Acrylic Sign Holders and Sign Frames to Showcase National Food Safety Education Month Messaging

From rebounding restaurants to a new wave of home chefs, America’s passion for cooking and eating has never been hungrier. Sure, feeding this culinary frenzy takes a certain level of skill and understanding of flavors. But whether cooking at home for family and friends or cranking out dishes at your favorite eatery, they share common kitchen dangers and a need for food safety recognition.

That’s the theme of National Food Safety Education Month in September. Foodborne illnesses are a primary focus because bacteria, viruses, and parasites are inherent in poorly prepared foods. Improper cooking temperatures, unsanitary food prep surfaces, dirty hands, less-than-sterile utensils…these culprits for contamination require an important level of concentration.

Getting the message across clearly is the aim of National Food Safety Education Month. Acrylic Sign Holders and Acrylic Sign Frames make perfect showcases for essential reminders about food safety. Of course, busy kitchens can take a toll on signage, so protecting food safety messaging securely in an Acrylic Sign Holder is a smart move.

According to the CDC, there are more than 250 foodborne diseases. But all are preventable with the proper care, and visual reminders play a vital part. Posting safety guides and cooking temperatures in premium thickness Acrylic Sign Frames makes the message prominent. Mandated safety signage also stands out in attention-drawing Acrylic Sign Holders.

With the spotlight on food safety education in September, acrylic display holders deliver a modern look that gets noticed. Mindfulness about bacteria and chemical hazards is equally important for home chefs. But the subject of food safety itself is hardly new.

Federal oversight of food safety goes back a long way in American history. The first U.S. food safety law was passed in 1785. President Lincoln formed the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 1862. And the USDA Division of Chemistry became the Food and Drug Administration in 1906.


Top Benefits of Multi-Pocket Literature Holders

Multi-Pocket Literature Holders

Looking for an efficient, organized, and aesthetically appealing way to disseminate a lot of information from a single point of interest? Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders are just the ticket! Our selection of eye-catching Acrylic Literature Holders makes displays easy, and the multiple pockets can help put out large amounts of brochure information without the need for constant refills.

That’s just the start of a list of benefits and functions. The acrylic material itself is premium thickness for long-lasting durability and toughness. It delivers a modern appeal and keeping Acrylic Literature Holders clean is a breeze. That saves time and makes the overall display more attractive.

Another plus? Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders come in a nice variety of sizes, accommodating a range of brochure configurations. Promotional pamphlets come in numerous dimensions and our designs can be customized to match your needs. From education and information to hard sells and point-of-purchase displays, you can have your Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders geared to your promotional literature’s size…not the other way around.

Versatility is also a key component in Acrylic Literature Holders. Any flat surface provides a prime display opportunity. And that goes for offices, stores, hospitality…even expos, home shows, and trade show booths. They’re freestanding, portable, and easy to move so you can set up a display quickly on desks and countertops.

Draw passing foot traffic to your booklets, tri-fold brochures, and colorful pamphlets. Multi-Pocket Brochure Holders are like people magnets with an invitation to grab a flyer or brochure, spreading the word and earning measurable results! Displays also work successfully with rack cards and leaflets.

Acrylic Literature Holders can showcase more than flyers and brochures, too. Ribbons in retail and gift shops, promotional giveaways, and bookmarks at libraries and campuses all get noticed with an acrylic spotlight.

And did we mention the low cost to do all this? It’s true. When you consider overall marketing expenses, the cost of Multi-Pocket Literature Holders is extremely minimal. And there’s never been a better time to put them to work!

Summer Activities Shine Brighter in Acrylic Sign Holders!

Summertime fun is well underway, and there’s a clear choice when it comes to showcasing summer activities and providing the attention they deserve. Point the way with a little help from clear Acrylic Sign Holders and Sign Frames! It could be Kids Camp, a carnival, Farmers Market, fundraiser, sidewalk sale, music/arts festival…the possibilities are practically endless!

This is especially true with a strong resurgence of summer events and activities not seen since 2019, the last summer before the pandemic. America’s national parks saw an increase of 60 million visitors in 2021 over 2020 when COVID kept many parks closed, at least partially. Attendance expectations are significantly higher this year.

Summer 2022 promises more festivals, more concerts…and more weddings than 2020/2021. The Wedding Report estimates approximately 2.5 million knots getting tied this summer. That’s the most in one year since 1984, according to Axios.

