acrobatics of pizza dough spinners. And, of course, there will be no shortage of tantalizing aromas and tasty samples.

That’s where proper labeling, branding, and identification with Name Plate Holders become a crucial part of the enticing display. Custom inserts and template sizes 4” wide x 2” high and 3-1/2” wide x 2” high make ideal pizza “labels” in a sturdy, clear, premium-thickness acrylic showcase. The perfect palate-pleasing pizza deserves its own spotlight beside the heat lamp…with Name Plate Holders serving the info.

By the way, if you’d like to eat pizza Brazilian style, watch for options like quail eggs, shredded carrots, beets, raisins, hearts of palm, linguica sausage, and guava jam. You might even be offered ketchup and/or mustard!

Making a Positive Impression at Business Meetings and How to Put Your Name in the Spotlight

group-of-people-sitting-indoors-3184291To many, the term “business meeting” often elicits groans and cringing. More forward-thinkers understand the importance of collaborative interaction and know-how to create a spark in meetings that makes them beneficial. Salespeople especially have much to gain when these highly personal interactions involve prospective clients.

There are several keys to making good impressions in business meetings, making them more engaging and leaving people nodding and bright-eyed, not bored and disconnected.

The first two are super basic and likely standard for you anyway but do bear repeating. Be on time…everybody is busy and wasting the time of others is a sure way to start a meeting badly. Feel that searing glare? If you’re on time, you won’t have to.

Second, dress accordingly. There’s a theory about going to job interviews: dress one step above the position being sought. That same approach applies when mastering the meeting.

Preparation and research can be more involved. From a TED-Talk kind of format to a PowerPoint presentation, it pays to put in the homework when all eyes are on you. Anticipate questions about new initiatives, campaigns, and projects. Have some of your own. The more knowledge and materials you have at your disposal can make a crucial difference.

Meetings don’t always have to be 100% formal, either. Quite the contrary. Some small talk before the agenda begins can put group members at ease…and more openly receptive to your message. Don’t tune out and start checking e-mail, don’t chew gum, and TURN OFF your phone!

These tips also apply for those wanting to make a strong impression from the bullpen. Relevant contributions deserve a voice, so long as ideas are presented succinctly and clearly, staying on topic and making a point. Shyness can keep great ideas hidden and that helps nobody in the long run. Speak up and make a positive impression. And be sure to have your solid Acrylic Name Plate Holder in front of you…so everyone knows your name!



Name Plate Holders and Sign Holders Guiding the Way in New Millennial-Friendly Office Design

photograph-of-men-having-conversation-seating-on-chair-1015568As America’s work force becomes more Millennial-dominant, forward thinking office managers are transforming workplaces to keep pace. It’s not about making a “fun” environment…more like a different focus on layout and amenities to reflect a strong set of values and a “life/work balance.”

According to Future Offices, a Millennial workforce is more engaged, productive, and happy in spaces that “promote well-being and productivity, enable flexibility and innovation, and ignite collaboration and social connection.”

More specifically, workplace design leaders are dialing into these evolving core values:

*Improving Productivity and Ease-of-Work

*Ensuring Employee Wellness

*Ensuring Communication and Collaboration in Meaningful Ways

*Providing Privacy, Calm, and Room for Reflection

How company values are displayed in the workplace can also be integral to new office designs. Acrylic Sign Holders are playing a part, filling a vital role promoting employee wellness. Cubicle Sign Holders with Borders, for example, are becoming increasingly popular in the new wave of design, putting the latest information at the forefront with high visibility.

Awareness of a health-conscious work environment is on high alert status with the shocking global outbreak of Coronavirus coinciding with another deadly domestic flu season. (Would you believe at least 14,000 Americans have died from influenza so far in 2019-2020?) Reminders to simply wash one’s hands, displayed in prominent acrylic, serve as continual visual aids.

Disseminating valuable information on flu prevention and staying hydrated are contributions more commonly seen in more Millennial-oriented spaces, to the benefit of more than one generation. Sign Holders are the perfect vehicle to deliver the message…and to showcase announcements of new Wellness Programs and similar office signage, custom inserts for Name Plate Holders are commanding attention!

Keeping informed, up-to-date, and socially involved are not traits inherent only to Millennials…but the emphasis on each is part of a growing movement in workplace approaches and designs, not to be ignored!