Magnetic Sign Holders in a 2017 Championship Season

kiner-ralph-cubsThe 2017 baseball season’s in full swing, pardon the pun, and there are plenty of early story lines developing to get excited about.  There’s the behemoth rookie outfielder wearing pinstripes named Aaron Judge, giving the Angels’ Mike Trout a run for his money in the home run department.  The Houston Astros have proven to be a powerhouse on the road and an early American League dominator.  And the National League’s leading hitter, 3B Justin Turner of the Dodgers, is getting ready to return from injury, chomping at the bit with a .379 average (as of this writing).

America’s pastime is already riding a new wave of interest after the 2016 Chicago Cubs finally won their first World Series in 108 years, led by their lovably personable Manager Joe Maddon and a strong collection of talented players like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Kyle Schwarber, and Addison Russell.

The mastermind behind this winning roster was Cubs President Theo Epstein, who assembled the perfect combination of components into a solid championship season.  The same formula for success applies to Plastic Products Mfg’s new Style C3 Magnetic Sign Holder with beveled edges.  Every element of this two-piece system contributes in functionality, style, and excellence, just like every Cub in the 2016 lineup contributed in batting power, timely hitting, crucial glove play, spectacular starting pitching, and super-reliable relief.

Start with the power component.  You can see right at the plate that Style C3 is extra thick and sturdy at home base with 3/8” clear acrylic thickness.  By any measurement in the field, that’s beyond even premium thickness…pretty big league.C3085110

The Style C3 Magnetic Sign Holder has a keen eye and stays dialed in, delivering at the plate with star appeal and beveled polished edges on top.  Its tall stance hits for power as an effective POP showcase: two clear acrylic plates, standing 8-1/2” x 11” with premium 1/8” thickness.  Put those plates together and you have an unstoppable force that can reach for the fences in sales promotions.

Total success relies on your “pitch” too, of course.  But if the forecast for a summer campaign is going to be a winning one, the combination of your best advertising literature with the unique new look of Style C3 Magnetic Sign Holders will keep you up in the win column.

And just how reliable are these Magnetic Sign Holders in the field?  The 2016 Cubs featured talented middle infielders like 2B Javier Baez, whose feats at the position sometime defy imagination…almost like his glove has magnets.  Exactly.  Style C3 has four of ‘em, like an entire infield in one Sign Holder.  It’s easy for your staff to change promotions, then lock them back securely in place…error-free.

Sure, the season’s early…but it’s not too early to jump on the C3 bandwagon.  From an aesthetic standpoint, there’s not another POP Display like it.  The clear acrylic makeup?  Premium thickness is extra tough and durable.  Applications?  Heavy retail foot traffic to classy high-end showrooms.  The point is, you’ll score early and often with Magnetic Sign Holders on your roster, especially Style C3!


Designer Series Sign Holders…and Standoffs, Then and Now

30_3Early June marked a momentous time in American and world history.  June 6, 1944 was D-Day…the largest amphibious landing in history and the beginning of the allied invasion of Normandy on the northern coast of France.  German defenses anticipated an invasion, only they had their attention focused north of Normandy thanks partly at least to a clever American decoy campaign.  Still, 60 German divisions awaited the landing forces of 150,000 soldiers…and by the end of the day, 15,000 lay dead or wounded.

WWII Soldiers

June 6th was a bloody day in history but also changed its course.  A shift began in the world’s largest scale standoff called World War II, and many brave souls gave their lives that day to make it happen.

Today, a different kind of long standoff is in the news but in a much different way.  No sacrifices or hardship involved.  This time the news is only good, nobody gets hurt, and the standoffs in question are a key part of a new POP display sure to get attention.

So, let’s shift gears and look at Style A2C Specialty Curved Sign Holders with Long Standoffs.  A Glass Green variation is also available is the Style A2C B GG Designer Series.  More on that shortly.

Style A2C B is the latest release from Plastic Products Mfg, a curvaceous, eye-appealing display that’s unique in many ways.  The aesthetic attraction begins with a black acrylic backing and a clear acrylic front plate, a combination geared to draw attention to your latest promotional literature and POP specials.


Four metallic standoffs hold those plates intact and lend a clean, modern look to the display itself.  More than just a contemporary accent, the two lower standoffs also deliver structure and support to the Curved Countertop Sign Holder.  The added length of the lower standoffs helps them serve as a supportive base, yet they stay largely out of sight behind the display itself.

Also unique to Style A2C is its curvy, attractive design.  This bold look stands apart from traditional countertop displays, drawing the kind of attention that makes foot traffic stop and shopper’s eyes take notice.  Specialty Curved Sign Holders bring a fresh, new look to revenue-producing POP countertop displays.

Style A2C B Specialty Curved Countertop Sign Holders’ streamlined appearance is also exceptionally tough…tougher than you might expect at first glance.  Premium acrylic thickness at 1/8” helps this Sign Holder stand up to hard knocks for longer usefulness in future campaigns.

Toughness and the ability to face hard knocks made soldiers in green legendary in the hardest days of WWII.  In Style A2C B GG, Glass Green delivers a finely polished image in vertical or landscape displays.  As with its counterpart, your promotional literature and custom graphics are easily placed between the two curved cut panels, also in premium thickness of .100”.  The significant difference is the glass green beveled front, creating an elegant look befitting of its place in the Designer Series.

