Restaurant Recovery and Reopening in Times of Coronavirus

Restaurant Setting

It’s difficult to name an industry hit harder by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic than the restaurant industry. According to Fortune, 110,000 eating and drinking establishments across the country boarded-up in 2020, either temporarily or permanently. And the National Restaurant Association estimates sales losses of $280 billion in the first 13 months of the pandemic, along with more than 8 million people suddenly jobless.

While the number of permanent closures is yet to be determined, for eateries managing to survive, reopening and recovery have varied state by state. It stands to reason that sparsely populated states are rebounding faster, economically speaking. So it should be no surprise that Wallet Hub’s top 7 resurging states are South Dakota, Maine, Iowa, Utah, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Vermont, respectively. Criteria included unemployment rates, strides in COVID recovery, and GDP comparisons to pre-pandemic levels.

Now to the nitty-gritty of cooking and serving, no matter where you are. Staffing shortages have had rural and urban restaurants scrambling to keep up. Minimizing seating capacity has also been a challenge. Streamlined ordering procedures begun last year are still in place for many establishments, too.

Acrylic Sign Holder

Of course, these new dynamics in food service also call for new signage and displays. Like Acrylic Sign Holders and Acrylic Wall Frames. They’re essential for relaying important information about social distancing and safety procedures. Acrylic Sign Holders can also relay changes in ordering that help expedite the process and minimize physical contact.

Acrylic Sign Holders have been just as traditional a restaurant staple as flour and sugar for decades. And displaying clear signage effectively boosts sales. Now more than ever, expressing menu items and specials clearly is vital for a smooth-flowing kitchen and to keep patrons moving.

When counter space is limited and wall space is not, easy-to-install Acrylic Wall Frames at eye level also get the job one. Just let us know how we can help.

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How to Preserve Your Photos for National Save Your Photos Month!

Every year around this time, proud families take pictures of students going off to school. It’s a tradition that is timed perfectly for National Save Your Photos Month, designated each September to heighten awareness about the importance of preserving photos.

Sure, social media and digital photography play a key role when it comes to capturing images. But traditional pictures are what typically stand the test of time, passing enjoyment across generations. That’s why part of the emphasis of Save Your Photos Month is a reminder to scan and save digital pictures. Otherwise, those vintage images can be lost forever due to technological malfunctions and human error.

Meanwhile, here are a few suggestions to help you preserve your pics.

Documentation is key, especially with older photos. Including names, dates, and places can help future viewers know what’s what. Back up those digital photos, print them out, and scan copies. And remember that keeping digital pictures on a jump drive or cloud system is smart…but you don’t want to keep them “caged up” where no one can see them.

As for old photos loaded with questions, reach out to family members before “who and where” details are lost forever. This just might be the most important part of that documentation process.

Storage and display is where an Acrylic Picture Frame comes into play along with traditional photo albums and photo-safe containers. Waterproof containers offer protection. And albums preserve pictures efficiently. Displaying your most treasured photographs in style? Acrylic Picture Frames deliver clarity and superior protection.

Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frames are easy to use. Two ½” thick Clear Acrylic Panels secure your treasured photo in place.  Four neodymium magnets snap the panels together and voila: you now have a free-standing picture frame. Plus, each Magnetic Acrylic Picture Frame offers double-sided viewing so you also get two display options with one frame.

Still have questions? The organizers of Save Your Photos Month also suggest joining heritage groups. Many are just a click away online!   

Introducing NEW Non-Glare Cubicle Nameplate Holders!

Non-Glare Acrylic Cubicle Nameplate Holder

Just how much does glare affect eyes in the workplace? The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) studied the question and found multiple symptoms of eye discomfort and “computer vision syndrome.” Poor lighting, glare, improper viewing distances, dry air, and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues in general were listed among the causes.

New lighting innovations have been directly connected with maximum comfort and productivity. As for IAQ, many facility managers have been busy upgrading HVAC systems as a byproduct of the pandemic. And a byproduct of those upgrades means less dust and fewer eye irritants in the air.

Another new approach to fight the glare? Non-Glare Acrylic Cubicle Name Plate Holders are an excellent way to spotlight names and titles at individual workstations…and in eye-friendly fashion.

Non-Glare Cubicle Nameplate Holders also serve other vital display functions. Re-opening workplaces are using them to guide passing foot traffic through a maze of new cubicle partitions. This is especially vital for customers and new team members just getting acquainted with changing floor layouts.

What makes this particular Cubicle Nameplate perfect for display without light reflection? The secret is the silk-screened matte surface. Matte Finish Cubicle Nameplate Holders are available in a variety of styles and sizes. They’re easy to install straight out of the box, too…a snug fit atop cubicle walls with no tools required!   