Acrylic Wall Frame with Black Border

What do all these busy summer events have in common? The need for guidance to show foot traffic the way to the fun! That’s where a well-placed Acrylic Sign Holder delivers the perfect summer exposure. It delivers the clarity of glass with the toughness and durability of premium thickness acrylic. Acrylic Sign Holders and Sign Frames can stand up to hard knocks without worrying about breakage.

Elegant and classy for formal use, an Acrylic Sign Frame puts a stellar spotlight on fine graphics and print details. Need to display signage in more rugged applications? You can take sturdy Acrylic Sign Holders anywhere. Acrylic is also a material that’s easy to keep clean and sanitary with a couple of wipes.

So what’s cooking on your summer schedule? Make signage stand out to capture focus on upcoming events, activities, and special summer promotions. Acrylic Sign Frames and Sign Holders get the job done with a dynamic look that’s also inexpensive. And ordering now to beat the rush is a smart next move!

Unveiling NEW Acrylic Wall Nameplates with Standoffs

We’re genuinely excited about the unveiling of our NEW Wall Nameplates with Standoffs! They deliver just the right blend of aesthetic appeal, professionalism, and eye-catching style. You can choose from a Clear Acrylic Nameplate Holder or its counterpart with a green edge that emulates the look of real glass. Both are accentuated with silver standoffs that deliver functionality and an attractive contrast geared to please the eye.

Acrylic Nameplates with Standoffs make a nice addition to any office environment and décor. They give you more flexibility in personalization with interior displays. Our signature Wall Nameplate Sign Holders with standoffs provide a terrific spotlight for custom room inserts, from room numbers and departmental signage to individual names and titles.

We can also help in that regard. Our new launch takes your custom DIY insert printing into consideration with white or gray perforated card stock included FREE! Holes are pre-punched for use in any printer. So let your imagination guide you and take advantage of this most economical printing option.

Complete kits also include everything you need for easy installation. Your order comes with hardware…two screws, two anchors, and two silver standoffs.

Loading an insert in your new Acrylic Nameplate Holder is also a simple process. Once the printing is finished, individual inserts are sandwiched between two acrylic plates. Your new design stays securely in place and the standoffs help seal the deal.

Great looking, easy to install, hardware and perforated card stock included: it’s a complete, turnkey Nameplate kit for a simple do-it-yourself solution. And the result? Exceptional showcases for office names, numbers, titles, and signage. Add clarity and appeal to your workplace with a Clear Acrylic Nameplate and the glass-green version of the Wall Nameplate with Standoffs…for a nice, silvery accent.  

How Acrylic Wall Frames and Cubicle Sign Holders Can Help Keep Your Workspace Safe for June’s National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month and sending a clear message about safety practices takes a clear display. Add a nice border accent and the message really gets attention. To help get the point across, we’re featuring two distinctive display options with an eye-catching Cubicle Sign Holder and a unique Acrylic Wall Frame with color border options.

This year marks the 26th National Safety Month, begun by the National Safety Council in 1996 to increase awareness of the risks workers face on the job, and how to decrease the rate of workplace injuries. For 2022, the month-long event’s focus falls on four weekly topics.

The first week featured presenters and resources related to musculoskeletal disorders and how to prevent them. It’s a major concern as musculoskeletal disorders are a leading cause of occupational injuries.

Week two is all about workplace impairment and how to recognize signs of substance abuse. This year’s spotlight also emphasizes under-reported forms of workplace impairment…like stress, fatigue, and mental distress.

Injury prevention will also be a key topic, of course. In week three, discussions and activities are geared to highlight methods that curb workplace injuries and fatalities.

Closing out National Safety Month’s fourth week is “Slips, Trips, and Falls.” This is where new technological advances are featured to reduce all three.

Every workplace is required to post safety notices for compliance purposes. And getting them noticed with style, professionalism, and a little panache only makes their messages more powerful.

Enter the new Bordered Acrylic Wall Frame. It blends a clear acrylic face with bold, contrasting borders in silver or black. Inserts and safety notices slide easily into place and the ability to place Acrylic Wall Frames at eye level for busy foot traffic is a huge plus.

Empty cubicle wall space also presents a canvas for safety displays. Cubicle Sign Holders are ideal for showcasing essential information in polished, premium thickness acrylic.

If you need to upgrade signage displays for safety or any other instructional guidance, the new look of Bordered Acrylic Wall Frames and trusty Cubicle Sign Holders presents two excellent possibilities!