A2C085110B GG

Certainly, the standoffs so key in Specialty Curved Sign Holders are far different than the standoffs that took place on that deadly June 6th, 1944 and the months that followed.  Remembering and preserving the past and how the significance of D-Day affects us today…that’s important.  Planning for your business and promotional future?  There’s no time like the present and Style A2C B and Style A2C B GG are two excellent ways to start.  Explore these Specialty Curved Sign Holders with Long Standoffs and in Glass Green!

Style VWF Vinyl Wall Poster Holders – Spiderman Power in a Poster Frame

New-Spiderman-Homecoming-Trailer-Shows-Off-Peters-Acrobatic-SideWhat has superhuman muscle and the dynamic ability to stick to walls?  You might think we’re talking about Spiderman with the new movie release, the 6th featuring the comic book hero since 2002.  But the answer we’re really looking for is the Vinyl Wall Poster Holder, something that could serve nicely as a showcase for the movie poster itself!

Style VWF is a Clear Unbreakable Plastic Wall-Mount Poster Frame made from rigid vinyl – .020 Thick Rigid Clear Vinyl to be specific.  That’s some sturdy gauge thickness, delivering the kind of Spidey-strength that makes Style VWF practically indestructible.600px_VWF085110_Insert

In the new film Spiderman: Homecoming, Spidey is tasked with the protection of the Washington Monument, Staten Island Ferry passengers, Coney Island, and a hijacked plane.  Style VWF Vinyl Wall Poster Holders also score high in protective attributes.  Designed to hold 8-1/2” x 11” inserts, these adhesive Sign Holder sleeves provide fearless protection of posters, keeping them from getting creased or torn thanks to its flawless plastic construction.  This Poster Holder is already a big hit with customers because those Sign Holder sleeves do keep images, ads, notices, and promotional literature looking sharper, longer!

The ability to stick to walls with strength that defies gravity is another common characteristic between the superhero and Plastic Products Mfg’s Style VWF.  Dual-sided white foam adhesive tape is included with each order, making the display easy to mount to walls, straight out of the box.  These adhesive Sign Holders really are ideal showcases for direct marketing at eye level.

What are the best uses for this type of Poster Holder?  Rigid Clear Vinyl is the perfect frame for up-to-the-minute sales flyers, loan rates, and menus with daily food and drink specials.  Their compact design makes them easy to travel in trade shows and mobile events.  Style VWF can even be mounted to existing posters and display boards for added versatility.600px_VWF085110

Need a different size to accommodate your literature and point-of-purchase advertising?  Plastic Products Mfg is glad to work with you on custom sizing.  Keep in mind that minimum quantities apply.

By the way, Tom Holland, the big screen’s third Spiderman/Peter Parker character, is scheduled to reprise the role for yet another superhero collaboration, Avengers: Infinity War in 2018…and yet another Spiderman installment scheduled for release in July 2019.  No doubt, tough Vinyl Wall Poster Holders will be hanging in there even longer!

Silk-Screening and Imprinting – What It Is and How It Works

slider4-bgCustomers ask us all the time about silk-screening and custom imprinting for their acrylic displays.  How does the process work?  What kind of files/formats are needed to best screen my artwork?  And what are the added benefits of screen printing on Brochure Holders, Sign Holders, Menu Holders, Table Tents, and Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays?

We’ll answer all these questions but here’s a little background first.  The silk-screening process traces back to China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD).  It’s a printing technique that began by transferring ink to a substrate through a mesh.  A blade or squeegee was used to spread the ink and blocking stencils were used to create the finished design.061 how to silk screen - fig a b c

Fast forward to the late 18th century.  That’s when the screen printing process started gaining notoriety across Asia and Western Europe.  In the 1910s, the technique jumped from silk to printing with photo-reactive chemicals and photo-imaged stencils.  This laid the groundwork for the commercial digital process we use today…lifting images and artwork from e-files for the imprinting transfer.

Plastic Products Mfg techs perform this process using artwork you can send in a simple e-mail.  But what kind of artwork files work best?  Our “artisans” by and large prefer Vector Art or EPS Illustrator.  They’re the two most “artwork ready” programs, ideal for full color CMYK imprinting and large batch produced graphics.  Use one or both and all you have to do is attach and send, basically.

Speaking of large batches, the already-minimal cost of screen printing and silk screening drops even further with bulk orders.  Sign Holder and Brochure Holder orders with custom imprinting get lower volume pricing in 100-249 pieces, 250-499, 500-999, and 1000+.  The number of colors (1 to 4) used in silk-screening also determines price.

Why customize display holders in the first place?  Acrylic is a perfect “canvas” for screen printed logos, graphics, artwork, and designs.  We offer silk-screening for practically every style we produce.  It’s a great way to get noticed and boost brand recognition as well as upsells.  From hardware and garden centers to bars and restaurants, customers’ inquiring eyes lock onto your POP displays more intently when they’re personalized and colorful.  That’s what helped make campaigns with Esther Price Candies, Ruby’s Diner, and Stella Artois more successful: custom-printed Brochure Holders and Menu Holders from PPM!Stella Artois

By the way, you can actually see how to screen print one image or screen print multiple layers on Wikipedia (  It’s fascinating to watch this ancient process so alive and well in modern applications!  If you’d like to apply it with your next PPM order, just let us know and we’ll be glad to answer any more questions.