Cubicle Sign Holders and Poster Holders for June’s National Safety Month

Untitled design(3)June is National Safety Month, observed annually by the National Safety Council and thousands of organizations nationwide. In addition to the general themes of saving lives and preventing injuries, the focus this year also includes recognition of the opioid epidemic and ways to reduce its ripple effect in areas like auto crashes and workplace accidents. The NSC hopes to engage workers, families, and communities with ideas as well as downloadable materials.

Another goal of National Safety Month is to make an activity of identifying hazards where you work. Key to this effort, forward-thinking office managers are busy assessing safety signage, fire exit plans, and OSHA safety requirements. To that end, visibility makes all the difference…and when you’re talking about safety, that’s a serious consideration.National-Safety-Month-blog-header

High-visibility guidance in case of medical emergency, tornado, severe weather, fire, hazardous spill, and, increasingly, active shooter, can mean the difference between life and death. Making directions clear is not just common sense, it’s also the law.

That’s where the right display is also vital to the June campaign and, most importantly, year-round safety. The Style WF Wall Mount Poster Holder is an exceptional option. Crystal clear, premium thickness acrylic delivers sharp visibility and easy reading for the most essential signage and literature. Safety Signs, Fire Exit Plans, Emergency Signs, OSHA Workplace Safety Posters…these are just a few.

CSHL SSS (On Location)2(1)
Cubicle Sign Holder

Style CSHL Cubicle Sign Holders/Sign Frames also capture attention at eye level. Cubicle Sign Holders take excellent advantage of valuable space with a secure fit atop partition walls. They’re easy to hang and make an ideal display for Emergency Exit plans. Both styles can also serve as a showcase for directional signage.

From crab fishing to construction, some workplaces are just inherently dangerous. But ever-increasing attention to safety does work. In 1970, there were 38 worker deaths a day in America. In 2017, that number dropped to 14.


Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer Cubicle

Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders and the COOL Summer CubicleStuck inside working on a beautiful summer day? If you find the ear-worm refrain of “Summertime Blues” in your head, it’s perfectly understandable. It’s also time to give the interior a little summer lift, especially in cubicle layouts.

Beyond the obvious 9 to 5 outdoor escapes for lunch and breaks, what else can you do? Comfortable enough to open a window for fresh air? That is, if you’re not windowless or hermetically sealed-in. The sure-fire key to happier summer workdays involves brightening up your indoors.

There are subtle ways to lighten your mood…flowers, different lighting, and even a new background on the computer screen can get the ball rolling. If you listen to music during the day, switch up the playlist – with or without Summertime Blues.

A change in décor should also include cubicles. Traditional partition walls and modern uptakes on cubicle design both look better with the latest in Name Plate Holders…premium thickness acrylic in dynamic new designs with colored border options to match.

In addition to eye-catching “People Spotter” Cubicle Name Plate Holders, new multi-tier options are elevating exposure for name/title inserts just in time for summer. Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Silver or Black Borders (Style PNHL SSS and PNHL SSB, respectively) also add a highly functional element with 2, 3, 4, and 5 slot variations.

That puts many flexible display options in your control. Bold color borders deliver the ideal frame for custom name and title inserts, with plenty of room for more name plates. Department identification and directional signage also slide into place, all in one convenient Name Plate Holder with multiple slots.

While looking around the workplace and imagining a more summer-y look, picture the added possibilities available in clear Acrylic Multi-Tier Name Plate Holders with Colored Borders. Whether the insert announces a VP or Marketing head, specific department, or simply Enter and Exit, chances are, the aesthetic appeal of Combination Suite Identification Name Plate Holders can play a part in a summer interior upgrade!



Name Plate Holders and Workstation People Spotters – Welcome to NeoCon 2019!

AIS-ShowroomEvery June since 1969, “The Mart” in Chicago has been home to NeoCon, a premier destination for commercial design innovators. NeoCon’s 50th anniversary trade show June 10th – 12th is expecting big numbers in design professionals (50,000) and 500 leading manufacturers.

Companies represented include some emerging new hotshots in areas ranging from fabrics and flooring to furniture, interior building products, finishes, and technology. Also exhibiting is Herman Miller, the company that started the cubicle office layout revolution with the “Action Office” in 1968.

New open-floor office trends have inspired professionals to take a closer look at next-generation cubicles, like those being unveiled by Herman Miller. The modern workstation looks much different than those original partition panels. Now more streamlined, airy, and unconfined, today’s cubicle is a comfortable, ergonomic workstation that uses space and storage more efficiently for collaborative AND digital work environments.


Going hand-in-hand with contemporary office workstations and any cubicle style are the latest “People Spotter” Name Plate Holders. The blend of crystal-clear acrylic with a splash of color options has really been grabbing attention lately. These Colored Border Cubicle Name Plate Holders are in high demand as a perfect match for new interior décor and the modern professional aesthetic.

A stand-out look for standard 8-1/2” x 2-1/2” name plate inserts, bold-colored borders give a new twist to Name Plate Holders, thus earning its People Spotter designation in the dynamic office of tomorrow. Customizing inserts can also be accomplished quickly and easily with perforated heavy gauge card stock included free on select orders for cost-effective DIY printing. Polished edges and premium thickness material add durability to style.

As NeoCon celebrates show number 50, we thought you might enjoy a quick look at a Herman Miller NeoCon entry from the funky days of 1974: Don Chadwick Modular Furniture, five units connected in a “sinuous configuration!”

Herman Miller Don Chadwick Modular Seating