June’s Wedding Planning Month Essentials with Acrylic Wedding Name Plates

After two years of delays, the 2022 wedding season looks to be extra busy. That’s right, you can expect the backlog of betrothals to start becoming viable vows as long-engaged couples finally get to walk the aisle. And since June is officially Wedding Planning Month, we’re ramping up production to meet higher demand in essentials like Acrylic Wedding Name Plates and Acrylic Wedding Place Cards. 

Coordinating guest lists that may have begun long ago is part of the challenge for wedding planners. Some couples have shifted gears to a smaller event while other couples have seen guest lists grow. This helps explain why planning thoughtfully and thoroughly is so key. And what better time to focus on the nuptials than June’s Wedding Planning Month?

Now back to that guest list. That’s really the foundation for determining aspects like venue, menu, and place settings. Once the number is finalized and the RSVPs start rolling in, ordering stylish Acrylic Wedding Name Plates should be a high priority so other plans can advance forward.

Acrylic Name Plate

Another elegant touch? Acrylic Wedding Place Cards add a classy, unique element that elevates the standard in identifiers. Giving small details more wow factor helps make the experience of this special day more memorable for wedding-goers, and the acrylic look delivers at every table.     

As Wedding Planning Month, June orders for the aesthetic appeal of Acrylic Wedding Name Plates and Acrylic Wedding Place Cards are expected to boom. It’s especially true because the month is also the nation’s most popular for weddings themselves. As Zola points out, winter weddings in places like Lake Tahoe and Key West will be drastically different. June is such a popular choice for tying the knot simply because the weather is milder across more of the nation.

No matter what the weather, another beautiful attribute about acrylic is the crystal clarity it shines on everyone in attendance! So, plan well, and Happy Wedding Day!

Honoring Teachers with Acrylic Nameplate Holders for National Teacher Appreciation Week

May 1st through 8th is National Teacher Appreciation Week, and Tuesday the 3rd is Teacher Appreciation Day. Both are more deserved than ever after the trying events of the past two years. And even in the best of times, teachers still work long hours, face difficult challenges, and are often underpaid. So be sure to thank those who dedicate themselves so selflessly every day in the classroom!

The National PTA suggests bringing a gift in the form of gift cards, baked goods, or something to decorate the classroom. Or making a donation on the teacher’s behalf. Creating printable “thank you” messages can also be a fun, touching tribute.

And speaking of printing, personalized nameplates also make a nice show of gratitude. Add an Acrylic Nameplate Holder to showcase that custom insert and you’ve created a dynamic “thank you” package. We can even include the perforated card stock for DIY printing!

Add more pop to the display presentation with a prestigious Executive Nameplate Holder. It’s a clear, polished look in a distinctive Nameplate Holder, accentuated with stainless steel standoffs.

Premium thickness Acrylic Nameplate Holders deliver aesthetic appeal with long-lasting durability. Elevate the look in Executive Nameplate Holders and you’ll get an “A” for Appreciation!

The origin of National Teacher Day can be directly traced to Eleanor Roosevelt and her persuasion of the 81st Congress in 1953. But it was Arkansas school teacher Mattye White Woodridge who first wrote to politicians and education professionals about a designated teacher appreciation day in 1944.

The first private teacher in history dates MUCH further back, though. That would be Confucius, sometime around 561 BC. Ancient Greeks and the Pilgrims of the 1600s also placed a high priority on education.

It’s quite possible a teacher made an impact on your life. Maybe that same impact is happening to a child in your family right now. Think about it…and be sure to say thanks.

Nameplate Holders Pay Tribute to Administrative Professionals Day

Sure, you need talented workers to build a successful business. And hopefully, wise managers to steer the ship. But who keeps the day-to-day wheels rolling? That would be the more than 3 million secretaries and administrative assistants in the American workforce. To say thanks, the final week of April is Administrative Professionals Week and right in the middle of it, Wednesday the 27th is designated Administrative Professionals Day.

2022 marks the 70th anniversary of this tribute. The first observance was proclaimed by U.S. Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer in 1952, originally as National Secretaries Day. The name of the occasion was updated in 2000 to reflect modern job titles and a growing list of responsibilities. This brings us to the present.