Custom Non-Glare Cubicle Nameplates are also available upon request. They’re crafted to last, giving a strong return for a small investment that stands up to years of re-use. After all, Plastic Products Mfg has mastered the art of manufacturing high quality Cubicle Nameplate Holders and this latest innovation is no exception.

One more bonus? Perforated card stock for DIY insert printing is shipped with standard-size Non-Glare Acrylic Cubicle Name Plate Holders FREE!

Here are a couple more tips to save the eyes. The CCOHS recommends overhead light dimmers and filters to diffuse the lighting. Adjusting monitor angles and using matte finishes on walls, floors, and furniture are also recommended…just like Matte Finish Cubicle Nameplate Holders.

Trending Back-to-Office Workplace Essentials from Business Card Holders to Wall Nameplate Holders

As the pandemic recovery continues, worker migration back to the office is gaining momentum as well. And wherever new office dynamics take shape, demand for new office supplies will surely follow.

A recent article in Rolling Stone detailed a Top 10 list of office essential items, like UV phone sanitizers and small but powerful portable air purifiers that cleanse and detoxify immediate surroundings. Number One on that list? Business cards.

With business cards that high on the list, a perfect display is needed to showcase and complement them. Acrylic Business Card Holders draw the eye and help break the ice with new faces in the workplace. Whether printed externally or in-house, the Acrylic Business Card Holder is available in the most popular card sizes.

Another byproduct of the post-COVID office? Healthier workspaces are shifting from communal open-floor layouts to partitions and the return of the cubicle. The transition back to cubicles has created a significant new demand for eye-catching Cubicle Nameplate Holders and Sign Holders. Staying ahead of the trend, Plastic Products Mfg is well-positioned to answer the call for increasing requests in Acrylic Cubicle Nameplate Holders.

In addition to unique colored-border options, premium thickness Acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders also grab attention with wayfinding signage. It’s an excellent option for guidance with increased foot traffic, especially where interior directions may have changed and new hires are still getting acquainted.

While taking stock of office supply needs, you can also make ordering more efficient with two more essentials. Desk Nameplate Holders for a personal touch. And Wall Nameplate Holders that install easily and strategically at eye level. Paired with Cubicle Wayfinding Sign Holders, you can more easily point the way for increasing foot traffic.

Curious what else is on the Rolling Stone list of office essentials? Device charging pads, earbuds, and “Honest” sanitizing wipes. Ergonomic chair cushions and standing desks, too. Another great spot for an Acrylic Desk Nameplate Holder.

Cubicle Name Plate Holders, Sneeze Guards, and Acrylic Essentials in Post-Pandemic Office Solutions

While many in the workforce can and will continue working remotely as America adjusts to a post-COVID world, an impressive number of employees can also be found returning to the workplace and campus. While the pandemic isn’t over yet, business owners, office managers, and school administrators alike have been busy adjusting workspaces to reflect the new dynamic.

Part of the shift brings back the once standard and now increasingly popular cubicle. Establishing a healthy distance between workers has the familiar cubicle floor layout making a remarkable return. Privacy in the workplace is also aiding this new demand for a cubicle barrier comeback. It also makes Acrylic Cubicle Name Plate Holders and Cubicle Sneeze Guards essential additions! 

The Coronavirus effect on open-floor workplaces has been significant. Office workers formerly in congregated settings are once again becoming accustomed to privacy…and finding new ways to showcase their identity. Enter the Cubicle Name Plate Holder, a clear way to display names and titles proudly in solid acrylic style.

Acrylic Desk-Mount Sneeze Guard

Cubicle Name Plate Holders come in multiple sizes and are easy to install quickly. Colored-border options accentuate individual style preferences. Premium thickness acrylic makes each Name Plate Holder tough and resilient with clarity that draws your focus. Keeping surfaces clean and sanitary is also important and acrylic is simple to maintain.

Another bonus? Heavy-gauge card stock can be included for DIY printing of custom inserts.

Health concerns also need to be addressed in post-pandemic office solutions, especially minimizing the spread of airborne particulates. Cubicle Sneeze Guards provide an effective shield against droplets, adding an extra level of comfort for returning workers.

Are you shifting gears in your floor plan? Plastic Products Mfg has gold medal-worthy acrylic innovations for a healthier interior. And a safer, more worry-free workplace with a cubicle layout should not be without a supply of Cubicle Name Plater Holders and Cubicle Sneeze Guards!

The Top 5 Benefits of Acrylic Sign Holders

Changing times call for changing signage. Visual cues that give us directions and new paths, policies, and protocols to follow. And the clear way to get those messages expressed? Acrylic Sign Holders make signage really meet the eye! Countertop, cubicle, wall-mount, and desktop sign frames present multiple placement options, too.