This year, the accolades may be the most well-deserved. Juggling the challenges of the pandemic while balancing remote and hybrid teammates – is not an easy task. Even without the past two years’ disruptions, Administrative Professionals have the often-thankless task of being the go-between for staff and management…and support team for both. Or to quote Robert Half Talent Solutions, “…exhibiting grace under pressure while helping employees stay connected, engaged, and productive.”

Robert Half also offers a few ways to show appreciation. Go beyond a card or kind word by telling your admin department just how and how much they help your organization and share praise from happy clients. The reward of rest and relaxation also goes a long way. Offer the flexibility to knock off early…and if extra time off isn’t doable, a gift card for spa services couldn’t hurt.

We have a couple of ideas to honor Administrative Professionals Day, too. Acrylic Name Plates make a nice “thank you” with a polished, clear showcase that honors the individual. Add an even more distinctive look with the super eye-appeal of Executive Desk Name Plates. Dynamic border options deliver even more wow factor!

So, think about the inestimable value of your administrative pros…and show your gratitude. Premium thickness Acrylic Name Plates and classy Executive Desk Name Plates can help!

Essential Nameplate Holders for National Name Yourself Day Fun!

Have you ever wanted a different identity, just for one day? Good news! National Name Yourself Day is April 9th, a prime opportunity to be somebody else. Who knows? You might feel the vicarious thrill of an actor or an undercover agent! And no matter what, you’ll need a way to showcase that new identity with options in Acrylic Nameplate Holders and Cubicle Name Plates.

While the origins of National Name Yourself Day are a little fuzzy, there is a distinct possibility that it was created by, or at least for, those who dislike their own name(s). Sad but true, many names anointed by well-intentioned parents are legally changed later by those bearing them. But National Name Yourself Day is open to everyone, so let the masquerade begin!

The first step is picking a new name. Or nickname. You could be someone familiar or let your imagination fly and adopt a whole new moniker.

Acrylic Name Plate

Once your new name is decided, the next step is printing a name tag. Of course, encouraging co-workers, friends, and colleagues to join the festivities will likely also help boost spirits, so don’t be shy.

Next comes the display. If you’re celebrating National Name Yourself Day in an office environment, Cubicle Name Plates can be an eye-catching showcase. Polished edges and attractive colored border options only enhance the spotlight on those new “names for a day.”

If your workday is a bit more virtual, you can still give your new name proper visibility with an Acrylic Name Plate Holder. In-person or in zoom meetings, premium thickness acrylic is crystal clear and easy on the eyes. As for the custom inserts, perforated card stock can also be included for DIY printing.

Ever wonder how many Americans change their names for real every year? There is no actual tally…the estimate is around 50,000. But for National Name Yourself Day? Be whoever you want and spread the news. We have your essential Nameplate Holders to assist the celebration!

How Cubicle Brochure Holders Can Help Keep You Organized for 2022’s National Cleaning Week

This is a traditional time for spring cleaning, and that goes for your workspace. In fact, there’s even an official designation for it. National Cleaning Week is March 27th through April 2nd, 2022. Sponsored by the cleaning industry association ISSA, National Cleaning Week is a platform focused on the healthy importance of “positive impact cleaning.”

In addition to public health benefits, ISSA and cleaning professionals around the world take National Cleaning Week very seriously. The event not only advocates for the industry but also supports charitable causes and explores educational opportunities. There’s even a two-day Virtual Clean Advocacy Summit in the middle of National Cleaning Week!

A clean cubicle and work environment, in general, does more than simply organize stuff. Deep spring cleaning is vital for the public and your personal health, and that also ties directly to the economy in the form of absenteeism. In today’s economy with workforce challenges, keeping employees healthy is a must for anyone operating a business.

Cubicle File Holder

Of course, getting started is always the first obstacle to hurdle. And organization isn’t always a simple matter, either. For those cleaning their cubicles, a Cubicle Brochure Holder becomes a valuable tool. Hanging securely on partition walls, premium thickness Acrylic Brochure Holders help clear desk space and make literature more accessible in its display.

Facing in or out, Cubicle Brochure Holders provide a clear showcase for material in an eye-catching fashion. Just think of each Cubicle File Holder as an interactive way to disseminate valuable information, contact-free…like a self-service mailbox.

Keeping cubicles and workplaces neat covers more than health and worker attendance rates. Prior to COVID, the Harvard Business Review did a study that evaluated efficiency based on “neat versus messy” criteria. Results with 100 test subjects showed that those toiling in neat spaces were more efficient and even worked 1.5 times longer than their counterparts in clutter!