Making signs and literature easy to absorb quickly requires a crystal-clear showcase. Each Acrylic Sign Holder performs that job exceptionally…and we’ll tell you the Top 5 Benefits!

*Tough, Durable, yet Lightweight Material. An Acrylic Sign Frame can take the hard knocks. Premium acrylic delivers clarity in a sturdy display that’s also lightweight and easily movable.

*Simple to Keep Clean and Sanitary. Keeping surfaces in public areas sanitary has been highly publicized in the wake of COVID-19. Our Acrylic Sign Holders and Desktop Sign Frames are easy to keep clean and wiped to polished perfection!     

*User Friendly. Changing and updating signage? No problem! Acrylic Sign Holders make it easy to swap-out inserts and essential literature in your displays. And each Desktop Sign Frame can be re-used on just about any flat surface.

*Cost Effective. Acrylic is already a highly affordable material. When you add the long-lasting, nearly indestructible composition of an Acrylic Sign Frame, the ROI is cost-effective indeed!  

*Make Your Message Easy to Absorb. The most important function of a Sign Holder is to stand out, draw the eye, and make your message clear. Acrylic clarity excels at all three. When it comes to grabbing attention, strategically located Acrylic Sign Holders directly reach their audience.

In these days of rapidly changing information, spreading the word effectively can be challenging. And that makes the right Sign Holder a more essential display tool than ever. Make it an Acrylic Sign Holder to get the best results and give your messaging its proper spotlight!     

How to Utilize Wall Sign Frames and Cubicle Sign Holders for June’s National Safety Month

June 2021 marks the 25th National Safety Month and it’s especially significant as we emerge from the COVID pandemic. National Safety Month is observed annually by the National Safety Council and thousands of participating organizations, typically with themes revolving around injury prevention and how to save lives. Its messages are geared for workers on the job, families in the home, and the community at large.

Now the safety message extends to protection against unseen foes…like viruses. Relaying safety information is more vital than ever as businesses and offices reopen. And displays like Cubicle Sign Holders and Wall-Mount Sign Holders are an essential way to convey safety details, information, and instructions around the office and anywhere foot traffic passes most frequently.

This year’s National Safety Month is highly focused on safe workplaces. In fact, week 2 is dedicated specifically to the role of employers in returning remote workers to physical work-spaces. Topics like mental health support and vaccination information are two highlights.

Cubicle Sign Holder

We should also add that Acrylic Sign Holders make the dissemination of this vital print information extremely effective. They’re easy to install and relocate to areas where they are most easily seen in traffic flow. Both Wall-Mount Sign Holders and Cubicle Sign Holders deliver that kind of versatile usage. Fixed at eye level, acrylic clarity makes printed materials easy to absorb. And premium thickness makes them tough and sturdy.

As COVID restrictions become increasingly looser in June, more people will be depending on proper signage for guidance. Just as was the case last year when the pandemic hit high gear. And while Sneeze Guards and Acrylic Splash Shields might stay in place, new utilization of changing signage can make this a perfect time to invest in new Acrylic Sign Holders to spread the word!

One more thing about National Safety Month’s 25th anniversary. You can recognize a “safety hero” of your own with a donation through June ( and it will be matched up to $25,000!

How to Create Your Own Nameplate Inserts Using Perforated Card-stock

Plastic Products Mfg has unveiled several attractive additions to our Name Plate Holder line in recent months, like Multi-slot Desk Nameplate Holders with dynamic silver or black borders, or our Executive Series Wall Mount Acrylic Nameplate Holders with premium 1/8″ acrylic.  Naturally, many inquisitive customers have also been asking if we offer the templates for the inserts themselves.  While creating nameplate inserts is more of a printing specialty, we do have some “how-to” advice to help you make your own in Microsoft Word.

White Perforated Paper

It’s really a simple “DIY” process.  Once you have Word open, here’s what to do:

Step 1: Click Mailings and then the Labels button in the ribbon.

Step 2: Click Options.  If you use pre-printed labels from a Label vendor, this is where you can select the appropriate pre-formatted template by clicking the label vendor and the product number, then personalize it accordingly and click OK.

Step 3: Click New Document and a new, formatted document will appear with rectangles where names can be added (even if you don’t have a label “default” like in Step 2).

Step 4: This is where you can use different formatting options to give your nameplate inserts a unique look.  Select all the labels/inserts you’ve included in your document, then click Table Tools under Layout.  In the Alignment section, click “Align Center.”  This will align your nameplate both horizontally and vertically.

Step 5: Choose your font and print size.  This is accomplished under the Home menu just as you would in a Word writing format.  Same principle, same procedure.

Step 6: Save and print!  Your nameplate inserts are ready.

Here’s another way to create your nameplate template.  Under Insert on a Word doc, go to Text Box and choose any of the available selections.  Simply type your name/title and adjust your font/size as desired.   You can even add Clip Art under Insert if you want to enhance your nameplate beyond text.  Use the ruler at the top to control the horizontal print area, and your template is set.

Of course, if you are using an older version of Windows, your Word functions and capabilities may vary from those described in either method above.  But if you use Office 365, Windows 10, or any version more recent than Windows 7, you should be ready to make your DIY nameplate templates.

Then, the only major decision left is the type of paper stock or insert the material you want to use for the finished result.  Plastic Products Mfg. offers perforated card-stock in a variety of sizes and colors. You can use a laser or inkjet printer for your custom inserts and the perforated sheets make it easy to separate the inserts cleanly. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the perfect template for nameplate inserts with little time or fuss invested.  And when you need the right showcase to show those names in the best light possible, think about new Name Plate Holders at Plastic Products Mfg.!

Celebrate National Teachers Appreciation Day with Acrylic Name Plate Holders!

When asked which professions are most underappreciated, many responses are likely to include first responders, teachers, or both. As vital as first responders can be in life-threatening emergencies, it’s more likely that a teacher has cast a significant influence on your day-to-day.

To honor our fine educators, May 4th has been designated National Teacher Appreciation Day. Also called National Teacher Day, the National Education Association calls it not just a day for honoring teachers but also one that recognizes “the lasting contributions they make to our lives.” Social media postings using #TeacherAppreciationDay or #NationalTeacherDay are encouraged to say thanks, and we have a nice tribute idea that’s even better!

Consider the one item almost as necessary to teachers as a desk and a syllabus: the Name Plate Holder. Acrylic Nameplate Holders make very personalized gifts that offer quality and distinction. Polished acrylic like this goes well in a classroom setting and never goes out of style!

These People Spotters™ make excellent tributes, giving each teacher a well-deserved individual spotlight. Desk Nameplate Holders have a dynamic, modern look in slant-back, sloped, and stand-up styles. Nameplate Holders with Bold Silver or Black borders add a nice twist to a classic desk accessory, too!  Personalized inserts are also easy to load and never looked better in premium thickness acrylic.

Congress first declared March 7, 1980 as National Teacher Day. But the drive to make it happen began much earlier. Political and educational leaders started discussing the designation of a national day as far back as 1944. In 1953, Eleanor Roosevelt resumed the call and persuaded the 81st Congress to make the proclamation.

By the way, if you miss saying thanks to a teacher on Tuesday, May 4th, you can still avoid detention by saying it throughout the week and beyond. Technically speaking, National Teacher Day is part of Teacher Appreciation Week from May 3-7, 2021. Now you know!

5 Ways to Effectively Use Sign Holders to Keep Your Office Safe

A whole lot of new do’s and don’ts are gaining visibility inside stores, offices, public buildings, schools…practically any indoor setting where congregating is possible. For establishments trying to stay safe and viable, clear signage in times of Covid is more essential than ever.

So are the Sign Holders displaying them. As businesses and campuses adjust to ongoing changes in safety protocols and gradually re-open to fuller capacity, communicating with foot traffic effectively is crucial. Physical distancing measures, important transactional details, safety signage, compliance displays, and guidance to personal protective equipment (PPE) use and sanitation stations…there’s a lot of information to convey!

Professional and medical offices face the same challenges. Sneeze Guards and Countertop Sign Holders, for example, are in high demand for points-of-contact. Places like cashier stations and retail counters…reception areas and consultation rooms for professional/medical offices.

Attention-grabbing Acrylic Sign Holders play a vital role in office safety. Here are 5 ways that just might apply to your workplace!

  • Safety First! Signage detailing your most up-to-date protocols and precautions provides assurance that your place is safe and compliant.
  • Use Wall-Mount Sign Holders, strategically located at eye level. This Sign Holder is easy to mount and ready for immediate signage display.
  • Social distancing markers. It’s not always easy to keep one’s distance. Sign Holders provide added value by any measure!
  • Point-of-contact information. Countertop Sign Holders also complement acrylic Sneeze Guards where personal interactions usually occur. An effective way to grab the eye!
  • Cubicle Sign Holders are in high demand, corresponding with a resurgence in evolving office floor plans. Adding acrylic Cubicle Sign Holders to partitions is a smart way to showcase safety signage, personal identification, and directional guidance.

With Covid cases declining and vaccinations ramping up, expect more shifts in signage and ways to get the message out this Spring. Acrylic Wall-Mount, Cubicle, and Countertop Sign Holders always make a clear impact!